Trojan Techno-Utopia (Liminal Radio)

1: Culture Good & Evil (0 ­­- 18 mins) Deadwood, love between men, VALIS in kibble, fanbases, art as perception management, letting go of hope, Dave Oshana, the UFO puzzle & American Cosmic.

2: Love in the Mud (18 – 41 mins) D.W. Pasulka & Whitley Strieber, a cognitive problem, networks of manipulation, copies of a counterfeit, cart before horse syndrome, Deadwood again, the parts of the body, the spark of true compassion, Prisoner of Infinity, gaging the honesty of the transaction.

3: Holographic Elephant (41 – 57 mins) Tyler D.’s true identity, the invisibles, an orchestrated disclosure event, decriminalizing psilocybin, lured into belief, the construction of an interpretation, divine technology, quantum indeterminacy, materialized spirituality, the shape of the Trojan Horse, the end game.

4: Transhumanist Fart (57 mins – end) Identification of the original counterfeit, a movie of the mind, mind expansion vs mind dissolution, a narrative of hope to fool everyone, an Earth-enema, invested in the Techno-Utopia, an email from Zach, the problem of dynamism, a process of becoming conscious, shedding layers of delusion, moving away from the collective, the three raptures, AI = alien invasion, a voice in the wilderness.

Songs:  “Buried Treasure” by Grant-Lee Phillips; “Eyes of Despair,” by The Silver Chords; “Man Comes around” cover; Марина by POVALISHIN DIVISION; “Slippershell,” by Kristin Hersh

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8 thoughts on “Trojan Techno-Utopia (Liminal Radio)”

  1. Wow Jasun this was cracking. Really engaging episode. I’m easily hooked with these God’s eye view kind of topics and deep dives, but you really covered some good ground here.

    I guess everyone has Deadwood on the mind and is rewatching it with the eminent closing chapter coming out in a couple of weeks. I am up to episode 9 on my own rewatch. It’s held up for me and exceeded my expectation. The dialog is as alive and electric as it ever was. Nothing has made me want to be deliberate with every word I speak as much as Deadwood. The unlikely underlying compassion of the show really does make it special.

    I really need to revisit John from Cincinnati, David Milch’s follow up show that only lasted for one season. You must have seen it, he’s dealing with UFO’s indirectly in it. It seems to be generally ignored, I remember it fondly but have only seen it the one time.

    All your talk of counterfeits made me recall something Brian Eno say’s in an interview. I’m paraphrasing but he points out how much more time, how much pain staking detail would go into copying something like an abstract expressionist painting (CIA psy-ops aside). The 5 hours it took to paint a Jackson Pollock might take some one copying it 500 hours. Could this be analogous to the matter creation of the demiurge or the counterfeit constructed reality of the algorithms?

    This concept of bringing the spiritual down into the material is a good door you’re opening. Something to unpack further perhaps?

    Good stuff. Thanks

    • Thanks Sam; wonder what your old man would think (he already thinks I am half-mad).

      Yes I watched & loved John from Cincinnati. The more recent Luck was excellent too, sadly cancelled due to (supposedly) injured horses during the shoot. Sort of a microcosm for the price of (even the best) cultural product.

  2. My Pops has more or less thrown his hands up at all of it and seems content to leave it with the Sermon on the Mount. Though judging from his old library that I have recently had to comb through he has certainly explored some of these things you cover.

    Sad to hear of David Milch’s battle with Dementia that been reported recently. I’m glad he got the chance to close out Deadwood with this TV Film that’s about to come out. Looking forward to it.

    • I googled Dementia because of the cap, thinking it was a new show he was being blocked on… The ultimate writer’s block, it turns out. 🙁

      Wonder what Peckinpah would have thought of Deadwood.

      • Update on Deadwood; after episode 4 season 1 (i.e., after Wild Bill is killed and after I made this broadcast), I found the show lost a little of its oomph but still carried on strong to the end of season 1. Season 2 however got worse and worse as it went on, until by the end, with the sentimental funeral-wedding finale, it seemed to have become a pale ghost of its former self.

        Curious, if Sam or anyone else re-watching the show sees this, to know whether season 3 is even worth watching. Does it return to its former glory, or keep on slumping?

  3. Any debate that does not contain an open, transparent contemplation and testing of primary evidence is subject to manipulation. Therefore the best I feel I can do in any such debate is to take no position, as no position I would take would truly be my own.

    The inner cult of secrecy within our societies, mediated to the general population through ‘national security’, and sustained by war and terrorism, fundamentally occludes our ability to honestly debate, and cast light on all aspects of our existence.

    Nature needs no human intermediaries to be convincing.

  4. Regarding the mind’s simulation of the real/body, your comments at 1.45,20 in the live show reminded me of Pedro de Alcantara’s book The Alexander Technique – in chapter 5, on emotions, he has this to say:

    “Jorge Luis Borges, paraphrasing Coleridge, wrote that, in our dreams, ‘images represent the sensations we think they cause; we do not feel horror because we are threatened by a sphinx, we dream of a sphinx in order to explain the horror we feel'”

    [You do seem to be putting into words thoughts that I felt I was on the brink of arriving at. It’s the best evidential argument for me living in a simulation, that is messing with me, that I know… ;O)]

  5. This took me back to the old (Stormy Weather) days Jason. Really enjoyed your mapping of ‘operation mind fuck’. I feel like I need to transcribe that section of the podcast and turn it into an “inspirational” quote….


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