The Liminalist # 288: Into the Metaverse (with Alison McDowell & Kate Ledogar)

Part one of two-part conversation with Alison McDowell and Kate Ledogar

Part One: The End-Game of Philanthro-Capitalism (0 – 29 mins)

An ear to conspiracy, new US vaccination laws, saying bye bye to NPR, disparate communities uniting, finding affinities, modeling a different way of being, a culture beyond reform, learning to unlearn, Christopher Alexander, adapting & creating, impositional approach & extractive economy, the urge to fix, blind philanthropy, step-up culture, interrogating structures, the domination doctrine, exposing problems without offering solutions, a multiplicity of reckonings, the role of witness, manufactured poverty, an investment in not knowing, the end-game of philanthro-capitalism.

Part Two: Davos World (29 – 57 mins)

Alison’s recipe for transhumanist dystopia, the plans of industry, wandering into Davos world, sensory networks surveillance, augmented reality, military mother-may-I, contractual engagement, social impact bonds, data-run schools, stakeholder capitalism, managing human capital assets, globalized poverty management, impact=data=surveillance, profit in poverty, controlling basic needs, Blackstone plans for Smart housing, eugenic & breeding the behaviour of the poor, listening to NPR while Rome burns.

Part Three: The Disembodiment Drive (57 mins – end)

Eugenics & biotech, a letter from an ancestor, corporate designs on South America, the crazed aspiration of human beings, the gauntlet of the meritocracy, what drives the psycho-philanthropists, an obsession for engineering, colonization of the body by machine & vice versa, shedding the body, the disembodiment agenda, family Fabians, elitist alcoholics, identifying an ancestral pathogen, undermining the criteria for being human to accelerate the acceptance of AI, globalization 4.0, screen-based labor, disconnected avatars, hologram rights, into the metaverse, Tavistock & identity politics.

Alison’s site, “Wrench in the Gears

Songs: “Primitive” by Joy Zipper; “Kingdom of Lost Centuries” by A Proper Mob; “Fine” by Federale; “Sad Donkey” by The Mekons.

5 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 288: Into the Metaverse (with Alison McDowell & Kate Ledogar)”

  1. Mekons!
    Remember something about Rabindranath Tagore and Einstein? Andrew Holocene mention it is a zoom class I attended- the quote goes “you think you are thinking clearly because you are not thinking clearly”
    This expression of baking thought, cooking it up- in the world of healing I stumble in, there are recipes for that. They do not involve actual “thinking”- more like resting from thinking. Love the words in the abstracts for parts 1,2&3!

  2. I’ve been trying to rap my head around the intricacies of the subjects Alison covers for a year now. While I recognise the end goal and some of the methods employed, I can’t for the life of me understand how the technology interacts with the world at large. Thank you Kate for sharing your understanding of the topics and Alison for elucidating. Extremely helpful. I also loved how you described history being alive for you. It’s similar to how I experience it.

    Tech required for the Great Reset will only really work in urban, densely populated, areas which plays nicely into the Agendas 21, 31, 50, and who knows what else.

    The end goal of owning a prison planet is why technology has advenced so much. It’s not a question of adapting to the circumstances or spotting an opportunity, predation is the name of the game, the interested parties drive it in a controlled, desired direction.

    Good to hear your voice Jasun, I forgot which podcast I was listening to 🙂 Some good insights as per usual. Our lack of awareness that we should feel comfortable in being must be a crucial aspect in the system of rule.

    Wonderful podcast.

    PS They want to depopulate the world to overpopulate the virtual world. Soul harvesting, anyone? Crazy talk indeed…

    • Agenda 50??? Oh great. What next?
      Thanks for these thoughts. Interesting insight on this being a planned pathway rather than just a harvesting of opportunities. Again: Oh great.
      Doesn’t sound so crazy to me.

  3. Very interesting. I’m quite familiar with most of the issues that are raised here. Good to here it through other voices.
    Take-away, the predator class is ultra pathological and have been working behind the scenes for more than a century. The technocracy has arrived.
    Best run for cover.


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