The Liminalist # 31: I Know Who You Are (with Ann Diamond)

Podcast. Part Two: “The Pied Piper of Montreal.”    Download (Duration 1:10:00 — 64 MB)


Parts one and two of a four-part epic exploration with author and survivor Ann Diamond.

Part one: Intro by Jasun, psychic engineering and amnesia, the danger of hypnosis, healing through talking and writing, the Whitley Strieber vortex, the MKUltra program, Ann’s background in Quebec, Nazis in Quebec, liberal politics, fascist governments, & military intelligence, Kenneth Hertz, Ewen Cameron and the McGill experiments, LSD brainwashing, secret files in the library, the local artist community’s involvement in MKUltra (Allan Moyle, Stephen Lack), the Air Force connection, Ann’s early memories of torture, Cameron’s downfall and the closing of MKUltra, satanic ritual abuse in underground military base, Ann’s account being published by McGill, finding confirmation accounts from other survivors, the CKLN conference and testimonies of MKUltra survivors, Dr. Mengele at McGill in 1962, the perks of entering the MKUltra program, gifted children, Strieber’s disguised narrative, Communion and the engineering of Strieber as a lifetime actor, accelerating evolution through trauma, the engineering of a generation, destroying files, more survivor testimonies, encoded programming, Clinton commission investigates experiments in human radiation testing in 1994, Ann’s family under attack, nocturnal aural hallucinations and psychic driving, a black hole in the family history, meeting Leonard Cohen, Cohen’s powers of musical mesmerism, just one of those things?, showcasing the worst cases of mind control abuse, random encounters with Cohen, Cohen in the Allan Memorial Institute, Ann’s childhood out of body experience, entering Cohen’s circle, sparring in the kitchen, becoming real with Cohen.

Part Two: “The Pied Piper of Montreal.”

Ann on on-again, off-again love affair with Leonard Cohen, Cohen-worship on Hydra, the Nikos Ghikas palace and the Cohen curse, Henry Miller’s The Colossus of Maroussi, Cohen’s Rothschild backing, adopting Ann as a stray waif, Cohen in Hampstead meeting Jacob Rothschild, Cohen the storyteller, the CIA & cultural warfare in Greece, Life magazine and Operation Mockingbird, Field Commander Cohen’s strange revolutionary timing, writing “Chelsea Hotel” in Asmara, life at Bill’s Bar, Cohen’s strange affinity for Ronald Reagan, Cohen’s extreme rightwing politics, “Reagan’s In, Lennon’s Out,” Cohen in Tel Aviv, supporting the bombing of the King David hotel, “kill or be killed,” speaking literally and being taken for a poet, Jimmy Savile and glamor magic, auto-absolution via veiled confession, psychological manipulation and the trauma mechanism, being backed by power, brazenly exploring the dark side, learning from Lord Byron, Cohen’s stand-up poetry act and the mirth response, MKUltra imagery in “Teachers,” gorillas in the room, the JFK assassination, Marita Laurenz, & the Cuba connection, MKUltra kids, human-engineered synchronicity, assigned to a generation, Cohen’s abiding interest in young people, The Ernie Game, the Pied Piper of Montreal, Arthur Lipsett and Ryan Larkin, the MKUltra train of fame and fortune, David Cronenberg and crimes of the future.

Ann Diamond’s website

The Field Commander of Zion: Leonard Cohen, Ann Diamond, MKUltra, Jimmy Savile, & Cultural Engineering

Leonard Cohen: Just the Facts

MP3 downloads of CKLN radio series on MKUltra Mind Control/Ewen Cameron experiments, with survivor testimonies.

CKLN transcripts 


“El Mariachi” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra.

Part One: “Moulin Rouge”  & “Ladybird No. 1,” by Secret Jane. There’s a Monster (Under the Bed),” by Guitar Wizards of the Future; “Working Title,” by Damien Jurado.

Part Two: “El Diabo,” by Cletus Got Shot; “The House She Lived in,” by The Veils; “I Will Disappoint You,” by Marwood Williams.

31 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 31: I Know Who You Are (with Ann Diamond)”

  1. Great stuff Jasun! I have not listened to entirety of podcast yet, but the subject of Cameron and the idea of erasing personas and implanting new ones is covered and expanded from use on individuals, to being used on whole countries and economies in Naomi Cline’s great book ( not a light harted read) The Shock Doctrine.
    Also made my think Naomi would be a great guest, and fit right in with the patterns being weaved here at The Liminalist.

  2. I am not sure about N Klein, not familiar enough with her for one thing, but also always wary of such high-profile disseminators. Maybe….

    • Not sure exactly what you mean by high-profile disseminator. I do enjoy personalities and of course am effected by them, but I can extract information from someone regardless where they are coming from or their affiliations.
      The book is great though regardless. Defiantly worth a look. Recently I have been turned onto the world of the audio book. It’s a pretty sweet world. Great way to “read” more books.
      If you’d like I can send you a copy of my copy of the audio book.

        • Not to argue, but James Kunstler, Neil Kramer, Temple Grandin, wouldn’t they fit that bill as well. Besides what are you worried about? They got nothing on you. You are a self aware adult. No one can touch you unless you let them.
          Anywho, would you like a copy of N. Klein’s audio book? Its large, but I can send as email attachment.

          • I’d start with listening to her interviews, thanks.

            TG & JK i guess fit the bill of high-profile but they don’t seem quite as “placed” as Klein, my impression being that she is a spokesperson for the alt. culture, a la Brand. But anyway in the end you are right, it’s about who i feel i can connect to, who seems to be coming from an authentic place. & mentioning no names, I do feel I have made a couple of (minor) missteps with the podcast so far in that regard.

  3. So, there’s a deep and ancient hidden history of the world. Cohen is a small cog in the machinery, but it seems like he offers a less sensational window into the darkness than the usual suspects. A quaint and Canadian bootstrap into the subject. It also seems like there is a possibility of more information coming from the residential school survivors.

  4. Naomi Klein is an alternative spokesperson alright. Quoted on web newspapers, Huffington Post for one I think. Wrote The Shock Doctrine a couple years back and another book since then for which she is interviewed. She always hits the mark for me, exposing issues with extensive research and objective, journalistic analysis. She is high profile and is featured often on Pacifica Radio Network, alternativie subscribtion radio, and KPFK in Los Angeles. which I listen to regularly and on which Amy Goodman and Democracy Now is scheduled at 9AM days a week. I think she transcends alternative radio as well. She is a charming, accessible, attractive woman with a lovely voice.

    By the way, I listened to all 4 parts of Anne Diamond and you, the interview. Fascinating. Informative to beat the band. A time machine for me, so many references back into his beginnings to current day. But of course I had to listen after all the back and forth we went thru triggered by Leonard Cohen. And I was enraptured for hours. I never listen to podcasts as I said, so this was quite an event, virtually spending half a day with you and Diamond. Who is delightful, an attractive woman, and I found entirely believable, straightforward, bright of course, articulate, full of history. There herself in history with Cohen. She is an honest person. No excuses. Regrets. I was charmed by her personality, her laugh, which was often. She giggles too. I’ll have a few more things to say later about the 4 parter I am quite sure. Cohen and I by the way are precisely the same age, 81, whatever that means. Well, it measn same time zone anyway eh.

    • I know Leonard Cohen. We had a lifelong friendship since the 80’s when I designed his hummingbird and album cover. I know Ann Diamond. She is anything but honest. She has created false narratives about me and many others. I have the comments archived. She is absolutely charming if she needs something from you but if you don’t go along with her manipulations Look OUT! I spent time with her in the late 80’s or early 90’s in his Zen community when she inserted herself in our rooming house. Leonard refused to meet with her. She was as friendly and charming to me as apple pie until she realized I wasn’t going to be her conduit for crazy off the wall horrible lies she wanted me to spread in his community. Proceed with CAUTION!

      • Dianne
        I met you in 1996 at Rinzai-ji Zen Center in Los Angeles – not “the late 80’s or early 90s.” I was a longstanding student of the Roshi so had every right to stay in that residence. You were the guest or interloper and hadn’t spoken to Leonard in years.

        You obviously misunderstood, misinterpreted or misremembered most of what happened over those 6 months, so I don’t see a point in feeding you facts to fill the blanks in your memory.

      • Hi again

        Just wanted to say: at the Brainwashing Victims of the Allan Memorial Public News Site, the editor has now posted the story of Little Axel with other links that fill in the background.

        This shows the causal link between the CIA program that ran amok destroying lives in Leonard Cohen’s Montreal in the 1950s, and his little adopted family on Hydra in the early 60s. That notorious intelligence hub was the next step in the MKULTRA experiment which had begun being dismantled at McGill by 1960. And Leonard was its chosen poster boy.

        Timelines are revealing, and can play themselves out dramatically in the life of one abused child. Axel was the son of one spook and got adopted by another spook, and both his dads were designated agents, recruited and groomed to be avatars of the counterculture engineered by NATO in laboratories and institutes from Norway to London to Washington – 

        And we inherited this crime scene.

        There’s no more denying pedophilia was their most secret weapon, besides the drugs that make people forget. And certain semi-woke women apparently can be used to attack the messenger and add more thick smoke to the brew.

        The fact Leonard sold Dianne a second hand car in 1996 after I left the Zen Center does not make him a saintly man but gives her a foothold to say he’s her lifelong friend even if she can’t remember what decade it was.

        Too many crooks spoil the soup.

  5. So I listened to the whole 4 hours during which I recalled an old show of yours by Aeolus I ran across years ago where you were supposed to interview Jeff Wells but it fell through and you commenced a brief discussion of Dave McGowan both of whom I was reading at the time. How you got through 4 hours with Diamond without mentioning McGowan’s “Laurel Canyon” series baffles me. Ha ha but it was great and I’m devastated. I would’ve asked her how she could be so perky and seemingly light-hearted- from such grim origins and happenstances. Was there a healing journey involved?

    The movie that needs to be re-made is Trilby- check the du Maurier novel if you haven’t yet. Where Svengali turns a talentless though attractive girl into a huge international singing sensation, set in 1850’s Paris, written 1894. I guess that means Cohen ain’t nothing new, though now they can get their subjects to do the composing as well, and brilliantly. The Penguin introduction references other similar novels that reveal the method such as “The Island Of Dr. Moreau”.

    One of the other ways this process influences youth is to dangle a glamorous fame and fortune in front of everyone and make it seem as if it is possible to achieve, when in fact it isn’t, short of a miracle, because these acts have all been placed and supported on a massive scale. Same situation in the art world…sensitive types who might have devoted themselves to political thought and action think perhaps they can have a bigger impact through art or writing only to spend years getting nowhere in terms of an audience. One would have to be a genius on the scale of Woody Guthrie to actually break through and he had a whole political movement supporting him. “No more Woody’s!” I can hear some set designer shout. So flood the world with fake Woody’s. And murder any real ones. By which I mean to say that I think Banksy doesn’t really exist.

    • Nice comment, great last point (one subtly implied by the end of Inside LLewyn Davies?). I heard about Trilby recently on one of the CLKN mind contrnol audios. Apparently the hats were named after the novel?!

      • it’s all about the hat! What’s CLKN?

        Spying is the world’s oldest profession. All this modern electronic eavesdropping is nothing like the old days. What better way to gain access than a beautiful naked woman: the profession of prostitution was born. Before that it was just a trade. That became too obvious, the next best move was entertainment. Vagabond artistes of all stripes roamed the land. Everyone is fascinated by art, and everyone wants to know the artist, and have them over for a bite. Of course, the greatest amount of spying is done on one’s own people. “The best way to know the opposition is to lead it”, etc. We miss the spy because of the human love of stories, the suspension of disbelief, and the common person’s essential goodness. Spies are great actors and great actors get deep into your heart, as long as the lines are good.

        As for great Art, I’ve aways been haunted by Peter Gabriel’s pronouncement- ‘great art is all in the motivation- put a gun to anyone’s head and tell them they have a year to come up with something great. They will come up with something great.” The Spy, the prostitute, the artist- one and the same- all tasked with the maintenance of power, the world’s true oldest profession, the deception for more Kontrol. Ask John Dee the alchemist who got his start in theater, visited all the kings of Europe and gave his name to Bond.

  6. Hi Jasun
    Listening tonight to your interview with Ezra. Since my name came up a few times I had an urge to jump in and interrupt.

    One thing: Cohen as artist is different from Cohen as MK victim or (more to the point) programmer. Esthetics and morality are also two not the same animal. By all means, admire his art – but don’t neglect the fact that he has led a double life. I wouldn’t say his songs etc were programmed into him – i tend to think they are how he resisted his programming. They are the only resistance he allows himself.

    I’m also aware that knowing the artist personally can be a liability – not just because people who don’t often assume a personal grudge. It’s way more complex in fact, and involves a lot of cognitive dissonance and IRONY, the main ingredient in his writing.

    There’s also the shock of realizing “how few make it” — and what goes into “making it” — including the construction of a fake self or as you say “disembodied voice” — and the literal pile of dead bodies one must walk over to be famous.

    I would be careful of identifying too much with anyone who has achieved star status – for that very reason. But Cohen is much more than a multiple personality. I think in fact he’s quite integrated – he has to be, to serve his masters. This is not a theory. It’s backed up, unfortunately, with evidence that most people are just too delicate to integrate – they simply cant take it in because it’s soul-shattering.

    Cohen’s mission has been to lead succeeding generations back from the brink of rebellion, and reinstate good old conservative values like stoic obedience to authority, manly silence, and let’s not forget “decency” (a favourite Cohen slogan) which often spells “corruption.”

    I don’t understand how his fans manage to blur him into a kindly father figure when his history is all written down in black and white.

  7. Jasun

    I enjoyed this interview. Both of you have a nice easy going style. It appears to me at one time, at say an impressionable age, you allowed yourself to be overly consumed by Leonard Cohen’s work. God was alive and magic was afoot. And then later as you matured-wised-up you saw through the trick and now view Leonard as a charlatan. Maybe you feel foolish, tardy and used. Leonard Cohen has an eye for the ladies and writes songs. If fans and former fans afforded him god-sage-like status that is their problem. And something he, to my knowledge, has never expected nor asked for. As much as I enjoy his work myself his over-riding message to me is nothing more than “please buy my records”.

    Do you think Leonard Cohen is a good person or a bad person?

    Ann sounds like someone who invested heavily but did not get her man and even now after all these years still harbors much resentment. And that is a great shame because for all of her efforts to put down Leonard in public, she seems really nice.


    • No one has given us a better shot at understanding the true nature of the contemporary “music business” than Leonard Cohen. If you cant hear the despair, aelf-loathing and rage in his work, you are either a lucky man, or you have decided at some deep level to overlook the ugly truth.

      Leonard certainly has set himself up at different times as a sage, messiah, guru, spiritual teacher, devil, victim, pied piper, failure – almost always with support from.some of the darkest political factiins on earth. These are just facts, easy to demonstrate.

      How do you live with the fact that generations of youth in the Free World have been manipulated and programmed for thr past 60 years by a sophisticated system of mind control, devised by elites and the military, or the reality that Leonard Cohen has openly worked for both? Is this equally true of Bob Dylan or Mick Jagger or John Lennon? It’s worth asking these questions, dont you think? Or do you imagine these cult figures have had no influence on your life?

      If you’re not engaged in talking back to your programmers, you might just as well pick up a gun and shoot up a schoolyard. Or dig a hole for yourself and become a geranium because that’s what they want you to be. A decorative bloodstained on their blueprint for humanity.

  8. Jasun. . Please fix or forgive my typos. I’m still at work and this phone screen is tiny. I cant see a thing.

    Some people see a “scorned woman” behind every bush. THE MAN NEXT DOOR is the story of some evil doctors who wanted to rule the world through hypnotism, a singer, a little girl, and a gun.

    It’s the gun we need to be talking about. But we can’t.

  9. Thank you so much to both of you Jasun and Ann, what an absolutely delightful and enlightening interview. Where are the Parts 3 & 4 that were said to be available?

    Shine on and Thank You!

  10. Do you have proof that Dr. Joseph Mengele ever set foot in North America? I believe his participation in the CIA’s MK ULTRA project is purely apocryphal. Change my mind. In the interim, please watch this video about that other escaped nazi boogeyman Adolf Eichmann and adjust your thoughts and actions accordingly.

    Germany’s first television channel proudly presents its “docudrama”: “Eichmann’s End – love, betrayal and death”. It shows the Nazi war criminal’s last years in Argentina and the “heroic search” of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency and a tragic love story: Romeo and Juliet of the twentieth century, a Nazi Romeo and a Jewish Juliet. Klaus is Adolf Eichmann’s son and Silvia, the daughter of Lothar Hermann, a survivor of the Shoah.
    The docudrama is based on material from the Mossad and is given many laurels around the whole world. And suddenly, from a country far away, somebody is protesting: “Your praised docudrama is lousy disinformation”, says Liliana Hermann, Grandniece of Lothar Hermann.
    The author of the documentary “Disinformation” is the German investigator Gaby Weber, based in Buenos Aires. She sued the German intelligence service Bundesnachrichtendienst, the BND –for its files about Eichmann and shows these (and other) new documents in the film. She investigated about the early days of Zionism in Germany, Eichmann´s role and about his citizenship. Her conclusion: At the time of his arrest, he had the Israeli citizenship and there was no “heroic kidnapping” by the Mossad, but a legal expulsion by Argentinean officials in May 1960.

  11. That Eichmann story is very interesting – he spoke Hebrew! Thanks Krafft.

    ” I wouldn’t say his songs etc were programmed into him – i tend to think they are how he resisted his programming. ”

    I suppose that is possible. However, some of his lyrics reveal his relish in destroying culture which is totally in line with his programmers or collaborators :

    “The Future”

    Give me back my broken night
    My mirrored room, my secret life
    It’s lonely here
    There’s no one left to torture
    Give me absolute control
    Over every living soul
    And lie beside me, baby
    That’s an order!

    Give me crack and anal sex
    Take the only tree that’s left
    And stuff it up the hole
    In your culture
    Give me back the Berlin wall
    Give me Stalin and St. Paul
    I’ve seen the future, brother
    It is murder

    Destroy another fetus now
    We don’t like children anyhow…

    etc…. Pretty nasty stuff


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