The Liminalist # 208: A Generational Bridge (with Emerald Gould)

Return conversation with Emerald Gould, on her first encounter with Dave Oshana.

Part One: Watching the Room (0 – 26 mins)

Understanding enlightenment, intuitive impressions of Dave, what Jasun sees in Dave, being primed, concrete things in relation to abstractions, indoor energy work, an energetic high, energy work observations, food and energy, watching the room, a skeptical approach, questioning rather than believing, separating from the experience.

Part Two: A Meeting of Bodies (26 – 55 mins)

Experiencing discomfort, Dave’s reasons, when to assert one’s will, reasons not to be extraordinary, an invisible dimension, Dave’s eyes, a glimpse of unfocused awareness, Mark’s thing, avoiding abstractions, the enlightenment transmission, seeking enlightenment, efforting, the boy that becomes a bullfighter, two-way causation, Mark the seeker, abstract realms of being, giving feedback, what people get from a Dave event, a meeting of bodies.

Part Three: The Secret Life of the Soul (55 mins – 1 hr 20 mins)

A metaphorical handshake, the opening up of life, soul connections, the secret life of the soul, London humatons, when the mind gets involved, impressions of Dave, in a different space, authenticity,  the spiritual teacher, managerial advice for Dave, living with the life force, what does it mean to be living as one’s true self, discouraging questions, breaking Dave’s flow.

Part Four: Moved by the System (1 hr 20 mins – end)

The question of coming back for more, what was useful, Dave’s osmosis, why Dave rambles, the irrelevance vs. relevance of words, descriptions of enlightenment, sensing the world, one with the universe, a vicarious sense of enlightenment, the drawbacks of group interaction, a tuning fork, prodding Dave, moved by the system, the will of the collective, an audience of individuals, Mark’s experience, the youngest Dave participant, meeting Dave at 22, the cost of self-initiating, the wisdom of making mistakes.

Dave Oshana US Events in Sept-Oct on the East Coast

Songs: “Knob Wobbler,” by Gib Strange; “Down in the Valley” by The Head & the Heart; “Of You” by Emerald Gould; “These Words” by Hazelwood Motel.






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  1. Unique Liminalist episode providing multi-contextual layers of meaning, perception, meta-reflection and inter-generational looping. The London Intensive breaks were short to maximise contact-time and maintain focus and inclusivity. Next time (it may be very soon) orientation will recommend bringing packed lunch to avoid time lost fruitlessly foraging for suitable quality sustenance in tourist-focused tangled streets. The event was inside because the pollution to nature ratio of the the urban surrounds was deemed unfavorable for group detoxification, meditation and flow.


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