The Liminalist # 252: The Art of Spontaneity (with Jason Carter)

Conversation with Jason Carter on freedom vs safety, false-identities, Dave Oshana, enlightenment, married life & the sexual question.

Part One: Goats into Sheep (0 – 38 mins)

Exploring the Dave phenomenon, the podcast without an agenda, an affinity for the paranormal, an experience of bliss, new pandemic laws, the corona contraction, a masked future, the balance between safety and freedom, the presence of death, the brink of self-destruction, parallel dimensions, a coordinated letting go, comparative collapse, the dregs of society, the zombie hordes, the collective human experience, self-reflection, suffering, affect, and the stories we tell ourselves, human and dog co-evolution, wild dogs in Chernobyl, goats into sheep.

Part Two: World of Fear (38 mins – 1 hr 12 mins)

Oshana bliss, a subtle sensation of euphoria, a new vibration, the sun’s effect, sensitivity and reactivity, autism, a foster childhood, social anxiety, a career in dentistry, a slow-burn identity crisis, shyness, stage fright, and identity, identity vs self, the flinch, different temperaments, instinctive fear vs neurotic fear, costs & benefits of fear, aggrandizers, the psychopathic drive for total freedom, a body snatched planet, the loss of anxiety around self-image, aboriginal culture.

Part Three: The Ultimate Test of Enlightenment (1 hr 12 mins – 1 hr 51 mins)

Native humility, the relative authenticity of the poor, the natural state, don’t follow paths, a lack of instructions from Dave, the methodology of energy work, the most essential thing about Dave, the art of spontaneity, improvisation on retreats, the flow space between fight and flight, an Oshana commune, intentional communities, the monastic life, gurus and family life, Dave’s consistency, enlightenment and affairs, John de Ruiter & B Prior, a perfect storm of marital hell, the value of marriage, the ultimate test.

Part Four: What We Are Seeking (1 hr 51 mins – end)

Discerning between a hard road and a dead-end, 25 years of marriage, generation X, sex podcast with Dave, different sexual motivations, Tantra, what sex is for, the sexual element in marriage, spiritual allies, for the cup to be filled, what are we seeking, merging vs. individual growth, spaces in togetherness, transcendental trust in a group, developing deeper energetic connections, separate paths in a marriage, observing changes, the unphotographable inner self, attention and the body, the nature of the ineffable, receptivity, a rapid timeline.

Songs: “Pirates” and “Smile” by Entertainment for the Braindead;  “Are You Trying to Get Away” & “Not Enough” by Hazelwood Motel; “You’re the One That I Want,” by Andrea Gilmore & Chaney Rodewald; “Changes” by Short Hand.


4 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 252: The Art of Spontaneity (with Jason Carter)”

  1. I was sick with Corona for three weeks in January, before it had a name, I’m just glad I got to be sick in a more peaceful state. I slept sitting up so I didn’t drown in my mucus and lowered my resting heart rate from 108 with YouTube videos. I thought I had an adult cold that was sicking my butt.

  2. Very interesting. About the extinction of humanity, I do take your point, but I think it would be a shame if it happened. It seems we are part of the evolution of consciousness, the Universe becoming aware of itself. It would be a shame to go back to zero. Especially as we currently have no evidence of the existence of any other advanced life forms out there.


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