The Liminalist # 71: This Old Coat, or: The Enigma of Garbanzo Kephas (with Venetia Campbell)


Exploring the secret life of cats and other souls with Venetia Campbell, this old coat, healing Garbanzo, healing Jasun, into the structures of mind, clearing sexual anger, the presence of Jasun’s brother, an astral veterinary service, the guardian at the gates, Sirian lions, Bast & the secret feminine mysteries, the feline races, the House of Avion, felines as humanity’s progenitors, feline space travel, a word from Patrick Deadman, a feline protecting deity, the Garbanzo dance, the eye of Horus, remembering I am, canceling a pact with Masonic/Egyptian elite, old seers and devolution, the multi-dimensionality of souls, Garbanzo the world destroyer from Sirius, the Crowley connection, Jasun’s childhood mistreatment of cats, getting back at the father.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion,” by SunWalker; “Echoes,” by Heart of Wolves; “Bobby,” by Cobson; “Hail the Happy Hourlings” by Big Blood.

9 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 71: This Old Coat, or: The Enigma of Garbanzo Kephas (with Venetia Campbell)”

  1. “Even the Syrian bit, I was down with that”, that part me made burst out laughing for some reason.

    This talk confused me mostly though. I still don’t know what I just heard. Although if I’m understanding liminality at all I guess I should say job well done.

    • If you can, you should post this to your site so people can have a discussion. It was a great talk; wasn’t much new said, but I imagine some of your listeners are kind of isolated from these sort of topics and would be new to them.

      Don’t mean to hijack this interviews discussion page though.

        • Forgot to add that your doing better than most sites out there discussion wise. You seem to have a dedicated few who understand and can relate to what your saying. Maybe discussion is not the right word though, but I’m a little rushed for concise thoughts at work.

        • I might be one of Jasun’s isolated listeners?

          Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

          I think I do a pretty good job of smuggling his subject matter into my daily interactions with people?

          I ask them about their traumas and they ask me to get my coat.

          Now we are both isolated.




  2. Like dropping in on a cross line of a telephone conversation, must have been fascinating being a telephone operator during the first days of telephone communications.
    I need time to meditate on this.
    Looking forward to part two, tomorrow

    Decided to go and make humus.

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