The Liminalist # 9: Changeling Angelina (with Holly Grigg-Spall)

liminalist 9

For those who missed it, here’s an introductory briefing on the Angelina Effect, from Zer0 Squared podcast # 3 (Jan 2015):


First part of in-depth dialogue with Holly-Grigg-Spall, author of Sweetening the Pill, on who gets to define female sexuality, Angelina Jolie’s war on cancer, PR control, the evolution from self-mutilator to earth mother, celebrity and mimesis, creating the Angelina Effect, Jolie’s ovary removal, estrogen patch, & IUD, hormone replacement therapy as a way to avoid aging, interviewing Jolie, Angelina the Changeling, family as PR props, paparazzi politics, controlling the narrative, Angelina in Africa, the Council on Foreign Relations and UN child sex slavery, philanthropy-as-predator’s-cloak, the pathology of humanitarianism, rich liberal problem-solving, the Gates method, population control & planned parenthood, transgender activism, redefining womanhood, normalizing medical intervention, the transhumanist wedge, the science of disembodiment, enforced sensitivity, the Truther slur, the closing of the 9/11 window, gene activation and lifestyle, solution conversations for rich people, the War on Death, an excess of body parts, how far can we run, the cusp of something incomprehensible, the marriage of soul and body, remote control birth control, why 40% of UK students becoming sex workers is a triumph for feminism, pathologizing disagreement, hijacking feminism, gay marriage as backward-thinking, a coagulation of pathology, civilization and repression, crimes against the self.

Songs: “El Mariachi” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra; “Kats paJAMas,” “Love Reigned,” Player Vs. Player,” by Kathleen Martin

6 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 9: Changeling Angelina (with Holly Grigg-Spall)”

  1. LOVE REIGNED [Dedicated to Lasse & Vera]

    I had settled in the City of Angels,
    But a lucifer whisked me away
    To a Second City, so windy, no pity.
    Soon he left me one fall day.
    . . .That was a time past passed through.
    . . .Such a dark and a hard time on my way to you.

    All alone and on edge in Evanston,
    Edge of winter and of the Lake;
    As the nights grew longer, my hurt grew stronger.
    My heartbeat kept me awake.
    . . .That was a time past passed through.
    . . .Such a dark and a hard time on my way to you.

    Came a day in May at the waterside:
    The tears spilling down my face
    Turned from pain to joy on that rocky shore
    Within a flow of a glorious grace.
    . . .That was a time past passed through.
    . . .Such a right and a light time on my way to you.

    I felt love washing all around me
    Deep connection to every thing.
    To each grain of sand, to the family of Man
    And every atom in between.
    . . .That was a time past passed through.
    . . .Such a right and a light time, I’ m coming to you.

    I floated home to my carriage house
    With a great grin for all I greet
    That’s returned in kind, and now forgiven behind
    Me is that devil in his defeat.
    . . .That was a time past passed through.
    . . .Such a right and a light time, I’m on my way to you.
    [On my way to you/ On my way to you / On my way to you
    I’m on my way to you / I’m coming to you / Coming to you]

    • Jasun, thank you for printing these lyrics and using my music throughout both parts of this interview with Holly. So much fodder for thought in your podcasts.

  2. A Jolie = Womb Raider?

    Do you think Transhumanism is a nefarious attempt by Archons/higher intelligence or whatever to entrap the human spirit in the low level vibration of the 3D matrix ?

    Great to have you podcasting again…….I wonder if the films/books of Alexander Jodowarsky would be a good subject to explore in this series?

    Thanks for these,take care.

    • I plead the 5th.

      Actually the subject of book-in-progress, part two of Prisoner of Infinity.

      Jodorowsky, not my cup of ayahausca. Maybe as part of the illumineering agenda. Hmm. Another AJ….

      • “I plead the 5th” lol ! fair enough …
        The book in progress sounds interesting though!…..(be interesting to see Hollyweirds remake/take on the” Ghost in the shell” movie too.)

  3. I’ll concede it’s perhaps a case of not wanting to venture that far into cynicism, but the Angelina-as-part-of-a-cultural-conspiracy and UK sex workers as a victory for feminism are not sifting well through my thoughts on such matters. Being a “role model” for just one other human being is responsibility enough, but what is expected of some of these celebrities must be an enormous weight on them. That is, presuming they are fully empathetic people to start with.

    I censor myself on what I put on my blog because of that worry of the wrong “advice” at the wrong moment to the most vulnerable (like my total distrust of the US medical profession). My posts here, relevant to your environmental, birth control and philanthropy discussions, are about as specifically opinionated as I get: and

    Yes, indeed, thanks so much for sharing these podcasts with us, Jasun.


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