The Liminalist # 231: The Mimetic Circus (with DC Miller)

Conversation with Daniel Miller on crossing the ideological minefield & getting back to the ground of metaphysical reality.

Part One: The Ideology of Power (0 – 28 mins)

Thought-policing in the art world, LD50 gallery under protest of antifa, post-Trump manufacturing of antifa, punching Nazis, mimetic political violence, folk psychology of fascism, institutional ideological repression, the neoliberal state, a system of disorientation, the desire to be good, the power of labels, antifa in Portland, Oregon, Hope Not Hate, ideology over action, power and ideologues, a secular priesthood, a regimented system of violence, how the left aligned with state power, progressivism as controlled opposition, centralization of power through history, a panoptic space, leftism confusion.

Part Two: A System of Derangement  (28 mins – 1 hr)

Liminality, 2nd-guessing evolution, control of the future, political identification, the left’s view of the right, capitalism as right or left, fascism, politics & other spheres, acting from confusion & fear, back to the body, the need for metaphysics, turning religion into ideology, headless chickens run by algorithms, when God died, stepping back from modernism, postmodernism & micro-politics, the limits of secularism, reclaiming immanence, the cosmos within, body consciousness & thought, Spinoza’s God & Nature, traumatizing tech, the ideology of tolerance, the power of intransigence, standing ground, where principles are located, the mimetic circus, orientalism.

Part Three: Angels & Demons (1 hr – I hr 29 mins)

An unworldly orientation, many worlds, an uncertain space, they or we, sorcery & social engineering, the sentient machine of history, a conspiracy of thoughtlessness, initiation vs. counter-initiation, vice & pop music, the eggregore of the left, Satan the ruler, casualties of modernity, angels & demons, the assumption of rational autonomy, group psychology, a deep stake in destruction, the pornography industry, Vice of Kings, ideologies of licentiousness, false idols, harnessing transgressive energy, sexualization of children, my body, my choice, the fault lines between bodies, the incoherence of liberalism.

Part Four: A Faustian Rebellion (1 hr 29 mins – end)

Whose body is it, organ rights, the reification of choice, the transgender movement, the supreme virtue, the liberal sacred, Gnosticism and nature, a Faustian rebellion, the abolition of consequences, woke culture, internet bodies, an echo chamber, aligning with power, confronting transgender dragons, a reliance on confusion, the need for courage, where liminalism enters, a town called Hope, a dearth of brave men.

DC Miller’s writing

Songs: “Pirates” by Entertainment for the Braindead; “Stay Close, Stay Tight” by Malcolm Middleton; “Sleep of the Damned” by Micah P. Hinson; “Between Worlds” by I Am Oak; “Changes” by Short Hand.

5 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 231: The Mimetic Circus (with DC Miller)”

  1. What an excellent conversation with a well informed, well read and intelligent guest. It’s quite rare to hear such high quality critiques of liberalism outside of dissident (Alt) right circles.

  2. I had to relisten to this podcast. It is laden with dense and nuanced information, and carefully considered thoughtful and thought provoking perspectives.

    What a great guest, perfect conclusion: ‘Not many brave men around, it’s somehow our responsibility’. Too true, speaking for myself. Also, it is high time to revise my general knowledge on several topics as Daniel caught me off guard with names of thinkers whose work has become a distant memory. While mentally scurrying to recall who said what and place them in a historical context, all I could think of was ‘Cartesian such and such is obviously common knowledge’. The mind refusing to recognise that it’s image of self no longer corresponds to fact.

    I’ll certainly check out Daniel’s work.

  3. I’m listening to this one very carefully as I think Miller is a very interesting guest.
    Unfortunately, his own presence on Medium is behind a paywall.
    Miller, if you’re reading this, and are interested in correspondence, can you drop me a line?
    I think we have a lot in common.


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