The Liminalist # 8: The Physics of Infinity (with Robin Hungerford)


First part of a very liminal conversation with performance artist Robin Hungerford, on Ted Talks, the business of dispelling illusions, message-envy, not-knowing, art-as-organic-product, dancing around vagaries, how not to define liminality, monastic life, crossing the abyss/surrendering to God, do caterpillars speak butterfly language, ceremony masters, the culture of certainty, banishing confusion, the fuzziness of language, science & scientism, the power of charismatic persuasion, mimesis-as-satire, Seen & Not Seen, fiction and autobiography, tragedy & comedy for the ancients, the paradox of language, the impotence of the will to power, the cosmic joke, Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator, a Darwinian theory of humor, striving for transcendence and the divine comedy, Mr. Bean and the fool archetype, death and laughter, laughter as relief vs laughter as creation, comedy and taboos, the fool’s feast, humor relating to liminality, the group identity, cycles of sleep, the ideal of art to disrupt the social order, probing the flavors of consciousness, exploding the consensus, recognitive laughter, finding our own internal GPS, intelligent humor, the proof we are getting it, consumer-art-as-spiritual-attainment-power-fetish-object, the questioning kernel, the Kafka hole, the antithesis of the denial of death, molecular laughter.

Robin’s “Shamanic Organic Contemporary Cuisine”: Part One  Part Two

Songs: “El Mariachi” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra,
 “Grand Serpent” and “Lumiere Lunaire,” by Sleepy John Corbeck.

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