The Liminalist # 286: Inner Research/Outside the Bubble (with Eileen Meyer & Suzie)

Epic 205-minute exploration of the inner worlds of trauma and of truth & the awakening spectrum of the human energy field.

Part One: The Threshold (0 – 37 mins)

Prisoner of Infinity, a spectrum of perspectives, trauma-induced (pseudo-) spirituality, counterfeit as frame for the real, natural vs. induced trauma, a shattering, a natural event coopted, childhood neglect & bad handling, cast to the four winds, shot into the future, can trauma lead to healing, ancestral healing, learning necessary skills, questioning the benefits, guardians & protectors, a glimpse of wholeness, events that send inward, mapping inner pathways, derailments by design, outer-orientation, accessing the unknown, the need for contrast, from trauma to blessing, communication challenges, the threshold from outer to inner.

Part Two: The Land of Spin (37 mins – 1 hr 13 mins)

The natural and the good, evil’s place in the world, the human race’s trajectory, collective insanity, turning lead into gold, rejecting the Kool-Aid, silk purses from sow’s ears, birth trauma, when does natural cease to become natural, more toxins than blood cells, a cosmic connection in the mundane, the way it works here, reorientation experiences, how deep the programming goes, when the glaze comes over, the only thing that matters, cosmic dreams, consenting to forgetting, making fiction out of dreams, becoming a spin doctor, the drive to plunder the infinite, evaporating data, trusting to the download, letting the record go, an epic awakening + delusion, low pain tolerance, Suzie’s bottom line.

Part Three: The Pain-Brake (1 hr 13 mins – 1 hr 45 mins)

Turning awakening into a story, giving over to the authorities, losing the Jesus feeling, a picture of the path, when the brakes come down, shifts in the wilderness, losing outer relations on an inward journey, multitudinal issues, where the trauma is locked into, CFS, Kundalini, & Lucifer, the pain-brake, choosing to be hobbled, past power abuse, a karmic burden, the gap between the erotic and the spiritual, the greatest fear, back to the body, a natural corrective, losing the super-powers, disembodiment >> power abuse, a razor’s edge of awakening.

Part Four: Through the Language Barrier (1 hr 45 mins – 2 hr 17 mins)

The research goes within, harmonic connections, talking to experiencers, breaking the language barrier, the need for community, bodies with bodies, collective enlightenment, self-discovery through interaction, the need for demonstrations, bringing the true self through, the front runners, apocalypse now, closing the gap, a vision of post-apocalypse, a changing landscape of community, the future dissolving, how the garden grows.

Part Five:  Cycles Natural & Anti-Natural (2 hr 17 mins – 2 hrs 51 mins)

The nature of the cycle, meeting the escaton, bodily readiness, the disconnected ET parts, the level of the gap, it’s all you, Whitley, spinning experience into cash, an inability to sell out, Jung’s Red Book, Jung’s influence, Artificial Intelligence, disengagement from body & Earth, cut off from the feminine principle, motherless men, leave the task to mad men, intellectualism as satanic lever, lured into the machine world.

Part Six : Unfreezing Mercury (2 hrs 51 mins – end)

Space race & freedom from responsibility, an enactable fantasy, when the power evaporates, redirection of consciousness to the outside, a full life as best resistance, leaving the bubble world, what bird do you see, real-world reorientation, starting from a false foundation, the innocence of the intellectual, withdrawing consent, seduced by pseudo-solutions, what is the intellect, a beautiful machine, coopted by trauma, unfreezing mercury, intellectual & instinctive synergy, the spontaneity of the body, a transitional liminalist.

Eileen’s site:

For more of Suzie & Eileen and the spectrum of awakening, listen to the audio from Sat’s “Back to the Blood” meet, over the playwall:  (password same as for “Apocalypse Mirror”)

Songs: “Primitive” by Joy Zipper; “Submerged,” “Chemical Wedding” “After the Rain,” & “Cast No Shadows” by The Mekons; “Sirens Call” & “Thirsty’s Revenge,” by Federale


7 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 286: Inner Research/Outside the Bubble (with Eileen Meyer & Suzie)”

  1. 0 -37: I don’t remember much about the first 4-5 years of my life, but I do recall being hurt and crying to my Mom, “Why do we have to die this way?”
    Young kids don’t have a concept of death, I thought.

    I’m taking this podcast in small doses.
    Thank you.

  2. We are creating gods here in the frequency known as hertizian, or better put, the survival plane of what we think.
    To reprogram ourselves to experience what we think and then know we must first go deep within where thinking and emotion ceases and a created image is then inserted to then reprogram our biological system.
    Traditional meditation falls short because there is no new reprogramming going on . Meditation just puts us into a state of bliss without real physical results.
    In Dr Lipton’s research he knows that in order to advance DNA we must first give a command to our RNA through a visual command in the mind. Most of DNA is not activated and so called science just refers to it as junk DNA.
    The states of consciousness where change takes place is the unconscious mind that then programs reality into the subconscious mind that then becomes reality in our life which Jasun has made clear in his writings.
    The area of the unconscious mind is located in the region of sexuality aka the region that reproduces itself which is also the region that controls behavior of the masses in ways not understood by the multitudes to the degrees that should be understood.
    It should be noted that the “powers that be ” know this and the programing of the mind that has taken place the past 70 plus years through electronic media and now has made the jump directly to biological via the RNA vaxx which now is totally programmable via electronic programing with the help of the geek/nerds/dweebs of Silicon Valley through the mental programming of “problem/solution”.
    Again. The greatest representation of GOD is Nature not man made circuits of electronics and the greatest pharmacy known is that of nature because we as humans have the right to its secrets of longevity, if we only surrender to the mind of that eternal longevity.
    With that said, we now know how to “insert” our commands into DNA with a new signal RNA to make this so.
    I have used my own created subliminals and used binaural beat technologies and other to help me but it is first a prerequisite to go into these disciplines with one’s own personal directive and that directive is according to one’s own personal awareness and understanding of wisdom that is always evolving.
    The following Bruce Lipton video is a good reference point and beginning to mind and body.

  3. Listening to this feels like being invited into a warm and deep and intimate space with the 3 of you; thank you for this.

  4. 1:13-1:45 choosing to be hobbled. Yes, This is what my Mother chose for herself, for all of her life. I say that because I’m just now getting to know her and thus myself.
    She has never been able to do anything for herself including asking for water, or for someone to plug in her radio so she remains thirsty and bored. The uber-hobbled woman.
    I understand now how she could just sit and watch me being brutalized, without any objection. No protestations.

    Now me. I escaped the insanity but had to teach myself how to have a conversation because I never heard one at home. I escaped into isolation and inability to function as an adult.
    Then the body memories began. Would it ever end. I object to a life of pain and dissociation.

    Thank you for this. I will return.

  5. Part 4.
    LOL, really enjoying having my morning coffee with you all.

    Judgement IS the hardest part of interacting with people, because I have the habit of just being myself (s), and many do not like that. My spirit irritates theirs.

    My dreams irritate some as I see the future in my day dreams as reality.
    Most people will not be there as only the chosen few who have been awakened will abide and flourish. I sincerely desire that more will be awakened but they seem to be suffering spiritual blindness. I grieve.

    We are first and foremost spirit beings who are inhabiting a physical body for a time. Our spirit is eternal and as such strives to accomplish eternal goals.

    Thank you lovely people.


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