The Liminalist # 72.5: The Context of this Darkness (with Cathi Morgan)


Part two of my conversation with fellow survivor of Jimmy Savile’s Britain, Cathi Morgan, on the Wallaces, Cecil Rhodes’ diamond mines, the thick skins of the elite, planning for disclosure, throwing their own to the wolves, addressing the conscious and the unconscious with the media, normalizing aberrant behaviors, what happens when the pillars of society are seen to be rotten, compartmentalizing the mass into audience cults, Mass Observation in the UK, the internet as a window of opportunity, fear of the internet, why the military let us have the internet, Facebook and data collection, giving our intellectual property to the Borg, surrendering to the machine, MKULTRA & how to turn human beings into organic robots, a long line of control, stopping at the Archons, getting back to our cosmic core, why the robot wants to meet its maker, a dark ancestral legacy, the Golden Dawn, the Templars, & the keepers of the bloodlines, Jimmy Savile’s bloodline, the Horsley bloodline, why bloodlines get buried, a fundamental problem for the aristocracy, progressive schooling, using hardship to keep the rich from getting soft, Spartan schooling methods, Jasun’s self-initiation, wealth as a prison, the burden of expectation, Jasun’s father and a crippling legacy, Chris Haskins, Northern Foods, Marks & Spencer, food control, the chemical control of the brain, organophosphates, the influence of the arts, Arthur Koestler & eugenics, the CIA & cultural engineering, how to handle artist & writers, the added dimension of the visual (Jasun’s art), the endless psychic journey.

Cathi Morgan’s site.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” and “Of the Lakes,” by SunWalker; “Too Much” by D.L. Sparks.

3 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 72.5: The Context of this Darkness (with Cathi Morgan)”

  1. I enjoyed this conversation. Thanks.

    Going after a flamboyant guy like Savile is too easy. The media-scapers eat him up as he has the physical appearance of a deranged-looking rapist of children, even more so now with what we know about him. The poster boy for OY (Operation Yewtree) is indeed part of the greater psy-op, IMO, as he is so obviously way over-the-top creepy looking and creepy acting.

    Not much focus, though, on “normal-looking white-bread” guys who reach positions of high political office like Denny Hastert – the former Speaker of the House – when they are discovered to be serial child predators and rapists (even if coach Denny was “only” coercing older teenage boys to fuck, boys who were a few years away from being legal). The mainstream press covered it briefly, very briefly, even though Hastert was once third in line, as Speaker of the House, to the President of the USA.

  2. Are ALL the people participating in these sinister organizations “real” pedophiles?

    or do some join and participate because thats where the power is and participating is how you get it?


    UK Column News – 5th August 2016

    Today’s UK Column News with Brian Gerrish & David Scott, including:

    START Resignation of Justice Lowell Goddard after Whistleblower Interview
    02:31 Dispatches from the Front : the Inquiry & its Highly Esteemed Chair
    07:52 Responsibilities of May for the endemic child-abuse throughout Britain
    12:31 Official statement from Dame Lowell : a useful idiot or wilful criminal?
    20:56 ‘So why exactly did she have to go – if she did such an excellent job…?’
    25:47 National Security : intelligence services & the Highest-level Blackmail
    29:53 A professional opponent of Abuse Victims : accuser Barbara Hewson
    35:12 Named Persons & the Various Deaths of Children under this Scheme
    42:34 ‘Derisive Howls of Laughter’ & the sinister ‘progress’ of totalitarianism


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