The Liminalist # 297: UFOs in the time of Covid (with Charles Upton)

Return conversation with Charles Upton on UFO disclosure deception, entity infestations, hell fire & God’s love.

Part One: Cancelling Armageddon (0 – 33 mins)

Dark things, personal relations with the UFO, the 2-way human-UFO connection, a family encounter, UFOs & abductions, night terrors, past-life regressions, demonic incursions, creating a myth around an unknown phenomena, parameters of the paranormal, the disclosure movement, belief without understanding, through the corridors of the mind, alien-communication aps, absolute unreality, the disinherited Jinn, human body as demonic refuge, cancelling Armageddon, God’s love as hellfire, entity infestation, the body of Satan, letting our allies go.

Part Two: The Arms of God (33 – 58 mins)

Can Lucifer be redeemed, stripping trauma of epic narratives, Close Encounters, Spielberg & the disclosure project, from Catholicism to LSD, through the darkness, American Cosmic, Catholic Luciferianism, spirit attachment, Jordan Peterson’s Christianity, a fly on Hell’s wall, illegitimate alliances, darkness visible, chased by the Devil into the arms of God.

Part Three: The Perversion of the Nous (58 mins – end)

UFOs in the time of Covid, a crash course in dark truth, Thanksgiving in the end times, choosing reality, does the devil exist, the real threat of unreality, loss all the way down, solving the world’s troubles with time travel, ditching the world to save the soul, the Human Energy Field, community of saints, mapping Hell, back to Nature, a contrarian view, ego-allies, the crux of the struggle, the satanic contraction, the perversion of the noos, the primary deception, fighting evil, angelic activity.

Upton site

The Alien Disclosure Deception: The Metaphysics of Social Engineering

Songs: “Primitive” by Joy Zipper; “New Age Nightmare” & “Lights Out Forever” by Bodies of Water;  “Cast No Shadows” by The Mekons.

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