The Liminalist # 292: Boy Meets Soul (with Louis Proud)

Return conversation with Louis Proud on the quest for authenticity, male role models, ideological traps, community-building, and re-accessing true masculinity.

Part One: Paralyzed by Mimesis (0 – 34 mins)

Louis’ untidy room, Jasun’s move to Spain, the alleged pandemic, thrift store work in 2020, Spanish compliance & ancestral memory of Franco, Australian lockdown, schismogenesis in the covid narrative, tear gas in Melbourne, the unsafeness of the vaccine, presuming malevolence, paralysis from mimesis, conflating covid with flu deaths, going along with a herd, exit strategies in the end times, Jasun’s trip to Morocco without a safety net, from civilization to wilderness.

Part Two: Let’s Talk About Jordan (34 mins – 1 hr 9 mins)

Voluntary guinea-pig, an underground movement, the 11th hour, pockets of sentience, what happened to Jordan Peterson, handling Jordan, addiction battles, induced coma cure, the power of polarizing figures, examining Jordan, hobbling a goat, mind control as therapy, a following of young men, on the autism spectrum, making father happy, rehabilitating the disenfranchised, a Messianic appeal, the crying men, a positive influence.

Part Three: Body of Christ (1 hr 9 mins – I hr 44 mins)

Working on the outside, JBP’s belief in the system, strengthening the ego for deep diving, reading Jed McKenna, a healing crisis, a Christian conversion, the trap of ideological salvation, ideological affinities, the company of Christians, who says what makes a Christian, language-based concepts, the body of Christ, connecting to reality, the bid for authenticity, positive disgust for escaping the pull of the world, seeing evil to identify good, discarding layers, farming vs paganism.

Part Four: Everything But the Book (1 hr 44 mins – end)

Living on the land without ideology, philosophy of thrift, mirroring internal colonizations, trial by flies, the book publishing high, 16 Maps of Hell, love of the word, everything but the book, unleashing Chuck, 7 Years a Simp, where things went wrong, the woman-pleasing personality, coping with loneliness, simpian allies, creating a space for a partner, a shaman-simp, the anti-simp program, 12 years a husband, digging a well, an ancient way of being.

Chuck Valentine

Songs: “Primitive” by Joy Zipper;  “Bye Bye Blue Eye” & “Echo Hollow” by Rick Bain & the Genius Position; “Cast No Shadows” by The Mekons.

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