The War on Truth (Liminal Radio)

This week’s Liminal Radio live presentation (aired Saturday May 11 at 11 am PDT, 2 pm EDT, or 7 pm UK) is called “The War on Truth.”

The reason being that I am mad as hell right now and choose to make no bones about it, but to make soup instead.

I will talk about twenty + years, navigating the labyrinth of worldly communications and identifying the conveyors of misinformation, disinformation, and delusion, and how the addiction to knowledge leads to possession by & service to a diabolic counterfeit. 

As lies proliferate, like flies, they replicate and become exponentially greater in numbers, a buzzing black fog that is impossible to move through without a powerful impulse to barf. The counterfeit of MK-culture is like the false self: generated by trauma, rage, and despair, it imitates (our) nature even while sneakily attempting to supplant it.

As the stench gets thicker with every passing fake, it gets harder and harder to make it through this wall of f-lies and  be heard—every time we open our mouths they fill up with filth—the temptation (the one we never heard about Jeshua refusing) is to give into rage and despair and hit back.

I am mad as hell, yes, but I am going to keep on taking it for now, because rising up in angry defiance of the lie risks only validating the lie’s power to control my behaviors. So in the war between truth and lies, how do we fight without going over to the other side?

The secret is found in words of the Gospel, Resist not evil, Turn the other cheek, and Love thine enemies: because it will be as hot coals on their frikkin’ heads!

Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord. Meanwhile, Render under God what is of God (love and compassion), and unto Caesar what is of Caesar (rage and despair), and let him choke on it.

The bittersweet PIL is that anger is an energy, one that, like the sword, cuts both ways, and that even “J.C” blew his stack now & then. We can either own our anger, or let it possess us.

The difference between the two is as fine a line as Johnny Cash ever walked.

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13 thoughts on “The War on Truth (Liminal Radio)”

  1. “Meanwhile, Render under God what is of God (love and compassion), and unto Caesar what is of Caesar (rage and despair), and let him choke on it”. Excellent. It gets worse. The depths to be plumbed before improvement occurs will likely be a long way down. This seems to be how it is.

  2. Jasun,

    This article in the Guardian today is quite apropos your theme of anger.

    We face big, systemic forces that threaten our wellbeing – automation, globalisation and above all climate change – but that offer few ways for individual people or communities to turn their anger into change. Incidentally, this also explains why “venting” your anger, by punching a pillow or suchlike, doesn’t work, and can even make things worse. That old advice is based on the assumption that emotions simply need release. But anger isn’t trapped wind. It doesn’t need somewhere to go. It needs something to do.

      • The Guardian will only make you more angry, worse of all unnecessary anger! Climate change doomsday cult? Do me a favour. The Guardian should be called The Diversion

  3. Perhaps you are angry because you haven’t fully accepted the nature of the problem, hence your ongoing ‘substance abuse’.

  4. Anger. Had to take the course twice and it made me angrier the first time. I had kept it in for far too long so the depression that it caused threatened to destroy me. What to do. What to do. This was twenty-five years ago and I’ve changed a lot since then. The only thing that angers me today is willful stupidity.
    Great topic.

  5. If it’s any consolation, not a lot probably, as a fellow phlegm swallower, on occasion, I am a new fan. I have even shared ur material on certain dissident channels. I feel you need to attract a more ‘alt right’ audience. I feel you understood the whole ‘meme magick’ thing before 4chan.
    Anyway, there’s more listening than u think braddah!


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