The Liminalist # 5: The Eye of the Heart (with Alejandro Martínez Gallardo)

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Conversation with founding Pijama Surfer Alejandro Martínez Gallardo on James Hillman, the guiding spirit, sickness-as-teacher, body-as-barometer, erasing barriers between inner and outer, the psyche = soul, trips to the underworld, a life of the mind, the ego’s paradigm, depression as process, the energy of thought, imagination as bridge, dis-identification from the internal dialogue, death as therapy, becoming many when we die, connecting to the ancestors, Lucifer’s gift of blindness, seeing with the heart, timeless blood, Aldous Huxley’s last insight, the world through an individualism glass, humans as cells, relationships & health, communitas, connections inner and outer, soul networks, the inner world of the body, the multiplicity of self-aware atoms, the polytheistic psyche, being vs. becoming, letting problems be, standing under, cultivating attention, being permeated by technology, knowing the one through the many, dissolving into the we.

Song: “Duendes” from Malaventura

Opening and closing songs: “El Mariachi” and “Monkey Said” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra

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  1. hi benjamin couwenberg Obi ben couwnobi from productions here.
    the some 4000-5000 A4 pages which came through me during the eschatonal vortex 2007-2017 with 2012 as, the center.

    yes depression has affinity with novelty. i have video on this.
    also heal your gut with pumpkin seed oil serotonin precursor.
    much love.
    (Y) great, nice (Y) and your wording is zeitgeistial and up to date (Y) great.

    I would like to make contact, you are not on facebook?


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