The Invisible Payload: Post-Island Initiation Event, Not for the Faint of Heart

When the world ends, will there be silence or will there be sound?

If you are reading this, then you were brought here by a white rabbit surfing a splinter in your mind, though it is possible you still do not know it. At the center of your consciousness, there is an insidious web of personal history and a hideous, clinging pseudo-identity that keeps you entangled in patterns of misery and despair. Like a Chinese psyche trap, it grips tighter around your soul the more desperately you struggle to be free. You wonder why as the decades roll by; but the answer never seems to come. Is it time to grasp the radioactive spider hanging over you, and assume responsibility for the power within you?

As some of you know, I am back from island adventures with Oshana & co. again. I have been where burning worldly concerns, and the endless enmity of identity, cannot follow. But, like a trip to the Oracle, what transpires on that island is for this soul’s eyes and ears alone, and cannot be shared or articulated. At the same time, by the same token, since my soul leaves that island transformed, there is no way for its experience not to be shared or articulated with everything I do thereafter. Conundrum.

Because of this sacred conundrum—the sound of inevitability, the revelation that cannot be contained or prevented and yet never adequately expressed—I plan to make myself available, once again, to you, my “audience,” to see what of my experience can be delivered, in whatever form, to those of you with ears to hear, or splinters to disinter. I would add: you know who you are. But I suspect that, in many cases, you don’t.

I said recently that anyone drawn to what I do here ought to also be drawn by what I am doing there, on that island. There is the shiny surface and then there’s the rolling deep. If you think some of this content is “dark,” you haven’t seen anything yet.

None of this is meant as entertainment (though it is meant to be entertaining). This is a call to the many (currently 825 at this website), that I know few of you will respond to, and fewer still prove dexterous and streamlined enough to get past the checkpoints of mind and through the eye of the needle—the one with which thy splinter, God willing, shall be removed. There are no guarantees—I can’t even guarantee I will say anything at the promised event, which may be silent—but I can offer the chance at having a chance to grok—what this is all about.

If I speak in riddles, it is not because I don’t know what I am talking about, but because there are so few pearls in here and so many truffle-eaters out there, and because the essence of the message is, verily, only for the pure of heart and delicate of discernment. Question: what are you here for? And will you know it if and when you see it? Odds are, you haven’t so far.

Leaving poetics behind and moving onto the practical: I would like to invite those readers and listeners who are truly curious, who are authentically seeking a life beyond the insidious-hideous of the dark conspiratorial pall of “empire”; those who are ready to face, know, accept, and heal the pus-filled splinter-hole of the viral satanic implant you call “mind”; and who are willing and able to turn 180 degrees from that spellbinding shadowplay, and face the even-more terrifying reality of the luminous numinous, in order to serve that which is highest within existence; these chosen few (if there are any of you left) are invited to attend a live online event at Zoom, this Saturday at 10:00 am PST, 1 pm EST, 6 pm GMT.

Depending on the response, I will host the event on both Zoom and YouTube, and then move exclusively to Zoom as, when, and with the more sensitive, need-to-know stages of revelation of the soul unfold, as the end-times roll. If you (yes, you) are interested, email me directly for the Zoom link, or sign up here. Answering the form questions is optional, but those wishing to join the event on Zoom are required to abstain from drugs, tobacco, and alcohol 48 hours before (as well as during) the event, not counting prescription meds. Spoken participation in the event is not mandatory, but will be encouraged, unless it turns out to be silent.

Podcast recording of event

Replays of recent Dave Oshana events


9 thoughts on “The Invisible Payload: Post-Island Initiation Event, Not for the Faint of Heart”

  1. So the entity that travels between realities has been spotted by me moving on the surface of a foreign object in my mind that causes pain and limits function. Lets get it out of there! I would enjoy participating live but have to work Saturday mornings. Will it be available to view later in the day?

    • sad you cant make it, JoS, just saw you on the replay… odd how the one event i couldn’t make still had a son of J; whether this pending event will be viewable publicly, or on request, will depend on how it unfolds; it will be recorded, however, so the odds are good, tho not for the same day.

  2. I too work Saturday mornings, but if I understand this correctly, I will be there in spirit, so in some ways, I will actually be attending…

  3. The event went well and may even have been the best yet. I wasn’t able to turn camera on at Zoom without ending the YT stream, so it ended up being all in the private space (good riddance YT?). There was a good turn out, and a surprising level of intimacy considering that more than half the attendants were first-timers.

    If those of you who attended want to give feedback, you can do so here or email me privately. Portions of the event may be shared, either with the general public or with those who specially request it.

  4. I will arrange a replay of the event on Zoom in the next few days, between 8 or 9 am PST and 4 pm, roughly (+ 8 hours for UK). If you are interested email me with preferred days & times and make a donation via PP of any sum at all (recommended amount £4 – £8), or if you are a regular or recent donator, just email me.


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