The Liminalist # 30.5: Perceptual Warfare (with Olga Bogdashina)


Second part of conversation with author and autism researcher Olga Bogdashina, on autism as a paradigm change, telepathy and “telepathy,” forbidden subject matter, Donna Williams and shadow senses, confusing science and scientism, William Stillman and The God Connection, the need for neutrality, physical empathy, autistic connection to animals, the authentic self, the biological roots of the psyche, the two hemispheres of the brain relating to two distinct personalities, the dream life of the double, the unaccessed interiority of autism, scapegoating autistics, the murder of autistic children, the parent-child continuum, different cultural responses to schizophrenia, Asperger’s and autism, a spectrum of spectrums, first autism diagnosis (1925), Grunya Efimovna Sukhareva’s four psychopathies, a one-word oxymoron, the perceptual spectrum, a narrowing bandwidth for discussion, anti-extremist laws in UK, outlawing conspiracy theory, co-opting the language and closing down debate, the power of the victim, the instability of liminality, use of language, scapegoat mechanism, spreading delusion, a perceptual journey, optimistic pessimism, identity construction and movies, the features of the high-functioning autistic/Aspergerian personality, the perfect scapegoat, seen and not seen.

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Songs: “El Mariachi” & “Monkey Said,” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra; “The Body Breaks (Live)”, by Devendra Banhart; “New Town Klezmer,” by The Underscore Orkestra.

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  1. Dear Jasun,

    These podcasts with Olga were most enlightening-and audible, too. First, she mentions the two brain hemispheres, connected but independent which goes back to your earlier reference to Julian Jaynes’ early work ( and much shunned at the time) and the Bicameral Mind. Also, her dedication under duress is admirable- I retired once my work was published! ( not on autism, but spirituality related to multi-sensory , brain-based learning in public schools)- initially marginalized until finally recognized as current neuroscience! Keep up the good work-persistence counts, what 90%?


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