The Liminalist # 71.5: The Purrfect Mover (with Venetia Campbell)


Part two of conversation with Venetia Campbell, on opening to change, learning to love, a place of anguish, Garbanzo dreams, interpreting energy, the Garbanzo dance, bringing higher dimensions into form, remembering soul heritage, Starseed Transmissions and the language of light, grief and heart opening, love without pain, letting go of the story, rediscovering the capacity to love, the Internet & dopamine, looking for love at Facebook, the twins of love & death, deepening into love, love without an object, the Garbanzo-Crowley story, the lure of the darkness, a compassionate response to Crowley, a writer’s challenge, lowering the shield of the intellect,  owning up to complicity, Brexit, technology, liminality, insanity.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” and “Of the Lakes,” by SunWalker; “Out the Door,” by The Temporary Thing.

4 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 71.5: The Purrfect Mover (with Venetia Campbell)”

  1. Thwack commented at another post, meant for here:

    it sounds to me like you are struggling with Garbonzo’s death because you have been left with a love you feel you can no longer act upon?

    with the result being grief?

    I say get another cat; no it won’t be the G-man; but after a while you will probably recognize aspects of G in this other cat because as it interacts with you, that “ennmeshment” you describe will take place, just like it did with G…

    You probably saw yourself in Garbonzo? and visa versa; what choice did he have considering you were one of the few, if not the only “person” to relate to him as a person and a cat…

    How Christ like of you.

    How did he deal with your wife? (if he was there first?)

    What did he do when y’all made love?

    ( I had one that would hop up on the bed, look us over, and then pick a spot at one of the bottom corners, do severals turns, or stand there and “make bread”; and then settle into a circle, or the “meat loaf” position, and just chill. I though it funny the cat could ignore us as we engaged in spirited congress?)

    There seems to be an underlying assumption in this that there is something unnatural or unnecessary about grieving? If my friend had died (which is what happened, but if that friend had been a human) would you be telling me to go out and get another friend?

    That said, I continue to dream of “getting another cat” and even realized in one dream exactly what you say, that I would re-encounter an aspect of Garbanzo, the primal feline, that way, because it exists in all beings, especially cats.

    That doesn’t mean that I am going to rush out and fill a hole simply because i don’t like having to feel it. Isn’t that the exact same sort of egotism you are suspicious of parents for indulging when they have children? It’s not up to me to go find another cat; it’s for that cat to find me and meanwhile for me to hold a space (of grieving, but not only grieving) for it as long as it takes.

    G* loved my wife and she him; he often hung around during those intervals you mention; i don’t recall him ever showing up expressly to participate!

  2. We want you back on the horse mahn , none of that feelin ‘ stuff !
    Cats seem quite disgusted when Chimps copulate in front of them, in my experience
    I imagine my cat is thinking
    ” god these things are weird , but useful ( how do i stand them?) ” !


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