The Liminalist 293: God in Action (with Deepti Datt)

Talking to Deepti Datt, with Kate Ledogar, on life in Goa or Galicia, comfort and growth,  defining apocalypse, the gift of revelation, start making sense, power of intuition, the Wetiko, and the farmers’ movement.

Songs: “Primitive” by Joy Zipper; “Kisses Sweeter than Wine” by Bongwater;  “Lonely Heart” by Kim Jung; “California” by Rick Bain & the Genius Position; “Cast No Shadows” by The Mekons.

Articles on the farmers’ protest



From the Stanford South Asian Society, this talk disseminates why these great Protests are happening in India – and why the Farmers of India are fighting to protect themselves, their lands, and their very livelihood from the onslaught of corporatocracy; fighting on behalf of not just the right to operate, in sovereignty, with dignity, in a free, fair and just mandi (market) system, but also, in fact, for our collective future.

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Sainath: Farm protest is in defence of democracry, we’re reclaiming republic. “This struggle is not only about Punjab and Haryana, it has gone beyond this. What do you want, community or corporate-led agriculture? The farmers are directly confronting the corporate… This protest is in defence of democracy and we are reclaiming the republic,” said P Sainath.

Left, Khaps, Gender, Caste: The solidarities propping up the farmers’ protest, Writer Novelist [Panjab: Journeys Through Fault Lines] Amandeep Sandhu for The Caravan Magazine

The Faces Behind the Farmer Revolt | Mint

“India’s far-right BJP government has been ruling for the elite for the past six years. The richest 10% now own 77% of the national wealth, while over 130 million Indians still live in extreme poverty, an economic gap that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is continuing to widen through his neoliberal project.
Oligarchy vs India’s working class
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“THE DESIGN IS TO BRING 85% OF INDIA INTO URBAN CENTRES” Shock facts. And solutions: Why farmers are protesting | Food & Trade expert Devender Sharma with Journalist Shoma Chaudhury Watch HERE

And you thought it’s only about farmers?

The new farm laws disable the right to legal recourse of all citizens, not just farmers – to an extent unseen since the 1975-77 Emergency. The farmers at Delhi’s gates are fighting for the rights of us all

India at a turning point | The Indian Farm Bills to force farmers to “get big or get out”?
“We’ve reached a point, a few years ago, for the first time in human history, more people live in cities, than in the countryside. So now we have more consumers of food than those growing it. We’ve seen the wars of the past fought over resources like oil, but now they will be over food and water. Food security is a massive issue for every government, and the world’s super rich are creating alliances to capitalise their grip on the world’s food supply. During lockdown, around the world, the super rich have had enormous gains in their wealth, whereas the rest of the population have struggled.”

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Why Every Indian Needs To Oppose Farm Bills (English subtitles)

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The Draconian Farm Bills explained
Journalist & Activist P Sainath, Founder of People’s Archive of Rural India – PARI,  Explains Why Farmers Are Protesting | with Journalist Faye D’Souza

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Farm laws worsen a development model that covets land, ignores cultivator
Indian farmers go on a hunger strike demanding the withdrawal of agri laws Leaders of 32 farmer organizations observed a day-long hunger strike at Delhi’s Singhu border. Thousands of farmers are gathered at the borders demanding the withdrawal of three agricultural laws
Colin Todhunter  GMO crop takeover in India (TC cued to start of English in vid) Colin Todhunter is an extensively published independent writer and former social policy researcher based in the UK and India | Truth About GMO’s & Farm Bills in India – Colin Todhunter

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Imperial Intent: Destroying India’s Farm Sector

Health and Wealth in India – Farmers’ Lives Matter
Global Research

Rolling Back The Destructive Influence of The Global Agribusiness Cartel

Colin Todhunter in CounterCurrents

Understanding Ambani’s role in the Farm Bills, the 5 Billion Dollar Election Campaign and the Transformation of Facebook into Godi Media

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Reliance starts using WhatsApp for grocery deliveries but model to evolve

JioMart, an e-commerce venture of Reliance Retail, is taking grocery orders on WhatsApp.

Google Joins Facebook In Billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s Jio Juggernaut

The informal sector is now seen as the next engine of growth for India’s economy. Nearly 81% of all employed persons in India make a living by working in the informal sector, with only 6.5% in the formal sector and 0.8% in the household sector, according to a new ILO (International Labour Organisation) report “Women and Men in the Informal Economy – A Statistical Picture  2018 .”A majority of women in India are informal workers. The statistics of the ILO report indicates that 95% of the workforce is in the informal sector.


Here’s Why Millions Are Still Protesting in India – Edit of NOW THIS video reportage – Human Rights & Environmental Activist Medha Patkar of the National Alliance of Peoples Movements

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Listen to farmers, withdraw the anti-agricultural laws: Rahul Gandhi tells PM Modi

India Today

“The objective of our social media messages is to counter the trolls and the campaign against farmers,” Gill said.

“We are not here for a picnic.”

‘What is worrying us is that the government will force farmers to sell their produce to select big corporates’

Unprecedented Farmers Protests in India: Lest We Miss This Feminist Moment

Ms. Magazine

Photo Essay

Look into their eyes – images from the farmer’s protest

If We Were Honest | A series of documentaries on world events by Jason Bosch

IWWH Ep 14: World’s Largest Protest in Human History in India Over the Global Food Takeover

Watch HERE

CENSORED: The largest people’s uprising in the history of humanity against the globalist takeover of food | Yogeeta Mistry at Awakening Nation

Selected SHORT VIDEOS of the Farmers Protest sites

Trolley Times – a newspaper from inside the Farmers Protests to counter the “Godi media” disinformation campaign
Trolley Times: The birth of a newspaper at Singhu Border

‘Media not portraying us well’, so farmers print Trolley Times — their own newsletter
The Print

The Country’s Fastest-Growing Newspaper
Digitally support the Largest protest in history “A Heartfelt ThankYou to All the People Who Are Standing Hand-In-Hand With Us In Our Protest. Our plea to take a step further and firmly support us in our fight for our rights BY LIKING & SHARING OUR SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS”
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube (channel is live everyday from the protest sites)
Colin Todhunter at Off-Guardian on India’s Farmers Protest

RELATED | BJP/Modi government & India

“PB Mehta on the collapse of the Constitution & SC [Supreme Court]: “The SC has become dependent on the whims of individual judges. Constitutional terms no longer have any meaning. In practice it means very weak protection of civil liberties, an unusual deference to State power.”
Capitalism and the Gut-Wrenching Hijack of India
PM Modi’s Interaction with Bill Gates:

“Palestine is the model. Kashmir the trial balloon since Aug 2019 and ongoing. And they’re coming for the rest of us next.”

August 5th, 2020 marked one year of abrogation of Article 370
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RELATED |  Global – associated / related issues:

FILM: ”The Dispossessed is an impressionist journey that sheds light on the daily strife of the world’s hungry farming class. In this era of industrialized agriculture, across the globe, people who produce food are paid less than almost any other profession. Part cinema-vérité, part essay, our film examines the mechanisms by which farmers are falling into a somber cycle of despair, debt and dispossession.
Shot in India, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Switzerland, Brazil and Canada, The Dispossessed is carried by stunning cinematography and fascinating interviews and follows the peasantry’s migration from their farmlands to the dystopian megapolis’ construction lands.
Directed By Mathieu Roy

Watch HERE (paywall/streaming)

India’s richest man believes a crisis like Covid-19 is “too precious to be wasted”

The Great Class War | Entering the Dark Ages | We are facing something much darker than a respiratory virus. A great theft is occurring under the pretext of safety. It is not just the theft of working people’s jobs, savings, and property—it is also the theft of a meaningful life.
All 5 parts of our Shapers of Slavery investigation are now online.
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