The Liminalist # 207: Better than God (with Mark Lawn)

Return conversation with Mark Lawn, on meeting Dave Oshana, locating the true self, opening a dialogue with the other dimension,

Part One: The Unforeseen Force (0 – 34 mins)

Special attention from Dave, helping the trilogy, sixth journey of energetics, the dangers of detox, encountering resistance, kundalini yoga courses, energy work, connecting the mind and the cells, chilled out in Romania, a car crash in the mind, employed by enlightenment, the need for empathy, opening on retreat, Martin’s experience, life in the matrix, the effects of energy work, a quantum detox, the unforeseen force, kung fu work, making Being the One, Mysteries bookshop, Watkins, early Dave days.

Part Two: A Dedicated Seeker (34 mins to 1 hr 04 mins)

When Jasun met Dave, Mark’s new manual, fear of motivation, a romantic link to the world, spiritual discipline, oil painting, creating the space for spontaneous expression, the old doings of shamanic bootstrapping, the first forty years, in and out looking, a dedicated seeker, urgency and all the time in the world, driven by self-rejection, fame & enlightenment, ex-pat Hollywood, Alaskan gold-miners, working on the elements, trusting to default, pushing a barge or building a kite, autumn when young, a loss of dignity, letting oneself down, a favorite of the angels, comparing dads, a nostalgic vision.

Part Three: Strange Carpets, Pillow Fights, Metal Doors (1 hr 04 mins – 1 hr 40 mins)

Small things like the trifle, conditioned with ambitions, a purist vision, strange carpets, everything at once, even better than God, a lost civilization, rocks in the river, taking knocks, the price of purity, an inspirational model, a posture that doesn’t falter, no slouch Dave, 100% alertness, a sword in front, Dave’s way of talking, words and reality, sleeping and speaking, clean language, image and metaphor, the Genghis Khan of pillow-fights, fun in Finland, lost opportunities, a metal door, the other-dimensional life, a glowing presence to the left, stay in the longing, the loss of games, writing books, overriding mental compulsions, rhythms of play, behind the metal door.

Part Four: The Ancestral Line (1 hr 40 mins – 2 hrs 03 mins)

Speaking to the other self, a swarm of mingling midges, a lightness in the air, group enlightenment, the effects of drinking wine, the quest for purity, optimal body state, atomic memory, straightening the ancestral line, alcohol legacy, freedom from the past, an invisible orb, Man Bites Dog, the enlightened psycho, the Lucifer complex, the body impulse, relating through sickness, chronic fatigue, ego inflation happiness.

Part Five: Enlightenment & Endarkenment (2 hrs 03 mins – end)

The sensitivity of talking, what enlightenment means, partying hard, 13 things, amplifying enlightenment, a tiny light, the opposite of enlightenment, an electric amnesia barrier, slave in a cage, currents & undercurrents, the trials and errors of a human being, Hannibal, Leonard Cohen’s darkness, asking the other self, the undertow, drowning in the ocean, better surrender, Liberator vs. Enterprise, the world gives, different dimensions, death star destruction, enlightenment & endarkenment.

Songs: “Knob Wobbler,” by Gib Strange; “Clap Hands” & “Away from Here” by Lee Maddeford; “Expanding Neutral Connection” by Vegaenduro; “Vapors,” by Origami Conspiracy; “These Words” by Hazelwood Motel.

3 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 207: Better than God (with Mark Lawn)”

  1. Delightful tone, style, content and music selection. Surprised laughs. Enjoyed correspondences, fascinating recognitions, evocative metaphors and nostalgic references. Curious interweaving of developmental timelines, syllable spacing and dialect changes.

  2. How lovely to hear you both together again. I felt a huge connectivity and connection between the two of you, a powerful current running through the conversation and into me as I experienced it, inviting my better/other/truer self out from behind the metal door.


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