The Liminalist # 291: Seeing the Machine (with Tessa Lena & Kate Ledogar)

Conversation with Kate Ledogar and Tessa Lena on a 2000-year soul domination plan and the way through & out of Hell.

Part One: The Doctrine of Domination (0 – 33 mins)

Facing reality, emotional mechanisms, seeing the machine, the need for order, the learning curve of an abusive marriage, a classic nightmare, the price of denial, a dramatic loss of freedom, the 4th industrial revolution, the doctrine of domination, the lure of complacency, land resourcing, the new food, the internet of bodies, withdrawal of state protection.

Part Two: A Terrible Harmony (33 mins – 1 hr 7 mins)

The denial of our own resources, a fear pandemic, a world of worriers, terrible harmony, internalized abuse & compliance, the end of inner logic, the booster plan, praying for a kind awakening, human batteries, patents for human energy harvesting, a history of freedom deprivation, the opposite of transhumanism, spiritual meaning, generational trauma, a world of hungry ghosts, the suffering of loss of control, routing the inner transhumanist, basic human existence, following the ancestors, disembodiment, the road to virtual Hell.

Part Three: A Hard Road (1 hr 7 mins – 1 hr 44 mins)

Tricked into self-betrayal, sensory abilities, inner harmony, & ethics, stripping away tools of empowerment, the medical interventionists, the Pokémon world, neutralizing the body’s capacity, adjusting to the augmentations, surveillance amusement park, virtual Shintoism, supplanting the divine, the body stealers [Jasun’s bit, at 1 hr 24 mins], the original inception, a nonphysical element, obeying the law of matter, generations of hungry ghosts, children’s view of hell, a body memory of reality, levels of investment, routing the false identity, from society to the wilderness, a shrinking awakening.

Part Four: A Sensory Dance (1 hr 44 mins – end)

An encounter with an orthodox priest, imposing suffering, prohibiting joy, the goal of control, the way out of suffering, natural controls, seeking the spiritually sound, a sensory dance, participating in creation, reasonable optimism, back to the essential senses, a wholesome transmission, relinquishing control, don’t hate the brambles, sampling the berries, not being guided by fear, free creation.

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Songs: “Primitive” by Joy Zipper;  “Your Dream” by Kim Jung Mi “Now”; “Perfect Mirror” & “Cast No Shadows” by The Mekons.

4 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 291: Seeing the Machine (with Tessa Lena & Kate Ledogar)”


    The great thing about clearing an area of land of, and then learning to love, good old Rubus fructicosus is that brings one into relationship. It was an initiatory experience into land husbandry for myself if that doesn’t sound too pretentious– and now i would only clear brambles if there was really no alternative. It’s a truly extraordinary plant and one of the best there is for wildlife as well as one of the best habitats for new woodland to form in. In my book it should only ever be cut in the winter. Sometimes it is in the wrong place for us if we have limited land or inherited poorly designed patterns of land usage, in which case, large areas are best cleared with pigs which will dig up the rootstocks. A good, sharp slasher or bill hook and hatchet for digging out the rootstocks also does the job….

    Enjoyed the discussion about control — something that has been on my mind a lot recently. Even so-called sense-making (especially when definitive or dogmatic) to my mind often falls into this category of the impetus to control and, ultimately, dominate (and is probably symptomatic of unhealed trauma).
    Step back, be kind to your inner traumatised child if possible. Notice your inner control freak and seek to let it go… and don’t play the victim — take responsibility for your actions…


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