Auticulture Exit: Talking with Travis Mateer of Reptilian Dysfunction & the Future of this Site

Below is a link to a very recent (good Friday) conversation with Travis Mateer, on the many snares of synchromysticism, how we build our own 2nd matrix, the ill-informed worship of the mind, the benefits of hands-on experience, crack-house renovations, the apocalypse & evil, the role of the artist, when nature ends & culture begins, working with Dave Oshana, the benefits of human community, and why I may have written my last book.

On that last point, it’s my growing sense, since being in Galicia and finding myself more and more drawn to do nothing while surrounded by Nature, that the Auticulture site, as The Liminalist winds up at 300 ep’s, will gradually morph into an archive site with the occasional update, and that all the “entertainment” will be occurring on the other side of the Playwall: not as content but as live interactives via the weekly affinity groups (of which there are currently three).

I have written and talked much over the years about the unnaturalness of the performer-audience parasocial relationship, and even mention it in this convo with Travis: that anyone who is reaching more people than he or she can personally know and interact with, and thereby calibrate their transmission and check its effects, may in the long run be doing more harm than good.

I have 1000+ subscribers at this site (really probably half that, as many have changed emails (gone to proton, for example) and resubscribed without cancelling the old one), and I only know by email perhaps 100 of you (more if I count the backers of 16 Maps). By face, it is perhaps half that. And if I haven’t actually met you, then we are in a parasocial relationship; and parasocial sounds a bit like parasitical.

The three weekly affinity groups are connected to my work-play with Dave Oshana, so some degree of interest and participation in Dave’s thing is required for attendance. However, I will host a Saturday online meeting for all & sundry (as long as you follow the 48 hour sobriety rule), if and when there’s enough interest ~ starting with this Saturday. The meetings are on Zoom, usually about 3 hours, and are by donation (recommended amount 10 euro), which is another word for free. Start time is by mutual agreement, but tends to be around 1 pm Eastern time which is early evening here in Europe.

If you are interested, reach out and let me know; there is a place for everyone. So far at least.

What this feels like to me (because, as far as I can tell I am neither the decider nor the doer of these changes) is a door that is closing within a natural time frame, so that how fast you respond determines which side you are on. I could say it is like a drawbridge being drawn or a gangplank raised, which would be a fitting Argonautical or Noahanic comparison. OTOH, this feels like an exit door and not an entrance.

I have already given you the exit plans (if you haven’t got them there are about half a dozen hardbacks and paperbacks still left, see sidebar). So the remaining question is: what are you waiting for? Like Indy at the start of Raiders of the Lost Ark: if you are really quick on your feet, you can even save your hat.

Zoom Town: A Conversation With Jasun Horsley

4 thoughts on “Auticulture Exit: Talking with Travis Mateer of Reptilian Dysfunction & the Future of this Site”

  1. Mr. Horsley, while my last interactions on this site were marred by an anger outburst, I feel it important to always acknowledge talent and insight; even among those that we have not always agreed with.
    I have been reading reviews and commentary on “16 Maps of Hell”, and in the process was reminded of your very unique contributions to fields of study that are vital to me. As well, I was reminded of your struggles, your open and honest revealing of the inmost aspects of your self.
    I can only say that I am even more eager to read “Maps” than I was in reading “Prisoner of Infinity”, and that’s saying a lot.
    As to some of my previous comments about your chosen path to self-betterment, I must apologize. While not a path I would follow, what matters is how it’s working for you. So, best of luck with it.
    I hope that no matter where you choose to go from here, you will continue to provide us with the fruits of your insight, talent, and skill with the written word.
    So, thanks again.

  2. My own exit plan has been to release all my beliefs from my own life.

    A reptile is destroyed when it is not given energy.


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