The Liminalist # 198: Spectrum of the Occult (with Camille Blinstrub)

Conversation with Camille Blinstrub

Part One: An Evenly Distributed Childhood (0 – 36 mins)

Arriving in London, the Stan Kenton band, the British jazz scene, an evenly distributed childhood, Capitol Records, a fusion of jazz and classical, Max Jones & Melody Maker, Miss Lambert’s School, when Kennedy was killed, when the Beatles took over the US, Larry Adler and the Thursday Club, trafficked for music, close to the action, Tony Benn, Casablanca Records, smoke-filled parties, Mort Sahl’s obsession, California occult.

Part Two: Masters of War (36 mins – 1 hr 5 mins)

Sammy Davis Jr., children and culture, a personal devil, a metaphysical conspiracy, original sin, exposing the works of darkness, agents of abuse, the culture of blame, the power of seeing, demonic voices, chief of sinners, destroying the works of darkness, many traps, too many rocks, revelation of the method, regicide, the British invasion, Masters of War, designing a Baby Boom, trauma impact and controlled dissociation via the Beatles, Kennedy coup.

Part Three: The Lemming Factor (1 hr 5 mins – end)

Social engineering micro and macro, scheduled mass events, a cartoon conspiracy, a combination of opposing perspectives, the lemming factor, Painted Black, Rene Girard & mimesis, traumatizing and culture-making, individual stories, witchcraft central, the American Beats, London in the 1960s, Jimmy Savile, the Krays, an occultist spectrum, Wicca & satanism, meeting Satanists, a psychic run-in with the Manson family, an LSD overdose.

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Songs: “Knob Wobbler,” by Gib Strange; “Occupy” by Telephone; “These Words” by Hazelwood Motel.


47:55 mins.  36.7 MB

Part One: A Rock n’ Roll Kid (0 – 28 mins)

The controlled counterculture, facts and theory, Blues Heaven Foundation, writing about music in Chicago, “Occult Yorkshire” and Fabian Society, researching Satanic Ritual Abuse, (11 min edit) a rock n’ roll kid, London 1963, talking to William Ramsey, dealing with youngbloods, Jan Irvin, accusations of being a shill, Satanism in America, Mike Warnke, Peter Levenda, what prints out.

Part Two: Eyes Wide Open (28 mins – end)

Finding faith, meeting Led Zeppelin, something evil, Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, the light & the dark, the Holy Order of MANS, Peter Grant, a Rolling Stone article, meet Plant again, eyes wide open.

Songs: “Angel-Headed Hipster” by Tenspeedracer; “I’ve Been Riding with the Ghost” by Ohia

6 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 198: Spectrum of the Occult (with Camille Blinstrub)”

  1. Before Kennedy’s assassination there was the Cuban Missile Crisis which ended just before Halloween 1962. That month-long trauma primed a generation for the coup de grace a year and a month later. JFK was punished by the mob for his role in ending the Cuban crisis and averting world war – so in fact the two traumatic events on the world chessboard are inseparable. Peacemakers (Christ figures) must die so the world can be run by murderers and satanists – that was the lesson we absorbed that keeps repeating. Must be our programming.

    Camille’s childhood memories are astonishing to me in their epic understatedness. And I highly recommend her Rolling Stone piece about meeting Robert Plant in 1974 if you haven’t read it. I somehow imagined her with a lifelong British accent but she sounds so midwestern like my Salvation Army cousins.

    Dont forget that after Led Zeppelin invaded, America produced it’s own Black Sabbath…

    I’m only at Part 3 but just had to comment.

  2. Thank you so much, Ann. And that’s a great story about your childhood during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I never realized that it was only about one year before JFK was killed. That’s important.
    During the 50th anniversary of the assassination, I was able to read the many memories posted on the net by the baby boomers that were here in America when Kennedy was killed.
    From what they said, it seems to have been the first massive bonding over a media event/tragedy in history. I noticed that the American kids my age were all sent home to watch television!! Thus began the concept of being glued to the TV set with your peers for days at a time. I guess I was spared that.
    Jasun asked why I went to London in the first place. Well, yes, Father was working there but the big reason I agreed to go was I wanted to get out of taking public showers in gym class in 7th grade. Talk about trauma!!
    Here’s the link to my 1974 wishful thinking piece about Led Zeppelin that, as we all know, did not come to pass:

  3. Thanks Camille – and thank you Jasun for this podcast. Camille and I are the same age and although my dad was not in the music business during the British invasion, he was a musician and a troop entertainer during WW2 and (as I’ve learned) an Air Force intelligence officer – and all these elements seem to mingle in the history of post war MKULTRA programming — he became a high school music teacher during the Cold War in a city (Montreal) which was a hub for occult activity – and schools back then were also being used for programming. And as kids we were all caught up in the massive musical wave that swept the world and always seemed linked to politics and the game of war. God and the Devil were always battling in the backstage areas of our minds.

    The Cuban Missile CRISIS in 1962 was the buildup to the CLIMAX of Kennedy’s death in 1963. In Montreal JFK’s death seems to have brought Dr. Cameron’s McGill experiments to an end as the CIA sent up a team to investigate him a month after the assassination. Manchurian Candidate Lee Harvey Oswald had allegedly been to see Cameron over the summer.

    When relatively small groups of people are involved in powerful cults it’s easy to see the outlines of their planning in retrospect – but not when you’re living the dream of it as a young hippie or rock n roll kid.

    One thing that struck me about your RS article was the photo of you framed by the mirror with the carved butterfly motif. Leading me to think – with your memorable beauty and music connections – that you may have been groomed for the Monarch program as a teenager but were saved from possible sex slavery by the combination of being intelligent, questioning, sincerely spiritual, and also having a discerning father. That could also explain why you stayed out of trouble during your magical (7-7-7) week with Led Zeppelin in 1973 … while experiencing the depths of the programming in Chicago.

    By the way, and for what it’s worth, the Allan Memorial Institute opened in Montreal exactly 30 years earlier to the day on July 7, 1943.

  4. Just a note for the historical record…It’s been about a year since we talked, Jasun, and as I told you, things were clarified for me afterwards. A note about my father being protective of me. It was a selective protection. When I said that he was “too sharp” to allow pedophiles to abuse me, it was because he *was* a pedophile. It takes one to know one. Since this conversation, I have written two pieces concluding that my father was a musical cult leader and a predator of the young. Thanks for your support.


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