The Liminalist # 217: Sacred Models of the Matrix (with Sam Hyde)

Return conversation with Sam Hyde on hidden Hollywood, secret societies, religion vs. occultism, satanic culture, and the dark side of technology.

Part One: Demon-cracy (0 mins – 24 mins)

Life in Los Angeles, the new Times Square, sexual capital in LA, car culture, how cults start, cult-like qualities of LA, secret societies in California, what makes a society secret, Hollywood as secret society, missing link between religion & politics, initiation theater, gaining access to Hollywood, the original protection racket, different models of religion, occultism, religion, & democracy, the surrender religions, occultism as distortion of religion, talking with Carl Raschke, aesthetic terrorism, Painted Black, satanic culture, Bataille, Artaud & the avant-garde, the dark side to the dark, Dungeons & Dragons, a coopted imagination, the hidden function of the sacred.

Part Two: Spewing Culture (24 mins – 58 mins)

The invisible bridge, the surrender component, the aspiration to transcend, the purpose of ritual, accessing the invisible, the enactment of myth, the impossibility of using will to transcend, trapped in an illusion, Hodel, Manson, Crowley, sacred models of the matrix, heaven storming, drum circles, the importance of context, the question of culture dosage, vomiting culture back, pastiche, Steiner & the Masonic doctrine, seeking light in the dark, shadows on the wall, mapping Hell, turning away from the screen, Trump derangement syndrome, internet dementia, Scorsese vs. Marvel universe, as algorithms mature.

Part Three: The Ahrimanic Distribution Program (58 mins – end)

The Kubrickon, AI’s plan, mapping emotion via social media, electronic enmeshment, on the edge of the acceleration curve, the rise of the robots, Blade Runner time, unevenly distributed future, the secret rituals of Hollywood, the Ahrimanic distribution program.

Songs: “Pirates” by Entertainment for the Braindead; “Rules of Engagement” by Emerald Park;  “Blue Ball the Bard” & “Winter” by Milgrom.

13 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 217: Sacred Models of the Matrix (with Sam Hyde)”

  1. Interesting correlation between Scorsese/Marvel outrage and political outrage. I noticed that too—it looked and felt the same. Says a lot about the current level of over-identification with cultural product and the way the emotional affect machine of media drains/feeds off us. How the computer learned to cry.

    Great conversation! Looking forward to part 2.

    • “Says a lot about the current level of over-identification with cultural product…” Spot on! It’s been a long time coming when I think about it, makes me think of football/sports fans/supporters, people who so closely identify with their team that their identity is not only consumed by it but almost invariably implies hatred of the other.

  2. We have a tree here in the northeast, the American holly (Ilex opaca) and it has poisonous sap and berries.. anyway, real comfy chat

    also, this Milgrom album is awesome !

    • Interesting that Phoenix names an Outward Bound camp as a site for his abuse. Outward Bound was founded by Kurt Hahn, who also founded Gordenstoun school and United World Colleges.

  3. Amongst those who he met was Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton of Knebworth (1803-1873) with whom he formed a lasting friendship. Bulwer-Lytton studied magic, astrology, clairvoyance and mesmerism- Eliphas Levi was asked to perform Necromancy which was a first for him and it took 3 weeks to prepare involving fasting and was as Knebworth Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom.

  4. Thanks Martin and Mark. Interesting information. I suppose it makes twisted sense that the elite cult would be into paedophilia as it has multiple functions: to gain a magical power, blackmail compromise targets, to produce trauma-based victims who can be used, and to make money by selling photos and films. But the extent of how organised it is is staggering.

  5. Hollywood Holy Wood The Holy Rood , part of the cross on which Jesus was crucified,
    The Holy Rood was taken to Scotland, where you see Scotland you will find the refuge of the Templars and the cult of the Freemasons.
    Marilyn Manson made an album called Holy Wood, said to have inspired a mass shooting. Marilyns album was being distributed by a company run by one of the Bronfmans family , recently in the news over heiress Clare Bronfmans involvement in the NXIVM sex cult.

    I am coincidentally reading Jean Gebser. He talks about religion as joining the mindsets of magic and myth, supplanted by the mental rational, now operating in its deficient mode and being expressed by the sickness of Hollywood and the terror of technology.

    Holly wreaths were laid during the Saturnalia to devour the Greek God Kronos. He who would devour his children, Midas himself. His symbol is the Snake, the Sickle and the Scythe.

  6. Gebser mentions cinema as a mythic technology that links the mythic to the mental rational. As Jasun points out it is possible to unbalance oneself back towards the mythic by losing oneself there. His trestment of the magical centres around it predating religion, facilitating developing humans confrontation with nature in order to free him/herself from the participation mystique of the garden of eden he calls ‘The Archaic’. In this efficient mode spellcraft ritual was a necessary and prominent feature of human development. As practiced inappropriately with the aim of achieving power by programming the culture it descends to the level of sorcery, and it again it tends to consume the unwary.
    From Gebser “The Ever Present Origin”. Some amazing if overly simple metaphors in there.
    As far as falling into the Crowleyan abyss, i think Immanuel Kant talks about this in his “critique of pure reason” as ‘Amphiboly’ or the Amphisbae of the Occultists. Gebser calls it reverting to psychic conditionality instead of mastering the psyche, where the ego becomes absorbed by the unconscious rather than being in harmony with it. With this comes an amphasis on unification (false unities) totalities and aggregates, rather than community, which Kant also talks about. There is a distinct feel of compulsion and coercion to this. Deficient unity = brute power , ultimately becoming impotence.

  7. Heres Kants Amphiboly, which seems to be deiifing ones own erroneous conception of externalities. P.395 Antinomies

    “As therefore the solution of these problems can never be supplied by experience, you cannot say that it is un-certain what ought to be predicated of the object. For your object is in your brain only, and cannot possibly exist outside it; so that you have only to take care to be at one with yourselves, and to avoid the amphiboly,

    which changes your idea into a pretended representation of an object empirically given, and therefore to be known according to the laws of experience.”


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