The Liminalist # 73: Stumbling into the Hard Problem (with Peter Watts)


Part one of a return conversation with sci-fi author Peter Watts, on UFOs, being abducted, Michael Persinger’s helmet, magnetic fields, sleep paralysis, Prisoner of Infinity, abduction narratives and sexual abuse, Hynek and close encounters, a third party entity, creating a new religion, space culture, MKULTRA, screen memories, psychic fragmentations, brain and body sense, the sensed presence, multiple personality disorder, the parliament of voices, shattering I into we, ritual abuse and False Memory Syndrome’s disinformation campaign, suppressed memory, somatic memories and bodily symptoms, Whitley Strieber & the Nazi-US alliance, Operation Paperclip, Ewen Cameron and McGill, Elizabeth Loftus, false memories vs. objective reality, using satanic elements as cover to invalidate memories of abuse, organized pedophilia in the British aristocracy, the sunflower model of conspiracy, maximization of benefits, Plato & social engineering, cultural indoctrination, beyond conspiracy, investing in a UFO scam, space colonization & Star Wars, Stephen Hawkings, William Sims Bainbridge, Transhumanist beliefs, Ray Kurtzweil’s cherry-picking, stumbling into the hard problem, questions of consciousness, the need for a new physics, Kurtzweil’s security blanket, experiencing what’s unconscious, experience & affect, intelligence without consciousness, being aware of being aware.

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Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” by SunWalker; “Luvin Time” by The Every Thing.

6 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 73: Stumbling into the Hard Problem (with Peter Watts)”

  1. Michael Persinger, based in Sudbury, was a founding member of the Ontario False Memory Association. That group also included a Nazi-trained woman psychiatrist in Thunder Bay known to have used drugs and ECT to erase memories of sexual abuse in her child patients.

    I think I read Persinger’s abductees had experiences that sometimes mimicked epilepsy. And wasn’t there something about sensing earthquakes before they happened? According to some spiritual healers, epilepsy is a refusal to experience one’s own deep anger – instead one externalizes it and experiences it as a seizure.

    It’s interesting about lucid dreaming and abduction experiences as “co-creating” — And then there are dreams from which we wake up breathless as if in shock – as if we returning to our bodies from far away.

    I think our wandering fragments are just looking for a home I.e. reintegration, and will use many different means to accomplish that goal, including (extroverted) astral traveling to meet others, or (for introverts) a subjective feeling of being abducted.

  2. Well…. I know it is anecdotal, but I have enough proof for myself to believe that traumatic memories, even those that cover a period of years, can be fully repressed. I knew a woman that had some sort of trauma occur in her middle age years, and it cracked open her mind enough to recover that her father sexually abused her for a span of several of her prepubescent years. She had absolutely no memory of these events between when it occurred and when she suddenly remembered in her late forties. She lost a significant amount of weight due to the re-traumatizing recollections, and developed disabling anxiety. After a time she confronted her father, and her father admitted to sexually abusing her. It is proof enough for me.

  3. OF COURSE science works, it’s rigged for the plebs to study and use
    pretty much pretend it’s opposite day when science comes to town
    Peter was funny

  4. Hi Jasun,

    When I was listening to the second hour near the beginning you were discussing could fractured/fragmented psyche’s manifest individually in a single body.
    My thoughts were as I listened of course they can and we see it very often in people who have addition issues.
    I think it’s agreed that people who have had traumatic events or experienced abandonment often grow up to have drink and drug issues.

    I suggest the fragmented psyche manifest its self (takes hold) and does alter a personality and in cases quite significantly e.g. being blind drunk, taking ‘what ever’ to pass out or get to oblivion.

    Having had issues with addiction and early life trauma, It did feel like when this other psyche got hold it did not want to let go as long, as I got wasted each weekend it was placated.

    The flashlight metaphor could still stand if the flashlights were of different colours red and blue flashlights if they did cross would create purple.

    Some people also report experiences that officials put down to psychosis, where the dominant personality is aware that their body is doing things they cannot control (a bit like the walk-ins you mention) things which often make no sense – for example I’ve found myself running around my house binning my Valium and pouring booze down the sink promising not to do it again, then trying to microwave a vinyl record, all the while aware what I was doing but having little control over what I was doing.

    Maybe the talented Alcoholics – George Best, Gazzer, Alex Higgins etc, for example had trauma in their past and the fragmented self just couldn’t let go of the addiction.


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