Back to the Blood: Saturday Online Meet-Up (sign up here)

What’s your purpose? Who are you, why are you here, where did you come from, and where are you going? One question broken into many.

Whenever you think you have things to do, maybe you are not doing what you are here for?

Nature is nothing but purposeful, yet where is “mind” in Nature? Purpose has been coopted by the human mind, the false identity, the great Satan, and so we have turned against our own natures, our own blood.

Finding true purpose is only possible if we are able to fully experience having no (mental sense of) purpose. This can entail a very trying experience of feeling like we have no purpose, of futility. It can feel like we are spinning wheels endlessly, except we know it will end, and we may end up eternally lamenting that our wheels never gained enough traction for us to fulfill our purpose . . .

One thing we know: we do not want the teeth that are gnashing on Judgment Day to be ours!

Getting back to Nature means getting back to our natures, back to a natural purpose, back to the awareness of the blood. This has very little to do with words.

Over generations of ancestral hunger, we have become increasingly addicted to every displacement activity the superculture has provided us with, complicit with ever-more aberrant practices that are becoming progressively more apparent, until people in masks wander numbly around crumbling, over-policed cities, staring down at their Smart phones, lining up for untested corporate products to be inserted into their bodies, for the fake promise of freedom.

Working with Nature in every way we can is the only solution to a soon-to-be-terminal condition of collective dementia, this ancient inflitration by alien pathogen into our bloodstreams, this snake in our DNA.

The following is from Homo Serpiens:

Biologists remain somewhat unclear how exactly a cell “knows” to read only that information pertinent to its particular formation, i.e., how a blood cell knows to behave like a blood cell and not like a cell in a liver or any other area of the body. But somehow, cells know what to do (“who” they are), and the rest of the genetic code they carry appears merely to provide a context within which to do their thing. This is paralleled by the way we, as individuals, carry the genetic code of our ancestors and are shaped by that code, indirectly, without ever making use of it in a conscious fashion. This genetic lineage relates to the roughly 3% of “coded” DNA, i.e., that portion which biologists recognize as determining our genetic structure and directing the behavior of cells and organisms. The remaining 97% is unaccounted for. In other words, “The vast majority of DNA in our bodies does things that we do not presently understand.”

As humans, we share in the nature of humanity. We partake of every single myth, tale, creature and act that preceded us. Our individual genetic chain of association would inevitably run along certain pathways, or bloodlines, making certain connections and relations as it goes, by which we develop certain “affinities.” These might then be interpreted as personal memories. Genetically speaking, however, if human DNA contains the entire race memory, where exactly is the differentiation to be made? If we are made up of our ancestors’ experiences, how exactly are we separate from them? And if we are not separate from them, what becomes of our notions of independence, autonomy, and identity?

Initially, this collective memory would be restricted to that of the individual’s own life experiences and those belonging to his or her ancestral lineage, i.e., their mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s, etc, etc., all the way back to the original Mama. But it seems “reasonable” to assume that (as long as we are taking this train)—since all humankind is connected somewhere along the line by the swapping of genes through mitosis (sex)—one’s ancestral memories would, once tapped into, extend to one’s whole race, and beyond that, to the human species in toto. This is the allegiance or affiliation of blood.

Sign up below for online event, this Saturday April 17, time around noon Eastern time, 6 pm UK time (time will be concretized by Friday 16). If you have already attended one of these events, you should receive an invitation closer to the time.

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2 thoughts on “Back to the Blood: Saturday Online Meet-Up (sign up here)”

  1. “Whenever you think you have things to do, maybe you are not doing what you are here for?”

    It has an obvious so-called wall that should somehow pass through.

  2. The best example of the true and living GOD is nature.
    Nature dreams in winter what is to spring forth in spring to be exalted in the august body and reap the harvest of the dream at the end of the year in autumn to only go back within and dream another greater dream come winter and the cycle evolves and evolves and evolves back into GOD with each wisdom gained for the glory of GOD to experience.
    The Father and I are One.
    Create the dream. Focus on the dream. Allow the dream to unfold without analysis. Accept and enjoy what you have created. Then decide if you want to hang around or evolve elsewhere.


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