The Liminalist # 4: The Echo (with Colleen Kinsella of Big Blood)


Liminally speaking with one half of the enigmatic & prolific Big Blood on the creative process . . . where does it come from . . . a view from the inside, improvising sounds, a non-system system, what happens, pure & primal, no rules, the color of sound, wide open, resisting being pinned down, keeping it fresh, how the Universe is made inside a cave, the double daze, escaping the circle of hiding out, keeping art for the artists, being boundless, space & togetherness, the anxiety of the other, the perils of parenting, runaway mothers, becoming weightless, creativity as the quest for identity, the personal & the impersonal, self-exploration vs. culture-making, enjoyment, the world’s indifference, the imposition of structure, plumbing for gold, getting comfortable with liminality, female genital mutilation, Lloyd de Mause, two ridiculous books, bringing out the crazy, soul to soul, playing what isn’t there, Miles Davis’ liminal thinking, striving to be a vessel, crossing the tightrope, Caleb’s mysterious brush, shunning artifice, Jasun on the radio, Quinn’s robot monkey.

For the full 100-min conversation between Jasun & Colleen, download mp3 here.

Songs from Big Blood’s new double album Double Days: “Double Days,” “Rabbit’s Foot,” “You’re Crushing My Heart,” “Endless Peace,” “Time Stands Still,” listen here; buy here.

Colleen’s Art.

Opening and closing songs: “El Mariachi” and “Monkey Said” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra

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