The Liminalist 217.5: The Capstone of the Pyramid (with Sam Hyde)

Part Two of return conversation with Sam Hyde, getting to the bottom of the dark ideology of murder and the satanic principle behind culture.

Part One: The Higher Path of Murder (0 – 19 mins)

George Hodel, Black Dahlia murder, the Zodiac psyop, Hollywood honeypot, surrealism & violence, the normality of trauma in past eras, sorcery stunts & transformation into animals, Hodel’s colony years and demons, imagination & will, the higher path of murder, Manson & MKULTRA, what makes a madman, separating the agency from culture, the collision of three cultures that created Manson.

Part Two: Solid State Conspiracy (19 mins – 51 mins)

Manson as cultural commodity, branded as the boogeyman, the Helter Skelter narrative, two levels of conspiracy, perception managing the aftermath, the degradation of sources, Ahriman & Lucifer in Rudolph Steiner, the machine world, John Lily, solid state conspiracy, imagination hijacked, the trap of cinematic universes, the Temple mystery, letting evil in, John de Ruiter & the right of kings, torturing the women, the female advantage, menstruation, idealization & demonization, proximity to the sacred, the theater of cruelty, an artificial taboo, heavy metal & pornography, mind control, Ari Aster’s Hereditary, a master of the dark arts, The Exorcist & Friedkin’s intelligence connections, Fincher’s Mindhunter & Zodiac as disinfo.

Part Three: The Original God Form (51 mins – 1 hr 4 mins)

Hitchcock’s dream, an ancient tradition, desensitization to violence, the bottom of the barrel, Satanism as the capstone of the cultural pyramid, the original god form, the secret of the sacred, devil or Christ, Satan crucified, the satanic principle, the mineral world, the Kephas rock, Prometheus & Sisyphus, Steiner mythos.

Part Four: The False Journey of the Mind (1 hr 4 mins – end)

Steiner & Crowley, Blavatsky tradition, the thread of occultism, the omnipresence of Lucifer, the myth of Cain, building the temple, all roads lead to Lucifer, the false journey of the mind, hollow concepts, the journey of zero distance.

Songs: “Pirates” & “Sirens # 1” by Entertainment for the Braindead; “Blue” by Emerald Park;  “Blissful Abyss” by Milgrom; “Change” by Short Hand.

6 thoughts on “The Liminalist 217.5: The Capstone of the Pyramid (with Sam Hyde)”

  1. Is culture the implant or is culture the clothing of the creator? Counter or subversive culture and programming being the clothing of the uncreator.

    If God created ancient and traditional culture, or at least was the inspiration or foundation, then what is a man made culture and who is that man or men making it.

  2. Jasun!

    This is thought-provoking, revelatory stuff for a Thanksgiving night.

    Some thoughts: It’s all basically Alan Moore’s From Hell hypothesis of Jack the Ripper = extreme trauma/dismemberment leads (for the protagonist) to a breaking thru of the veils between worlds, where he (Masonically) is even allowed to symbolically time travel and peer into the future – which leads to the question of just how clued in is Moore himself magickally? Is this an endgame of the Downing St. & Buckingham Palace “irregulars?” It always returns to ritualized violence, doesn’t it?, be it rape, assassination, murder, torture, dismemberment….severe, brutal trauma to achieve a kind of alchemy and/or transcendence the normies aren’t — and shouldn’t be — privy to.

    Changing into animals reminds me of Ponchatoula (which inspired True Detective sea 1), as well as John (Confessions of an Economic Hit Man) Perkins’ stuff, which leads deep into the banking system worldwide and recent tales of folks like Ronald Bernard….

    Hereditary definitely a ritual – it both affected & effected me, & many, on a visceral level …….. symbolically burning Parsons in Midsommar a very good catch.

    Desensitization talk makes me recall the ‘Clockwork Orange’-type experiments of Dr. Brandon Porter in NXIVM, strapping women in & making them watch films of machete dismemberments, violent gang rapes and people being force fed their own brains while still conscious……ridiculous mind control hanging over an org that remember was busy sponsoring childrens’ schools worldwide (Rainbow Culture Gardens) & was busy trading off minors between itself & Epstein’s network to keep things “all in the family”…..granted, those strapped –downers were being desensitized for Raniere’s benefit, sure, but for what else possibly? Are we looking at a Jason Bourne-type Treadstone at work here? At this point, anything is possible……..& the fact that this network was so closely aligned with Epstein’s is both troubling & illuminating, to say the least.

    Great work, my friend. Worlds within worlds.

  3. One more comment Jasun,

    Your observation that both Fincher’s Mindhunter and Zodiac platforms serve as EXTREMELY limited hangouts rings especially on-the-nose.

    Exactly how much of a gatekeeper Fincher is can also be ascertained by knowing that his production company is also solely responsible for Netflix’s House of Cards, which Kevin Spacey so malignantly inhabited, and which in his final season there riffed rather exorbitantly on none other than Bohemian Grove, of all places. Hmmmm…

    Both Mindhunter & Zodiac could have used healthy infusions of Dave McGowan or the insight of Mr. JH right here — even though Zodiac did threaten at times with a sort of bubbling occult undercurrent that came dangerously close to the surface, but you need to look with much scrutiny very far down between the lines.

    And speaking of scrutinizing Fincher, it doesn’t get much better than this:

  4. Sam is a great guest. I thoroughly enjoyed both parts of this episode. In addition to being very well informed with a deep understanding of the subject matter, he’s completely comfortable when following your stream of thought/enquiry while maintaining a very distinct voice (quite rare). A genuine gem. These two parts pretty much cover where I’m at.

    The Luciferian sabotage of life energy redirected into animating the coming artificial technocratic dystopia sounds very plausible as a goal, which is a precise definition of how Hell has been imagined over millennia. I’ve felt this keenly to be the ultimate goal of… our deranged collective spearheaded by those in the know with the best of intentions?

    Substance abuse as an attempt to bridge the psychological divide, to overcome the trauma collected in the body, to release from the endless loop, rings particularly true.

    There’s was much more to appreciate, just wanted to share a couple of points.

    Great work gents.


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