The Liminalist # 299.5: Where Pathology Finds a Home (Ted Bundy: the Untold Story)

Two-episode, 3.5 hr conversation with George K and Thomas Myrtle, on the deep, dark background of Theodore Bundy. (Scroll down for second episode.)

Part One: Narrative Wars (0 – 39 mins)

A diversion into darkness, the conspiratorial perspective vs. the mainstream, narrative wars, the need to exclude data to maintain coherence,  losing the old narratives before establishing new ones, Bundy background, Bundy timeline, Anne Burr as possible first victim, killers created vs. killers recruited, Bundy’s early years, Bundy’s possible intelligence training.

Part Two: Blooding (39 mins – 1 hr 19 mins)

When the killing began, the mind control spectrum, Methodist-military overlaps, born into murder networks, when pathology finds a home, the self-hollowing process, desensitization to killing, getting toughened up, the satanic pursuit of power and pleasure, Sebastian Horsley & Jimmy Boyle, the vice of kings, society’s homicidal pillars, was Bundy caught or thrown to the wolves?, covering up cult murder, when did Ted’s luck turn?, Elizabeth Loftus: satanic asset, Thomas Creed & cult connections, Bundy/Oswald parallels.

Part Three:  Warring Factions (1 hr 19 mins – end)

The complexity of the counter-narrative, was Bundy protected or set-up, or both?, warring factions over Bundy’s fate, creating a back-up patsy, Bundy’s autonomy & competency, Ben Meyers and the Colorado Grand Junction murders, Julie Cunningham, the Bundy/Meyer mirror & the Northwestern pipeline.

Cavdef on Bundy

Ted Bundy Didn’t Act Alone: Down the Grand Junction, Colorado Rabbit Hole

George’s Talk on The Farm

Songs: “Primitive” by Joy Zipper; “The President Sang Amazing Grace,” and “Mbube (Wimoweh/The Lion Sleeps Tonight)” by Kronos Quartet and Friends; “Only You” by Bodies of Water.

2nd audio: A Knot of Tragedy

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:05:40 — 38.7MB)

Part One: Cheating Occam’s Razor (0 – 40 mins)

Back to Grand Junction & the CIA, drug traffic and cattle mutilation, Debra Kent & the non-random-victim problem, Donna Manson’s links to occultism and Silva mind control, Richard Alan Miller & MKULTRA, Kimberley Leach, tying disparate threads together, when scapegoating doesn’t work, pitting the have-nots against the have-nots, maintenance of social engineering, Chi Omega: Bundy’s improbable rampage, forensic evidence of another perpetrator, spiking the jury, Emil Spillman & William Joseph Bryan, fake arguments to resolve cognitive dissonance, the temptation to defer judgment, cheating Occam’s razor.

Part Two: More Buried Anomalies (40 mins – 1 hr 22 mins)

Setting Ted up again, closing the book on a host of murders with one shaky conviction, Bundy’s military-provided fake ID, Martin Luther King & James Earl Ray, Chi Omega background, Anne Rule & the Fraser family, Eglin Air Force base, Adam Starchild, Ron Auth, Strategic Air Command network, buried anomalies that raise up false narratives, Bundy’s complicity with the cover-story, edited tapes, Bundy’s own cognitive dissonance shaping the narrative, carrot & whip jail leverage, Richard Speck, Florida State Prison serial killers retirement home, Vote Here, Ralph Munroe Bundy-backer, Stanley Baker & the Process Church.

Part Three: A Circle in the Sand (1 hr 22 mins – end)

Cavdef & election integrity, a moral duty to rig elections, Dominion, Trump’s utility as a tool of division, QAnon & RussiaGate as complementary “trust the plan” psyop, the reverse-marketing of Trump, Trump Derangement Syndrome vs Trump Apologist Syndrome, being re-herded back into the matrix, id vs. superego, choose your brand of derangement, resisting the pull of consensus, community connections, mediated people in a global village, the quest for truth and discomfort, going against programming, a ripple effect, finding the redeemable in Bundy, breaking the cycle of violence, a knot of tragedy.

Songs: “Which Side Are You On?” & “My Ruthless Companion,” by Kronos Quartet and Friends “Mirror,” by The Mekons.

21 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 299.5: Where Pathology Finds a Home (Ted Bundy: the Untold Story)”

  1. Hey Jasun,

    I missed your podcast so much. I don’t know what it is about you: Sardonic but knowing what’s valuable, sedate where others are unreasonably excitable given the topics, lucid amongst the high strangeness, articulate but plain speaking, vulnerable but intrepid, swerving despair but not given to false hope, psychologically astute. A podcast host who is a real whole person, not a persona.
    I’m one of the silent selfish consumers but now I just want to say you’ve made me feel more sane, really, like lights or signposts on the road, and I hope you can still find some time to map whatever intrigues you and let us in on it, but no worries if these must be rare or left behind.
    With brotherly love,

  2. Amongst the many heads of the hydra in the ‘conspiracy theory’ world, there’s one Miles W. Mathis (see, ‘’ site); who would take umbrage with any sources of info (or dis/mis-info for that matter), vis-a-vis said case, positing that the whole Ted Bundy scenario was anything besides a hoax (viz, in MM’s eyes, Ted Bundy wasn’t a murderer let alone a serial one); as such, Mr. Mathis would no doubt conclude that your entire conversation was pure speculation; and, consequently, quite specious! RGB-Y2 out!!

  3. Amongst the many heads of the hydra in the ‘conspiracy theory’ world, there’s one Miles W. Mathis (see, ‘’ site); who would take umbrage with any sources of info (or dis/mis-info for that matter), vis-a-vis said case, positing that the whole Ted Bundy scenario was anything besides a hoax (viz, in MM’s eyes, Ted Bundy wasn’t a murderer let alone a serial one); as such, Mr. Mathis would no doubt conclude that your entire conversation was pure speculation; and, consequently, quite specious! RGB-Y2 out!!

  4. That may be the case; but it still does not militate vs the import of many of the premisses MM details in his paper on TB; which engenders, in toto, a very sound argument vs the idea of said ‘serial killer’ scenario being real. For example, the interviews of TB in prison were fake (i.e., interviews of prisoners not permitted); the trial was fake (i.e., trials are not permitted to be televised; moreover, upon viewing them one should discern how risible, nay ridiculous the trial actually was back in the day); the escape from prison was fake (i.e., the series of steps invoked by TB to actualize said escape is completely implausible); many of the photos of purported victims were fake; etc.; etc.! Really surprised, nay disappointed that these points were missed by the triumvirate of researchers that comprised this podcast. RGB-Y2 out!!

    • you’ve been MM-slimed!

      acc to MM, everything that was ever reported in the media is fake; it’s a self-reducing, self-cancelling hypothesis meant to either push people away from conspiracy research or drag them all the way into a flat-earth bardo realm of reductio ad absurdum.

      I am disappointed that MM followers post comments about him here at all

      • I don’t disagree with you Jasun; however, once again, that does not necessarily negate the fact that MM (or, most plausibly, a committee of ‘conspirators’ who are responsible for said writings) does invoke many nuggets of truths vis-a-vis many, many suspect erstwhile events; with the TB one being at the top of that list. I certainly don’t mean to belabor this point {for many reasons not the least of which is that I have too much respect for your work; and concomitant high IQ (which is probably 50 points higher than mine)}; but just wanted to put in my two-penny worth! God Bless you and your family!! (and thanks for responding!) [By the by: I absolutely luv your podcasts; and books: your insights and revelations are truly unique; and inspiring!! RGB-Y2 out!!!

        • There will always be anomalies, as we discuss in the podcast, and a totally tidy and coherent narrative is not possible, or really desirable, since it would indicate it was falsified. I don’t know if IQ has much to do with it, but research and analysis has to be grounded, and MM’s just isn’t, it’s ludicrous, & I think deliberately. Even if it weren’t, it can be counterproductive to make blanket statements like “what about this researcher?” – rather than cite a specific anomaly or two. I am sure, and have seen for myself, that MM’s analyses aren’t completely devoid of genuinely odd data points; it’s the overall weave that is so toxic. With someone like MM, I recommend isolating the anomalous facts that interest you, confirming them elsewhere, and presenting them independently of the toxic honey pot that is MM. I did this with some facts I found via LaRouche, in Vice of Kings, & you will note that I never site LaRouche, because I know he’s seen as tainted source. Ditto, with MM, I don’t know of a single competent researcher who takes him seriously.

    • good considered response from George:

      In full:

      Miles Mathis-type reasoning is practically designed to redirect genuine anomalies towards the most simplistic explanation: that the anomalies prove a person/event is fake. It’s a tempting mental shortcut that preempts having to do the legwork of investigating deep crimes. When you do dive into that netherworld, it is a mess of contradictory narratives and dubious evidence that resists imposing any sort of order on it. Think, for instance, how hard it is to reconcile the opposing theories in the Jeffrey MacDonald, West Memphis Three, or JonBenet Ramsey cases. The end result of this investigation leaves the truth feeling murkier than when you started, to the point where you’re quite certain what didn’t happen but don’t know where to begin about what did happen. Is it any wonder that, to some conspiracy researchers, it might be attractive to sweep away the whole mess as a hoax rather than trying to make sense of it?

      With the specific points that this commenter raises about Ted Bundy, all of the anomalies which they list have better explanations. The level of publicized access to Bundy during his incarceration and trials would be unusual, if not for the likelihood that turning him into the public face of evil served various propaganda purposes (e.g. covering up broader-scale criminal networks like those in Grand Junction CO, and feeding a domestic Phoenix Program). And the official story of Bundy’s prison escapes is indeed ludicrous, but that’s more indicative of complicity by Colorado authorities. In fact, as I’ll be unveiling in an upcoming article on my site, there is some brand-new evidence that part of the narrative of Bundy’s second escape (the one in which he got all the way to Florida) was fabricated to hide outside involvement.

      I would have to see if there’s any validity to Bundy victim photos being faked — photo analysis is a facet of conspiracy research that I tend to view with extreme skepticism — but murky information about the victims of deep crime would not automatically imply that the victims don’t exist. If Bundy was tied to parapolitical structures (as I believe he was), then it’s likely that some victims were too (hence why they were targeted to begin with); in Donna Gail Manson’s case this is pretty overtly proven with her connection to Richard Alan Miller of Mankind Research Unlimited. And if the victims were linked to this world, there are reasons (beyond the facile conclusion that they’re not real victims) to make it difficult to track down information on them. This reminds me of how the difficulty of obtaining crime scene and autopsy information from mass shootings is cast as evidence of a hoax, rather than evidence that authorities are lying about the number of shooters, the actions of the gunmen at various times, etc.


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