Goin’ Mainstream? Doing the True Crime Podcast with Shaun Attwood

I recently did an interview with Shaun Attwood. I had never heard of Shaun but he came to my attention via the occultist-turned-whistleblower Nathaniel Harris. I reached out and was invited to an audition interview with his assistant, Ashley Meikle. That went on for about half an hour, after which I was invited onto Shaun’s podcast.  Shaun was born a year after I was, in Lancashire, UK (close to Yorkshire). Here’s a bit more info about him, culled from Wikipedia:

Attwood started stock-market trading at age sixteen. He got involved in the Manchester rave scene and started selling ecstasy. This gradually turned into what the Phoenix New Times called an “empire”, with Attwood buying pills from the Netherlands to bypass the traffickers in Los Angeles. His operation became associated with the New Mexican Mafia, which offered protection following a night of partying where Attwood’s associates helped a member of the New Mexican Mafia with hiding from the police. Attwood estimated he smuggled up to £4 million of drugs into Arizona which wasn’t exclusive to Ecstasy and also included Xanax and ketamine. Evidence had already been collected against Attwood from his years as an Ecstasy kingpin, and, on 16 May 2002, he was arrested. Attwood, who had attempted to cleanse himself of any connections to his previous life as a distributor, was caught after ten witnesses came forward. After serving two years in Maricopa County Jail prior to sentencing, Attwood pleaded guilty for a sentence of nine and a half years, and served the balance of his sentence in the Arizona Department of Corrections. Attwood is banned for life from entering the US.

Attwood now gives talks to schoolchildren and other groups about the negative consequences of drugs and crime, and advocates against Sheriff Arpaio and his methods. Shaun has given several TEDx Talks on his experiences. The University of Basel, Switzerland hosted his 2017 talk on what facing 200 years in prison taught him about happiness. He has appeared on BBC, Sky News, CNN and TV in over 40 countries worldwide to talk about issues affecting prisoners’ rights.

After appearing on the True Geordie podcast, Attwood started his own ‘True Crime’ podcast and has a YouTube channel that reached 500,000 subscribers on 20 July 2020. He answers questions about what prison was like, interviews true-crime guests and retells stories of what happened during his time in prison. Shaun Attwood has conducted several interviews and has written on the case surrounding the underage sex trafficking ring around Jeffrey Epstein, and has interviewed conspiracy theorist David Icke regarding the September 11 attacks and the coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s the conversation we had:

The interview was recorded and then live-streamed a week or so later, on Tuesday the 25th. I kept an eye on the chat stream while working at the thrift store, occasionally responding. I was struck by (and remarked on) how much talk there was about Donald Trump, maybe as much as 40% of the live comments, even though the subject had nothing to do with what Shaun and I were talking about. Also, more predictably, there are a few mentions of QAnon, including, mercifully, that it was a psyop, a sentiment which I seconded.

Since airing, the interview has had around 35,000 views and over 700 comments. (Shaun’s talk with Davd Icke about Savile from a year ago has 1.5 million hits.) Most, in fact all, of the comments, including ones at my own YT channel, emails, and followers/likes on Twitter, appear to be from people who have just discovered me. The vast majority of them are positive, with a few dissenting voices. Oddly, there is little in-between. The positive comments are fairly consistent, and range from the generic: “Fantastic interview,” “brilliant man,” “absolutely fascinating” “Extremely interesting guest!” “Please invite him back” and such; to the more nuanced comments like: “Jasun’s approach is what makes sense in all this nonsense”; “he’s seriously got his shit together considering the dark places he’s been to”; “made me think about some issues in ways I’ve never actually thought if before”; “A truly insightful peak into the filthy underbelly of the British aristocracy”; and “put a huge amount into perspective when it comes to secret societies, trauma mind control, Hollywood, aristocracy and occultism. It can get very dark and very overwhelming going down some of these rabbit holes. Although at some points it got darker listening to this, overall, it also bizarrely allowed me to take a step back, see a bigger picture and do some of my own purging of contracts.”

Most of the critical comments refer to my monotone voice and/or how it put them to sleep: “Sorry Shaun, your monotone friend is putting me to sleep”; “Did this dude take a sleeping pill before this?”; “he could of had an amazing story but hes voice sends me to sleep I had to turn off so sorry”; “So monotone… like watching paint dry.” These are contrasted by comments like “his voice is weirdly calming,” “I like the the way jasun speaks..it is very pleasing to my ears,” and “What a soft spoken man.”

A couple of comments  complain that I said nothing new ~ “Most of the information given in this interview is absolutely nothing that isn’t on a thousand different platforms, quality not quantity” [sic!] ~ or even that I said nothing at all! (quite a feat): “This guy just talks around everything. Waste of time. No truth.” Again, these are side by side with comments like: “This guy’s a wealth of information”; “Jaw dropping what this gentleman knows”; “Oh my, this was so informative”; and “I’ll have to re-watch so much information I didn’t know.” The polarization is striking.

Predictably, there is also a smattering of wanna-be-paranoid-awareness, e.g. “Something doesn’t feel right here.. can’t quite put my finger on it 🤔”; these sorts of comments overlap with the borderline illiterate: “im sorry , i may be wrong but something bad happened to him when he was wrong”; “something about this man feels not right..yes intelligent but might be into to things far worse then what he is saying he is not…”

Comments also range from the cheeky: “I reckon this dude has defo done some acid/ shrooms/ ayahuasca!🤣”/”This man has taken a lot of acid”; to the bizarro: “If he is against pedos, why has he modeled his look on one” [??] and: “I pray for this man because he is so smart yet VERY confused and tormented. I find it eeerie the love and following he has for Crowley , knowing he is a evil man and manipulator and child preditore, which makes me believe he’s much sicker than he admits HE IS. I believe he has don’t so much more evil wrong things that he speaks about with his brother…. yet yes, I still would like to pick his brain a bit more on some topics..”

One comment ~ “A brilliant spokesperson for us minions” ~ was echoed (sort of) by comments at my own YT channel and a couple of emails, insisting that my work will be a great discovery for people seeking the truth, and that now is the time to reach a much wider audience. If so, then the degree of interaction with new listeners/viewers/readers this week is a taste of that, and why I share it here, in the interests of this ongoing anthropological (self-)analysis.

Overall, while I am aware of the potential pitfalls of extending my reach, via an existing audience base that, no doubt, has a number of ideological affiliations, assumptions, and allegiances, I am encouraged by the apparent good-heartedness and seeming sincerity of most of the responses. I am also relieved how mild a hazing ritual this turned out to be, so far at least (it could have been really harrowing). At the same time, I am concerned about the lack of discernment of this new audience-base, insofar as many of them may be turning to QAnon as a reliable source of information and even (shudder) an engine of social change, and may see Donald Trump as a genuine outsider and hence potential savior-figure. That suggests a pretty steep learning (dis-illusionment) curve for them to navigate (and/or communication gulf for us to bridge). To any new readers and listeners, or any old ones, who have illusions inclinations in this direction, I will repeat a Tweet from yesterday:

Those who think Donald Trump is any different, better OR worse, than any other previous presidential puppet, I suggest doing a more thorough background check. Falling for the Kek QAnon psyop = adding fuel to a controlled opposition. Wise up!

The Liminalist # 199: Geopolitics & Metaphysics (with Recluse of VISUP)

On the wider topic of reaching a significantly larger audience, connecting to new individuals seeking after the sort of truth that will truly set them free (and not just bog them down), I find the warmth and receptivity of the responses encouraging; equally if not more telling, that those resistant/impervious/hostile to what I am communicating decided that I wasn’t saying anything at all, turned off the channel, and/or fell asleep! This suggests that I am probably doing something right.

And on David Icke & the subtleties of disinfo:

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16 thoughts on “Goin’ Mainstream? Doing the True Crime Podcast with Shaun Attwood”

  1. I’m only partway through the show but I think you two have good chemistry, it would be interesting to hear Shaun on The Liminalist. Your brother exposing taboo-breaking unconsciously both to himself and his family is an interesting perspective. Also, the selling of one’s identity to a gang as an aspect of blackmail and recruitment is a deep angle I hadn’t considered before.

  2. I never could and still cannot understand why an adult would want to violate a young child, to strip him or her of their innocence, damage their psyche and their body. The physical act of defilement is anathema to me.
    Examining this hideous act from a spiritual aspect may provide a clue I can understand. Or not. The perpetrator must derive something beyond the physical, hmm..an addiction, to being able to get away with evil time and time again, unaware perhaps that the evil embedded in the act is the unconscious draw and aim.
    Interesting talk. I’m looking in to the Isle of Jersey as I know a couple from there.
    Thank you J’nia

    • there are many overlaps but this work looks like it throws them all into the context of “false memory”/weird brain farts

      • Yeah, I just found some example on the net to show that the comparisons between alien abductions and demonic activity are being made and taken seriously into consideration. Of course, my interest is in how Jesus is protection against and provides deliverance from all such otherworldly beings, as well as the lies they promote. Strieber is a good example. I remember devouring Communion. Now, 30 years later, I feel Christianity provides the clearest answers for all of the activity of otherworldly beings and how to deal with them.

        That Dan Mitchell interview was interesting as well. The “familiar hands” was probably a technique to gain acceptance, as they are master impersonators.

  3. It was a great interview and you really shine. The comment reflect that more than ever. It’s amazing how you deal with such dark subjects and yet somehow at the end of listenting I feel enriched, more positive than before, and at peace with a better understanding of how the world (probably) works. This enables me to be a better person with those who are close to me too. More focused on the light and less on the dark 🙂

  4. Wow that was a great summation at the end there when you were talking about 16 Maps. Powerful message about how this information as dark and difficult as it may be can serve as a lens to understand and release us from our own hidden motivations. Removing cultural implants Is most effective when approached as a vocation rather than chore. I wonder…If you become mainstream will the mainstream become more liminal ?

  5. I’ve been aware of Shaun for quite a while, he’s life story is Hollywoodesque. Late last year I got into his podcast and there’s a lot of very interesting content. However, he lost me with his analysis and response to ‘Rona when reporting about Italy. Nevertheless, hats off to the man.

    I venture to claim that this was your best guest interview. Comprehensive analysis with your unique take on the subject matter, subtle and nuanced, informed and insightful. Shaun clearly appreciated it.

    You’re ability to ‘step up’ to a bigger audience never occurred to me as a potential challenge, and the podcast is proof of that. What I especially appreciate, not that I expected otherwise, was that you maintained your authenticity. Shaun is clearly more business-minded, eg he promoted your blog and books while you were shutting the window (your reference to the window had a Dostoevskian feel to it). The only question that remains is how the audience will respond after a few more hits. My hunch is that the more views the podcast has the more positive feedback you can expect. People recognise quality. This topic has been beaten to death by lineal and overly simplified interpretations. If anyone cares it at all, they are sure to appreciate this particular podcast and be drawn to your work.

    Summa summarum: Excellent sample of your skills and what you offer.

    • thanks Ced – first feedback from someone who’s followed Shaun’s work and a welcome review coming from someone I’ve come to trust not to blow smoke up my arse.

      Question: in what way was I shutting the window and what made the window Dostoyevskian? As I recall, the window was one of opportunity to order 16 Maps of Hell before it sells out, which could be seen as a marketing strategy, even if it’s true.

      • I agree that it was an opportunity, and a very well taken one. What made it Dostoyevskian was your several references to the window while Shaun clearly didn’t mind. It made me think of a protagonist referring to a peripheral issue repeatedly while postponing the necessary action to solve it. It just showed a very different approach to podcasting. Shaun is very ‘professional’, while you… I’ll leave it to the listeners to fill in the blanks 🙂

        • ah *that* window; I was surprised how almost inaudible it was at Sean’s end;

          the volume on my voice however was very low, as several people complained; that Sean didn’t notice that might belie the professionalism, as it’s a very important detail

          it’s a curious fact that I am apparently so “taken” with Dos (& heavily identified) that I enjoy being compared to one of his protagonists, even tho it would take a pretty wild stretch of the imagination to make the comparison be favorable…

  6. This is one of the best things I’ve heard you do, Jasun. It was great to hear you talk at length again, and thanks to Shaun Attwood (whom I’d never heard of before) for not interrupting you in the manner of too many podcasters. You have, if I may say so, really come into yourself in the last couple of years, and it has been helpful to me personally to watch and listen to you doing so. It took a lot of guts.

    “Coming into yourself” is probably the wrong way of putting it, though. It’s more like letting reality flow through the space where you used to be. Hence your quiet, effortless, unhurried articulacy, which is bound to bug people (I have to say: especially Americans) who have been conditioned through years of TV-addiction to expect anyone speaking in public to sound like Foghorn Leghorn on speed.

    I’ve wanted to order your book for months now, but since March, when the COVID scam, the vicious global coup attempt, was launched, I’ve had little leisure or inclination to read any words printed on paper. Each day some new fresh hell.

    But enough, the case is proven, it’s a giant lie.

    A luta continua.

    Could you please reserve me a copy of 16 Maps of Hell? If I’ve left it too late and it happens to be sold out, I’ll pay the full price for a digital copy. Will contact you by mail within the week.

    All the best,


    (Twatter: @MMaccruiskeen)


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