Invitation to a Fire: Saturday Liminalist Meet Open to All, Oshana Breakthrough Event, for the Very Few

This is to announce a free (by donation) online Auticultural-Liminalist meet for this Saturday, June 5th, at 1 pm EDT, 6 pm UK time, on Zoom, with myself, Jasun Horsley, and a number of sign-ups (around 14 so far, though since it’s free, expect some not to show), for roughly three hours, to make faces & subtle body moves, take deep breaths, cognitive leaps and perceptual bounds, and to move in and out of bounds, out of sight is out of mind!

The purpose of the meet is to provide a way for you to grasp the nettle of what I, Dave, this website, and the invisible community of the human energy field (HEF) is all about, whither it cometh and whither it bloweth, and just how badly you want to end up with a perfect life, forever and ever, Amen.

Participating in this event requires simply that (if you haven’t already) you contact me via this form response, and that you agree to abstain from mood- and cell-altering substances for 48 hours before, and during, the meet (and preferably 24 hours after, but that’s up to you).

What the focus of the meeting will be is something only you can decide, except you don’t get to decide, or even know what you want, until after you get there. You can bring all the burning questions or pre-formulated responses you like (please do), but once you enter the field, anything can happen, because none of us will know what we are there for until we have both received and delivered it.

Some subjects that may be covered:

  • What does it mean to be a Christian without becoming a member of a church? Who decides?
  • What is the mind, what is it good for, and when, why, and how should we use it, if at all?
  • What is discipline without becoming a disciple?
  • Who or what is Dave Oshana and why is he saying those terrible things about us?
  • How much should one resist anti-life impulses – if at all?
  • How can anti-natural forces exist within Nature?
  • What’s the difference between becoming 100% natural to getting right with God, if any?
  • Besides neurosis, substance abuse, bad sex, and technological addictions, what makes humans different from animals?
  • Why do I talk so much about an Apocalypse and what do I mean by it?
  • Is humanity going to come to an end and society be destroyed? If so what’s going to be left and what are we supposed to do about it?
  • What is the difference between community building and community uncovering, or between stewarding Nature and exploiting it?
  • What makes a farmer and a shepherd good, and a land developer and an abattoir owner bad?
  • Oh yeah, and what is sex, what is it good for, and when, why, and how should we do it, if at all.

Register here.

There may also be a follow-on meeting on Monday, June 7 at 10 am EDT, 3pm UK time, for those who cannot make the Sat meet, but only if there are enough (5 or more) sign-ups. Let me know ASAP if you cannot make Sat and want to attend a Monday meet.


Did Dave O just get enlightened again? According to the horse’s mouth, he did, and the proof is the last soul-blowing Sunday meeting, which gets my vote for the all-time definitive Oshana online event, to date.

This event was the breakthrough that some of us have been waiting for, for lo, 10 years or more, those of us, I mean, who have been waiting for Dave to let rip and let us feel the holy fire, already.

Do you know any red-hot irons that can handle truth and reality? Because they will be the basis of the world to come, should there be a restoration. Those that can go into the fire and not burn. This is a fire. And the fire is purifying, and the fire strengthens the metal.

This soul-forging event may only be for those who have already entered the fire, or at least dipped their toes therein. But the Enlightenment Life Fire is a mysterious thing, and you may not know who you are yet, or where you are. But at the very least, you must have a sense of it. If you have read this far even, something is keeping you wondering: am I made of that stuff?

One thing seems clear by now: if you aren’t on board, best find a safe spot to watch from, because we are now on the runway.

If you are on board, or suspect you might be, request a replay here.

10 thoughts on “Invitation to a Fire: Saturday Liminalist Meet Open to All, Oshana Breakthrough Event, for the Very Few”

  1. Some notes from a discussion occurring elsewhere that may be pertinent, if only because they are “up” currently:

    I am not a believer in socialism or activism as effective solutions to the problem of, let’s call a spade a spade, metaphysical evil.

    Probably most socialists and activists don’t believe in metaphysical evil, however, so by stating it thus I have maybe summed up my own argument in a single line while making it of little interest to most believers in political solutions.

    My distrust of socialism as a solution isn’t specific to socialism; it’s only that socialism is the only political model that smart people I know are likely to advocate, hence it comes up more. Also, related, the tenets of socialism (unlike, urm, national socialism or fascism) are at least superficially close to ones I have practised in my life while running a thrift store, and in other ways (not wanting to monetize my website for example, or allow money to act as a filter for who I interact with, tho I do charge for 1:1s).

    Also, I grew up with a socialist-leaning father and all-out Fabian grandfather, so I have an inside view of the top-down kind of socialism, as well as what some might say is the bottom-up sort, as practised by myself; except, I would argue strenuously, what we did in the thrift store was not socialism and had nothing to do with it, because socialism is a political movement and I am taking the position that political movements (inc. activism) never solve anything.

    Exhibit A: world history.

    Activism I see as a more harmless kind of displacement activity for disgruntled people to project their personal problems onto social situations and feel like they are doing something about them. I even see it as a potentially positive form of social interaction that def. beats going to football games or the opera, or getting wasted on drugs & booze. The idea that it constitutes progress, however, as in a palpable movement closer to a solution to humanity’s self-destructive drives, IMO massively underestimates the scope of the problem.

    But then, I am sceptical of, even opposed to, the belief in progress at all. I see humanity as a false concept and society as an unnecessary evil, albeit an inevitable phase in the “spiritual evolution of Man,” a sort of chrysalis that has formed around it/us, in order for the chick of spirit to be born from.

    The consolidation of tyranny and oppression on the planet, then, is itself progress, since it precedes the cracking of that brittle shell when the time comes for God to move. But it’s only God that acts, and tho it’s possible that God, as Wm Blake wrote, only acts through and as Man, it takes a certain kind of man, or woman, one freed from the shackles of worldly identification, much less political affiliations. This does not mean he or she wouldn’t be politically framed, however, as JC was. In fact, it would probably be inevitable, since, to a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    Point here being that the only thing that can elude the social oppression that is sourced in metaphysical evil (which we can talk about also, what I mean by that) and counteract it, is what doesn’t partake of the ideology, systems, tools, methods, or values (inc. language itself) of the Adversary. This is why I am not interested in any sort of movement, even spiritual ones. Some might say I am involved in one, and I wouldn’t deny it. But as with the thrift store, this is despite my intentions, not as a result of them, and it’s only true if you freeze what is happening and then study & analyse the image. By which time, something else is happening that no longer fits the analysis.

    I realize none of this is an informed argument against socialism or activism that refers to the internal machinery and ideology of these things. But that’s partially because I am not that interested in entering inside these structures to examine them, at least not without a tour guide.

    P.S.: I recently listened to Steiner on socialism, and RS was also quite strongly against it, while also being better informed than I:

    • You are working hard there to disavow any semblance of activism (the label) whilst being actually extremely active. The difference being: disruptive vs. constructive?

      Your writings contain tantalizing tidbit trails. Collaborators are required to bring pithy nuances into stark contrast and relief. An Arthur for Excalibur. Robert Langdon for the cryptex. An interpreter for prophetic glossolalia.

    • I am a believer in socialism, understood as the organizing principle, a tool or implement whereby two or more individuals work consciously together to effect beneficial changes to their chosen environment. I also believe in activism, defined primarily as an educational process, a conscious attempt to draw one or more people into consideration of whether or not a socialist approach to a shared circumstance might be a good idea. As such, both socialism and activism are often found together; that’s where the fun begins. Mull that idea over. Which pictures manifest in the theatre of your mind?

      Not every problem requires socialism; not every socialist needs activism.

      Because I am a gardener, a sower-of- seeds, I prefer my soil to be mainly free of erratics, monoliths, massifs, boulders, great big rocks, stones, and pebbles — anything of larger diameter than say, a very very small baked potato.

      When I survey the upturned landscape of my garden, the rocks and stones call out to me as I walk the ground, casting my gaze as I go:

      “Pick Me! Pick Me!” the stones seem to say. So I do pick them. I pick the stones that call out to me and a few more of the silent ones besides. I pick them while maintaining a certain reverential attitude toward them and me, in our shared environment — at this moment, in this place. I toss them into a cracked plastic plant pot and I dump them onto the ground around the water tap. I work them in with my feet. When I began three years’ ago there was no water tap there, and no collection of stones. Now there are quite a few more. But my solitary picking of stones was not socialism because the problem did not require a socialist, (nor activist) response.

  2. Some clarifications:

    By society, I don’t mean a community of human bodies, which I would say is a natural good. There is, presumably, a reason we have two separate words for society and community. I am in favor of the latter, and opposed to the former, not in a pol. activist sense, but in the sense that I want to withdraw my participation, consent, and complicity with it, as much as possible, in favor of small human community.

    By metaphysical evil, I mean that I take the position, based on my experience, that there exists an anti-life force in society, and in humans, that predates any kind of social arrangements, and was there at the very inception of them (when Cain went out of Eden, when the aggrandizers began manipulating communities into societies).

    Whether it is metaphysical in the sense of deep ancestral patterns that pertain to our psychology and epigenetics in ways we cannot currently comprehend (ie, is all us), or in the sense of some pre- and preterhuman intelligence, along the lines of a fallen angel in theology, or (as I tend to believe) both in one, is outside my capacity to argue.

    The main point is that the root of all social problems of “injustice” is a biological, energetic, psycho-spiritual one of evil (no quotes); and because any and all solutions since that pathogenic introjection have been partially, or even largely, informed by that pathogen, (I repeat) they never work. Arguments that take one small piece of the picture to show that there have been material improvements for rail workers or health care, for me miss the point. We have ended up where we have ended up regardless of, and even inseparably from, these pseudo-solutions ~ and I would argue that it is because they were never really meant to benefit human beings collectively (the wolf has many fleeces). They were not geared towards the deepening of our natural soul-body connection to the Earth and Sun (life), but only about improving our material well-being, comforts, and conveniences.

    They were predicated on the false, possibly satanic, idea that the happiness of the individual (or, socialism-speaking, the collective, which is probably oxymoronic) is of paramount importance, and that it is the primary if not only goal of societies, and of “progress.” Yet as we know, this is always just a cover for a) exploiting the people supposedly being served; b) fostering their dependence and lack of natural resilience; c) increasing the power and reach of technocracy, whether we call it socialist or fascist (they are quite compatible) and furthering the disembodiment drive of the aeons.

    One reader (who identifies as socialist) has objected to my conflation of Fabianism with socialism, but I would say that the goals overlap and are often interchangeable. It is easy to be suspicious of Fabianism and see it as a tool of the elite because that wolf has lost its sheepiness. But if I were to list twenty of the goals and even ideological tenets of Fabians, you wouldn’t be able to distinguish them from socialist ones and most people here (possibly even inc. myself) would say these were noble and positive goals that were clearly in the shared interests of “humanity.”

  3. I read recently that Fabianism is yet another branch of Free Masonry which of course worships the Light barer Lucifer. Satanism has been the primary religion of the world since the fall of man in the Garden.
    I believe that the real world is the unseen world and we can only know it by the moves it makes, the effects it imposes upon us all, or at least tries to.
    And because it is Spirit one can perceive it’s nefarious designs by the Spirit which resides in us.
    I maintain that what we are seeing now with regard to the Technocracy is a world wide attempt to unite us, not unlike Nimrod’s attempt eons ago. It won’t succeed because God won’t allow it. He prefers separation and distinctiveness. I mean, just look at all the iterations of humanity in front of us. That is cause for celebration.
    I likely haven’t said anything of substance here but it creates a clear picture, solidifies it in my mind.
    Thanks Jasun


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