The Liminalist # 236: Invitation to a Brainstorm: Applied Liminality During the Corona Virus Crisis

Feedback from this event:

Couldn’t fall asleep after the event, but I did notice the despair and sadness I had experienced all day had vanished, not to return (so far)…

far more revelatory than I had anticipated, and I find it difficult to put into words how.  A couple times throughout the event, I had a significant ringing in my ears, which happens very rarely, and gave me a sense of calm I’d forgotten about, as I testified near the end.  It’s still resonating with me today, and I feel a veil has been lifted of sorts. 

I did feel happy after meeting and throughout the evening so something went on there. 

great meetup, very cathartic, even though we were talking about the shenanigans afoot in the world I wasn’t really “thinking” about it, or maybe I was just responding to it in a more productive way, i.e., participating and connecting with like-minded souls.

Feedback from previous event, “Spring-Break to Infinity.”

I felt that you were able to bring back awareness to the Eternal and tuning into the special guidance that is available to us at all times during certain points of the discussion that understandably was fraught with concerns about participants lives at this time. The end was nicely done. It was uplifting to not leave the meeting on a downer but for the reason we came to the meeting in the first place

It came at a really beneficial time and has helped me not feel so alone and isolated during this time.

Thoroughly enjoyed that. Which TV show were you talking about?

18 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I was 18” (Video)

Songs: “Pirates” by Entertainment for the Braindead; “Sheets,” by Damian Jurado; “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club; “Changes” by Short Hand

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