The Liminalist # 298: The Bright Side of Hell (with Jenny Upton)

Conversation with Jenny Upton on Catholicism, Hell vs purgatory, Dante’s journey, & the opportunities of the Apocalypse

Part One: Religious Calling (0 – 26 mins)

Entering Catholicism, Thomas Merton, going to the East, affinity in eternity, eternity & time, different religious influences.

Part Two: The Mountain of Purgatory (26 mins – 1 hr 1 min)

Therapeutic spirituality, science & scientism, eternal & temporal, Dante in Venice, mapping Hell, spiritual, material, & psychic worlds, the mountain of purgatory, spiritual pride.

Part Three: A Blessed Time (1 hr 1 min – end)

Lucifer’s sin, the Fall, taking on animal nature, the quality of space, creating a religious environment, the difference between purgatory & Hell, a willingness to suffer, the volatile ego, the bright side of Hell, Kali Yuga, the latter days, a blessed time, connectivity of souls, an open hierarchy.

Upton site

Songs: “Primitive” by Joy Zipper; “Like a Stranger” by Bodies of Water;  “Wild & Blue” & “Cast No Shadows” by The Mekons.

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