The Liminalist # 256: Trojan Horses for Empire (with Luke Dodson)

Return conversation with Luke Dodson

Part One: Unwitting Operatives (0 – 34 mins)

Life in Canterbury post-covid, complying to hysteria, life in Hope, pockets of sanity, mimesis in action, what’s good for the collective, psychic health questions, blind leading blind, Franz Ruppert, covid in the context of trauma, enforced OCD, the world made by Howard Hughes, two camps at war, echoes of Anonymous, Black Lives Matter, Antifa & the Black Block, Raz Simone & the Capitol Hill autonomous zone, defund the police movement, woke police robots, divide & conquer plutonium, the process of coopting, unwitting operatives, into the Satanic Temple.

Part Two: The Psychedelic Community (34 mins – 1 hr 12 mins)

Erik Davis, Bruce Parry, Daniel Pinchbeck pre-emptive self-#MeToo-ing, Michael & Daniel Ellsberg, Breaking Convention, sexy psychodramas, a sordid game, cancel culture, enabling a sexual predator, meeting Pinchbeck, Braham Murray, a social engineering event, Jasun’s impressions of Pinchbeck, being inside a cultural set, Dave King’s brainchild, the start of the Breaking Convention, UK Psychedelics Society, spooks & good friends, psychedelic research funding, the Beckley Foundation, the hole in Amanda Fielding’s head, ruling elite interest in psychedelia.

Part Three: Audience Cults (1 hr 12 – 1 hr 47 mins)

Grass root movements as vehicles of social control, Extinction Rebellion, Gail Bradbrook, Richard Colman, Roger Hallam’s US intelligence connections, Gene Sharp & CANAS, the value of humility, William Sims Bainbridge, audience cults, pseudo-transcendental objects, the 2nd matrix of materialized spirituality, questioning the narrative, Robert Forte, fairy dust for the radical movement, putting the lid on LSD, US vs UK intelligence interest, MAPS, MDMA & PTSD treatment, using psychedelics to tackle lockdown anxiety.

Part Four: Icarus landing (1 hr 47 mins – end)

Money & power, an economic dead-end, politicians selling weed, Anthony Peake, Gary Lachman, targeting the awakening segment of humanity, the builders of audience cults, unconscious operatives, a Trojan Horse for Empire, the need for a moral stance, the call to accountability, the physical damage caused by psychedelics, an overload of unconscious energy, Icarus landing, a new low, burning at both ends, becoming disembodied, putting the body to sleep, spiritual transcendence vs. medicine, power sources for a political memeplex, the traumagenic agenda, a secular sacrament, acid casualties, the green movement.

Luke’s site (essay on Extinction Rebellion)

The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg – for Consent: The Political Economy of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex by Cory Morningstar.

Songs: “Pirates” by Entertainment for the Braindead; “Sweet Talker” by Big Blood; “All I Am,” Fire by Nate Maingard; Origami Conspiracy; “Changes” by Short Hand.

4 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 256: Trojan Horses for Empire (with Luke Dodson)”

  1. Another great discussion…..find it interesting how infrequently the issue of “moral development” comes up with the use of psychedelics. They definitely take us across the threshold, but how often do we bring something back of lasting value? How many sublime insights did I have tripping that I could not recall even a few hours later? Following William James I would venture that the value of these experiences lies it the “ripples” they leave in their wake…. I cannot deny their healing capacities….I have seen instances of profound healing, but I cannot say they ever made ME a kinder or more attentive person (beyond the afterglow of a few days). Many will disagree I’m sure…this is only the experience of one (fairly experienced) psychonaut.

  2. I second Piers. Even better than the previous one, which was outstanding. A very thoughtful exploration and a pleasure to listen to.

    In defence of hallucinogens, although I agree that they are a sensory overload and not enough can be brought back from the trips, I venture to claim that they align the mind with the body for the duration of the trip and can be used to explore both. The fact that the mind subsequently hijacks the experience, projects conclusions/illusions/delusions doesn’t mean that the experiences are not useful/meaningful/significant. I for one am better for having had them. They certainly improved my quality of life, from learning to let go of traumatic experiences and understanding/comprehending ‘reality’ through the eyes of others, to self-exploration and realising that conjecture and wishful thinking (confirmation bias) is not the way to structure one’s worldview or identity.

    Disclaimer: I absolutely agree that they can be used for manipulation, as a distraction and a means of self-sabotage. Basically, the potential pitfalls should not be taken lightly. However, I am not entirely certain of the physical harm they do, although it should definitely be considered.

    • Ced: this comment coincided with an email from Michaelangelo referring to the same topic, i.e., the physical damage of psychedelics – I wrote:

      I suspect the question revolves around what we consider physical and that the major strain is felt in the subtler realms, where I have noticed any conditions I may have that are relatively mild in this realm are much more acute & severe, “over yonder.”

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the truth of the matter, it’s obviously impossible for me to confirm or disprove (at the moment). And yet, I feel grateful to them for what they have done for me. Perhaps one day I’ll know of they charge 🙂


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