Two New Conversations & a Brief Oshana Update

Some clips from the show. 

Jasun Horsley: [00:00:30] You bring a case like Crowley and you put him under the microscope, and you see what I saw with The Vice of Kings. How far was he willing to take that? He was willing to take that all the way, he was looking for what he perceived as the most evil act possible, the unforgivable sin in the Bible, the sin against the Holy spirit that’s unforgivable and then committing it, as a way to, the path of transgression, completely free himself from social conditioning, from false morality. And we’re living in a culture and climate that advocates this, it’s all over.

I mean, if somebody is consciously deceiving, they would have to also be deluded as well. They would have to have some rationale for doing it that would be fundamentally delusional. I mean, I do believe there’s an innate moral sense that we have biologically even, we have a sense of what’s right and wrong in any given moment.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:01:30] You know, how effective you can be with 90% to 95% truth… and win your trust, so that I can then use that to kind of switch things in a different way.

Jasun Horsley: [00:01:44] It’s spin isn’t it? My sense with Levenda, and he did help me see something ironically, is that I started to get a sense that it was to do with ideological affiliation, if you like. That Levenda, my impression anyway, he’s ideologically affiliated with occult values and systems and methodologies.

And, my first talk with the Ungoogleable Michaelangelo (second talk will be on an upcoming Liminalist).

Jasun Horsley – Crucial Fictions & Lucid Trauma

Jasun Horsley is a sharp but subtle thinker who describes himself as “an existential detective in chronic confession mode”. A prolific writer, he has published countless books, blog posts, & articles. He also hosts The Liminalist podcast, where we did a follow-up conversation. Initially reluctant, a series of uncanny coincidences lured me deeper into his realm, where I discovered a treasure trove of parallel processes, insights, & reflections. In this episode we cast a sobering glance at the potentially dissociative perils of visionary experiences & the integrative appeal of trauma as the gateway to becoming fully incarnated.


Last up, a brief update on life inside (and outside) the Dave Oshana ET field: Dave has recently upped his game by embarking on healing work within the group, and I feel this is mirrored by my own intensely satisfying involvement in the affinity groups occurring sans Dave, with participants who have mostly met through Dave or, in a few cases, through the Liminalist/Auticulture hub. This includes the Tuesday men’s group, which is proceeding in leaps and bounds in the work-play of restoring the masculine essence to its natural state of absolute goodness and virtue.

On the last online Oshana event, Sunday’s “How to Heal,” Dave gave a comprehensive talk on what energetic healing is and how it happens, followed by a truly stunning demonstration in which he spent several minutes with roughly 20 participants, tuning into us one by one, as a preliminary for healing that was also its initiation (such is the power of intensely focused ~ or enlightened ~ loving attention). My experience in brief:

an intensely useful and finally profoundly wonderful experience; once in a while Dave demonstrates what enlightenment is and what it is capable of… my experience for most of the longer, interactive portion of the meet was a weird combo of boredom with edge-of-my-hammock engagement; an opportunity to suspend both belief and disbelief and simply observe; I observed very little [with my mind, that is] until my turn came around and I entered into the session with next-to-no expectations. I was surprised by how open I was and how rapidly I felt the effects. It was very much like, by commenting on what he observed in me, it amplified my experience of it. I suppose someone might say this was due to my suggestibility, but he used so few words, so sparingly and pointedly, that I doubt it was that. The experience I had was of affective-ly/sensorially remembering (Dave used the word recapitulating) my essential self, of being filled up with emptiness, a spherical non-object in the physical sense realm, reconnecting to a non-spacial present-time memory of an eternal flame self. . . . Anyway, words are a drag and won’t capture or even evoke it, but it was quite remarkable. Afterwards, I remembered a dream I once sent to Dave, in which he told me I was on the line to enlightenment and to just carry on and my arrival was assured. It felt like a similar sort of restful certainty of being now home, because I was on my way home.

All in all, I experienced such unparalleled effects that the word miraculous does not seem out of place. I am deeply grateful and I pray for others to share in such a simple clear, and uplifting experience of your own essential soul natures, as soon as humanly possible. This is my only reason for sharing this here.
Next Dave event, “Absolute Goodness Connection.”

5 thoughts on “Two New Conversations & a Brief Oshana Update”

  1. The joy of being a liminalist is that you don’t let yourself get wrapped up in false certainties and intellectual peccadilloes. Or at the very least you try not to be wholly attached to these things.

    Our modern skepticism about religions in general and Christianity in particular includes a supposition that religions are social control mechanisms, doesn’t it? What would shock me would be to find out that the gospel wasn’t pro Roman. I fail to see what a poisoned fruit from a poisoned tree analysis would contribute where it stops at the tree and doesn’t attribute the existence of poison and fruit to all of nature and creation.

  2. My what a compelling exchange. I usually have to break up the long discussions with tunes but this one I couldn’t put down. Great energy from start to finish. Not often that Alex concedes to being “wrestled to the ground” by anyone on anything, rather brilliant there. It was very timely for me listening to your ‘defense ‘ of Scripture as I am in the process of reexamination myself. It is quite possible that heaven has reserved you a space for your efforts in this show -_^ All in all, much to chew on coming away from this one…very much looking forward to getting into Vice of Kings (if it hasn’t sold out after this), also eagerly awaiting the release of 16 Maps of Hell. Alex paid you a great compliment…” One of the important thinkers of our time”. Richly deserved!

  3. That was an interesting exchange of ideas, beliefs, almost beliefs and investigations into dark vs light, evil vs righteousness, what is real, what is evident, what is suspiciously vague, and Christianity as a cult for social reform. Got my head spinning a bit, no pea soup however. (The Exorcist)
    Satan, the light bearer, created by God, instigated a war in the Heavens and was cast out and down taking a third of the angels with him. Such persuasive power. Does he exist? His greatest act was to convince humanity that he does not exist.
    Then, dark vs. light. If the creator created everything then we must acknowledge the fact that he created evil/darkness as well as light, darkness as the absence of light. Sin as the absence of righteousness.
    The unforgivable sin, the sin against Holy Spirit. is the persistent attitude against His wooing of your spirit and not a physical act. All physical acts can be forgiven no matter how egregious, but a constant NO to Him cannot be forgiven. He is the quickening that brings our own spirit to life. Without Him our spirit remains dormant and powerless to resist evil. At least, this is what I believe and how I experience Him.
    I am not a religious person, I merely follow Jesus and sometimes I am lead to follow Him into various church institutions for a time. And when these institutions get weird as they often do He pulls me out so I and digest what is good and what is not good.
    I enjoyed this conversation. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and generosity. Jasun, you have a flying mind. Thank you for putting up with us pigeons and crows. I’ll speak for my selves.

  4. OK- with these great reviews I’ll overcome my revulsion/suspicion of lightweight UFO Tsakiris and also check put the new ungoogleable dude! Peace and light in these edgy times from the epicenter of the epicenter


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