The Liminalist # 281: Finding Heaven (Walking Audio Log with Jasun in Galicia)

Solo walking podcast with Jasun in Galicia, on human-cat relations, first & second matrix, peak conspiracy theory, the Pfizer fake vaccine, & the only real threat to Empire.

Part One: The Invasion of the Brain Eaters (0 – 28 mins)

Morning in the mist, poncho camoflage, prophet function, a natural cat, advanced acquiesence, the Pfizer implant, liquid nano, vaccine pushback, Opaque Lens, conspiracy high-level denials, covering all the bases, back to the mainstream, density & darkness of data, generational conditioning, anxiety-management, Tuco’s missions, sabotaging cognitive faculties, the thinking of aggrandizers, a false sense of empowerment, unknowable agendas, a dispassionate approach, oil bubbles of perception, spirits of darkness in the HEF, secret societies, David Icke’s wrong rightness, unearned knowledge, the final symptom of the death of human free thought, backing away from the facts, MRNA & genetic alterations, an unlikely miracle, the brain eaters.

Part Two: Three Levels of Relative Knowing (28 mins – 43 mins)

Why your brain hurts, cultural noise vs. natural signal, dreaming of electric virgins, trajectory to the dark, the final liminal position, three levels of relative knowing, truth testing by speaking, when the dust settles, the bottom line on why not to take the Pfizer “vaccine,” going against the blood, requirements of the mark of the beast, worship of a false idol, impure faith, the active ingredient of a shit loaf, the witlessness of the Christian demographic, a bloody omelet.

Part Three: Some Other Kind of Geist (43 mins – 1 hr 3 mins)

Surrendering the life force to a hyper-apparatus, becoming paranoid aware inside family dynamics, options in a burning building, putting on your own oxygen mask first, landing in reality, foes in the household, finding allies, otherworldy merging, no favorites in the apocalypse, a naturally changing code, the spin of the cells, an undergound latticework of connections, the Qim tunes, the only threat to Empire, an hors d’oeuvre for antichrist, a transmitter of the zeitgeist, some other kind of geist, the prophet & the gunslinger, the most unpopular person in town, revelation in action, the turning away, finding the exits, poison gas, the wrong exit to the other side.

Part Four: Fire from Heaven (1 hr 3 mins – 1 hr 26 mins)

Game of Dave’s throne, wanting goodness, influencing Dave, how much darkness can we take, fight or flight response to reality, paranoid cubed, darkness from the inside, perception managed matrix pods, 2nd matrix casualties, a binary system, vaccine doublethink, senseless rationales, homeopathic truth doses, the wave of enlightenment, darkness brought, conscious and unconscious, asking for goodness, a feline agreement, loving beyond safety, recognizing goodness, Job’s treatment, beware of asking for goodness.

Part Five: Cats & Horses (1 hr 26 mins – end)

Tuco’s return, checking in with the body, Steiner on animals, essential qualities of the human soul, integrating the animal, cat love vs dog love, Tuco’s two sides, the wild & the tame, visiting the horse, men & horses, the quality of intelligence, the white horse of Apocalypse, darkness at dawn, a cat apparition, subtle & abstract love, the reality of the body, the threshold of the nervous system, an underground movement, hele is coming.

Guy Dance Meet Audio Behind the Playwall (same password as “Jesus Was a Carpenter”)

Songs: “Primitive” & “Chasing Time” by Joy Zipper; “Empire of the Senesless” by The Mekons; “Collector & Art Mob” by Terry Allen; “Hammer Ring” by Monkey Warhol.

12 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 281: Finding Heaven (Walking Audio Log with Jasun in Galicia)”

  1. The intro with the rustic morning crow sounds I found very comforting and was inspired to make bread as I listened. Apartment homesteading for now.
    You hit on a very important point re doing what we are told is best/ beast versus what is right Christian/Ceasar question
    As I see it using our gifts to the fullest including reasoning/ thinking; our highest in animal terms is the most divine expression of our humanity.
    The bringing into balance of intellect with our feeling selves is how we get the best out of either side and is the only progress. The linear Intellect being in the frontal cortex tends to lead which sets up a natural tendency towards mind dominance which is why operating from both concurrently is essential.

    Neither intellect worship nor its opposite the denunciation of intellect works. Western society as I see it is heavy on the either/or pathway
    The intellect will do its best for us if we bring our full feeling selves to the task of employing it.

    It relates to a point I made at Weds AG
    Our intellectual knowledge is of use to us in direct correlation to the degree to which we know ourselves.

    The cat’s increased exploratory tendencies with its increased lovingness on return is an apt metaphor.

    • >Our intellectual knowledge is of use to us in direct correlation to the degree to which we know ourselves.

      Being a horse-mouth of the (read my) apocalips, I prefer the more judgey inverse: intellectual knowledge that doesn’t have its roots in self-knowledge is the petard with which we will some day be hoisted. Either way, it’s a world-rocker of a point, and one that comes up in part two of the pod, the Guy Dance epic “Life During Wartime” to which you are cordially invited (over da Playwall).

  2. The real realm at first appears overwhelmingly hideous as we begin to see but only because we still see the residue of the film that was covering it up. Why are there 3 points of light in RE-AL RE-S-EAR-CH? Is that not what those like us have been doing all along? Re-searching what is real? We have been speaking their language and it’s in RE-VERSE. It has not been US speaking in code. It has been us, real realm humans, trying to communicate with each other “through” THEIR code. At a point researching becomes seeking. Then we find our coordinates.

  3. To the former poncho-wearing gunslinger who now more literally walks his talk:

    I am concerned about the seemingly unavoidable race to insanity as people drop through the cracks between reality and virtual reality. There’s a precarious balancing act between supporting someone’s suspicions and thereby allow them to know that they are not alone versus exacerbating paranoid awareness beyond a critical threshold. Covid is not simply a virus, but a contagious weaponised meme.

    People are dealing with, afraid of and avoiding insanity – as best as they can, which is a teetering juggling act. Is there a cure? That will be explored in today’s live Zoom event ‘A Cure for Insanity (Personal, Relationships and Global)’ as the window of opportunity closes.

    “What is the dividing line between sane and insane? By virtue of having a mind, contradictory thoughts, incomplete and contradictory facts, crazy dreams, polluted bodies, traumatized nervous systems, conditioned biases, faulty logic, cognitive dissonance, dysfunctional relationships and unhealthy addictions are we all to some degree delusional?

    Dare we face the inner storm and look into the eye of the hurricane? Can we love ourselves and by extension each other? Will we boldly venture within instead of cowering at the door, eventually dying of exhaustion?”

    • it is a precarious balancing act but “things always look different from higher up” – if it’s demonstrable that apocalypso is a tune we can dance to then paranoid awareness becomes the gateway to sentient metanoia; as RuSt describes (for future pod) the seven seals & vials of wrath are opening up in our own bodies. The revelation being that the increasingly stormy outer reality is but a veil or eggy-membrane that comes rapidly apart as the hurry-Cain of our inner essence e-merges from/with Existence.

  4. I hate commenting while still in the middle of the episode but I wanted to describe what happened to my conspiracy hobby in the last few years. The conspiracy school of thought I have followed the longest is Dave Emory’s, Third Reich gone underground speculations. When Trump was elected I realized that this was not collusion or conspiracy that could be explained by previous theories. The cabal I have focused on and feared (last represented by Bush) seemed to have dissolved away in relevance. Then I got COVID last March. What you are saying about inner knowledge informing outer knowledge… I am not done with conspiracy theory and I would have been as bad or worse than you on the COVID conspiracy front had it not been for some actual experience. I am not going to say I don’t have odd theories around COVID and vaccines but they were certainly shaped differently by having had it.

  5. So I’m still in Facebook jail, for 4th time now with day 6 of 7 nearly accomplished. Too much truth it seems. lol
    Conspiracies, as I view them are merely plans to do something naughty to the intended target. We know it’s those with the power and money, and a lack of conscience that partake in such games. It’s sporting for them , reminding me of Nero who relished in the burning etc. of Christians in the theatre. Gates is no different but has a much wider scope of influence. That should be obvious to everyone. But it isn’t.

    After a year I have stopped sharing and attempting to teach nearly everyone now concerning the agenda because I can’t get past their air of moral superiority and pride. Many of them claim to be Christian but they are so in name only. Smug and delusional. Condescending too.

    The Mark of the Beast is not any of the fake vaccines, not even the chip. It’s a very narrow view but suits many of those not prone to critical thinking. They will alter our DNA and we cannot reverse what they write into it with their nasty spike protein so whatever damage is done is permanent. Two billion are suppose to die in a very few years.

    The point, besides death? It’s a precursor to the Mark and it will kill off most of the useless eaters if starvation doesn’t kill them first. In addition, anyone can be euthanized now without a doctor’s note or a reason.

    The Mark is something which cannot be removed by any means including the chopping off your hand/arm. Many suspect that it is the Quantum Dot Matrix which delivers self replicating bots from a myriad of fine needles through the skin. In short it resembles a band-aid and does not inflict any discomfort at the site. However it also injects an enzyme called Luciferace into the skin which will glow under a specific light source.

    It quickly turns you into a trans-human/cyborg creature in about five months from the application. You will no longer be human and as such cannot be redeemed by God. The Old Dragon believes he is creating life in his own image. Always the quintessential copycat.

    Why will people want the Mark? They can’t buy or sell without it but I maintain the real reason is that they will have been convinced that it will give them God-like powers both physical and intellectual……you shall be as gods. And that’s the bottom line.

  6. Jasun, your Conspira-tainment Second Matrix concept is amazing. Could you sometime spend more time on how that concept formed over time? You have had it for at least a few months… how long? Did it come all at once, what were the influences? I think its a remarkable concept that has quite a lot of potential and I fully expect to hear it get tossed around more outside your circle.


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