The Liminalist # 284: The Vines of Wrath & The Apocalypse Mirror (A Musical Reading of Rudolf Steiner # 4)

Continuing musical exploration of Rudolf Steiner (with The Mekons & Federale), focusing on two lecture series on the Book of Revelation from 1908 & 1924. Note: Do not skip the songs.

First Audio: The Vines of Wrath

Part One: Animals (0 – 12 mins)

A focus on Christ, reservations about Rudy’s legacy, the scaffolding of intellectual knowledge, conceptual occultism, fleeting schemes, tenuous brain knowledge, clairvoyant vision, tuning into & embodying Steiner, animals & human evolution, Oshana on becoming primal, humans as animals.

Part Two: Incarnated Images of Human Passions (12 mins – 25 mins)

Condensed human passions, the race of evil, the walking life, a bifurcation in the species, straight lines of mind vs rotating spirals of Nature, how Dave handles occult knowledge, the intellect as Satan’s tool, the war of all against all, the sword of ego, the basis of the divine in man, Christ brings the sword.

Part Three: God’s Indigestion (25 mins – 49 mins)

When Satan co-opts the ego, managing rage, eating the orange peel, the opportunity of voluntary surrender, aligning with Nature, a feeling of revolt, the price of purification, God’s all-devouring love, collective happiness or bust, the problem of the sore ego, awareness of a bifurcation, sheep vs. goats, the event to end all events, the metaphysical body politic, the descending astral & heavenly worlds, refining matter from within, the globe of the insoluable, divine love & divine wrath, the cast-off husks, the beast with 7 heads & 10 horns, the hardened ones against Christ, the epoque of the seals, 666.

Part Four: Wheat & Chaff (49 mins – 1 hr 5 min)

The beast as past stages of evolution, leaving behind childish things, as the nature of our souls becomes visible, representatives of evil, the bifurcation of dark & light in the Human Energy Field, walking a slippery slope, the apocalypse narrative, artificial mind vs. natural mind, a collective beast of burden, armies of darkness, a necessary narrative, the machinery of the artificial mind, an anamnesiac device, the Christian pathology, the smugness of the righteous, an irreconcilable conundrum.

Part Five: How Far Can the Temporal Go Before It Hits Eternity? (1 hr 5 mins – end)

Stages of revelation, a book of initiation, the physical world disappearing into inner vision, two ways of seeing, getting to know the world by seeing into the soul, the sounding trumpets, entering spiritland, the path of imagination, poured into the cosmos, pilgrims on bicycles, mapping natural cycles within the metaphysical hyper-object of existence, self-aware micro-organisms, an inflating tick-ego, an identity crustacean, occult knowledge fomenting separation, the nature of apocalypse, two choices, finding the Santiago trail.

Songs: “Primitive” by Joy Zipper; “Escalera,” “One X One” & “Revenge” by The Mekons; “Drums of Death” by Federale


Second Audio: “The Apocalypse Mirror“:

Part Six: The Language of Initiates (0 – 11 mins)

The language of initiates, the lightning of the seraphim, a dream of apocalypse, straight into the unconscious, the purest essence, astral fire, earthly meets heavenly, world of the hierarchies, inside the body of God, spirit demolition, growth via destruction.

Part Seven: Positive Destruction (11 mins – 31 mins)

The sword of destruction, love & wrath, psychedelics as accelerated death, secreting glands of apocalypse, destructive purging, the skins of fruit, covid-death-fear, the outmoded animalistic, sex & violence, fear of the body, a loathing of destruction, mark of the beast, deeper into matter, rediscovering the joy of being, line between sensory & sensual, coopting of the word “destruction,” the destruction of all forms, sad donkey.

Part Eight: When the Hammer Hits the Thumb (31 mins – 46 mins)

The vials of wrath, Jasun’s anger, the meaningful pressure of objects, flammable bile, when the hammer hits the thumb, message for Dave, where no sane man has gone before, Nature’s red claws, Satan’s influence, primal screaming catharsis by the river, curious neighbors.

Part Nine: Satan’s Harvest (46 mins – 1hr 3 mins)

The intellectuality in the cosmos, Satan’s characteristics, the most comprehensive owner of intellectuality, torn from evolution, the intellect as satanic handle, new groups for old souls, dragged into the lower realm of Ahriman, visible patterns of aberration, trauma & enlightenment, the original deviation from original language, Satan’s harvest, transmitters of the Babel signal, the first line of defense against trauma, abused & abuser, a traumatic recruitment program, violence against women, group mind & mimetic violence.

Part Ten: The Four Corners of the World (1 hr 3 mins – 1 hr 17 mins)

Two possible outcomes of apocalypse, increased intelligence through effort, the four corners of the world, God & Magog, all human weaknesses, world war one as warm-up, manufactured pandemic narrative, obedience to the State, Big Science & Big Medicine, the opposite of health, a Satanic counterfeit, techno-fusion, when death becomes the enemy, the abuser as guardian.

Part Eleven: A Salvational Paradox (1 hr 17 mins – end)

A kind of communion, the mystery of transubstantiation, the oneness of spirit & matter, bread & wine, being the ones of the Book of Revelation, the crux, where salvation occurs, an intellect in service, Oshana on breathing, the essentials of living, the breath of existence, the difference between effort & inspiration, understanding the escaton, the mirror of apocalypse, becoming the desired outcome, what’s better than the Bible, revealing a design flaw, a salvational paradox.

Songs:  “Dark, Dark, Dark,” “This Way Through the Fire,” “Last Weeks of the War,” “Authority,” & “Cast No Shadows” by The Mekons; “Aim for the Heart” by Federale.

Original audio sources of clips:

Steiner 1908 lectures:


Steiner 1924 lectures:

6 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 284: The Vines of Wrath & The Apocalypse Mirror (A Musical Reading of Rudolf Steiner # 4)”

  1. “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”

    A statement that seems well suited to the book of the apocalypse.

  2. The way you described your dream resonated with me in a way I can’t describe in words. Almost as if I shared it and had forgotten until I heard you talk about it.

    • Haha, I thought so too. Gib had that little comedic piece that Jasun posted on his YouTube that was truly magical, cutting-edge stuff. When I saw this Post America work, it instantly reminded me of Gib.


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