The Liminalist # 7: Chapel Perilous (with Adam Gorightly)


Exploring conspiracy lore & liminality with long-time researcher Adam Gorightly, on the spectrum of JFK assassination research, the JFK alternate reality vortex, Kerry Thornley and the dubious evidence of the Garrison investigation, David Ferrie, Clay Shaw, the three tramps, syncs-as-“evidence,” E. Howard Hunt, mixing fact and fiction, the UFO theater, how the cover-up was embedded in the assassination plot, a trail of false clues, Kubrick & Room 237 and how to seed illusory narratives, the quantum interpretation of reality, a slippery slope, how rationality is the first casualty of conspiracy research, Sandy Hook, conspiracy-as-entertainment, suspending belief, Thornley’s liminal journey, Oswald & Thornley as matching patsies, the UFO-disguise, the two kinds of crazy-making, satanic ritual abuse and discrediting the witness, Whitley Strieber and Crucial Fictions, defenders of the UFO narrative, how spooks cover their tracks, writing on the margins, the toxicity of social media, Hunter S. Thompson and the creation of consensual prisons, liminal writing vs. being established, speculative conspiracy theory, the Moon landing and the impossibility of knowing, cognitive dissonance, re-contextualizing the evidence, self-destroying artists, sorting the seeds of truth and illusion, the key to Chapel Perilous.

Additional material (direct downloads): Adam on Ira Einhorn; Jasun on the JFK assassination and liminality.

Songs: “Dancing Pollos” by Gumbel, “En Paz” by Prójimo Bill, “El Mariachi” and “Monkey Said” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra

3 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 7: Chapel Perilous (with Adam Gorightly)”

  1. No mention of the Kennedy assassination syncs in Dr. Strangelove ?! The pie fight that was cut and the whole Dallas/Vegas thing in the cockpit.

    Enjoying the new podcast. Any chance at getting Neil Kramer on ? I’d be willing to donate 42 dollars to hear you guys shoot the shit again.

  2. bill kelly said that Kerry Thornley was david Ferrie roomate.
    He hasn’t post the document to prove his point.
    Neverthelesss- Kerry Thornley was in New Orleans 1963.
    He looked somewhat like Lee Harvey Oswald.
    He admit to Sondro that he apart of the conspiracy.
    He admit that Kirstein and Slim to the conspiracy.
    He admit did not approve of J F K during that time.
    He was write a book about – Lee Harvey Oswald.
    IDLE WARRIORS -about marine that _______!
    Kerry Thornley said he didnt see L H O in 1963.
    Did Thornley tell the truth in Jim Garrison Trial ?


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