The Liminalist # 285: No Decent Place to Stand (with Luke Dodson)

Return conversation with Luke Dodson, on MoB rule vs HEF harmony, dark disembodiment schemes of the elite, the ideology of empire, and how to remain compassionate during the Apocalypse

Part One: Apocalypse Internalized (0 – 34 mins)

The view of revelation, an inconvenient apocalypse, if the power went out, false crises to cover up real ones, as resources run out, hitting crisis with products, organized child abuse, QAnon problem-reaction-solution, the environmental crisis mirror, allowing for an internal apocalypse, 1999, Donnie Darko, taking on a Hollywood myth, drawing in the projections, the junction of the brothers, 666 the number of the Sun, a legion of solar demons, Steiner on Revelation, the Body of God, as within so without, going deep enough inward to get turned inside out, reigning in Hell, permutations in history, a choice of core value.

Part Two: The Ideology of Empire (34 mins – 1 hr 5 mins)

Controllable movements, annexes on Hell, the ideology of Empire, a non-survivalist stance, back to Nature, universalist indoctrinations, the urge for community, what the world means, the monoculture, thrift store life, the Prime Directive, from might is right to progressive internationalism, anti-colonist colonization, CRT & US Foreign Policy, Aztec war gods, a cultural death machine, killing internal defiance, conquest via gaslighting, the means and the end of psyop, addiction to propaganda, technology as the medium of disembodiment, Alison McDowell, human chips in a virtual reality, betting on Job’s soul, the game plan of the elite, the digital casino of the god-men, the neo-liberal matrix, the last hubris.

Part Three: Changing Game Board (1 hr 5 mins – 1 hr 36 mins)

In the nature of power, the ingenuity of madmen, does Bill Gates exist, levels of conspiracy, the administrial elite, the transhumanist trap, hidden technology, a different game board, a perpetual motion machine world, the black magicians’ abhorrent initiation techniques, Matt Groenig & Jeffrey Epstein, The Simpsons forever compromised.

Part Four: Salvation Formulas (1 hr 36 mins – end)

Hollywood values, how to self-unplug, Nature as alternate matrix, the fate of Gomorrah, no decent place to stand, how to begin a journey of zero distance, a cry from the heart, necessary salvation formulas, the intelligent response to a pandemic, a sickening human energy field, sending blessings amidst the gnashing of teeth, loving life, wishing for apocalypse, judging the vaccinated, a compulsion to find evidence of abuse, the desire to see the consequences.

Luke’s site:

Songs: “Primitive” by Joy Zipper; “Shocking Version,” “Mirror” & “Cast No Shadows” by The Mekons; “Blood Flowed Like Wine” by Federale

20 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 285: No Decent Place to Stand (with Luke Dodson)”

  1. Depressingly compelling. Compellingly depressing.

    All of the talk about batteries and hamster wheels and McDowell-revealed gamification makes me think of how Christophe Waltz’s character in The Zero Theorem has a ‘job’ which is a mix of puzzle-solving and motive power on a kind of exercise bike.

    Was this, and the Black Mirror episode ’15 Million Merits’, predictive programming of some sort?

    I AM TERRIFIED. And angry. I will not go gently into this kind of fucked up horrendous dystopia.

    I just need to make up my mind whether it would be more prudent to gulch, go join some primitives or stay and fight.

    • I AM TERRIFIED. And angry. I will not go gently into this kind of fucked up horrendous dystopia.

      I just need to make up my mind whether it would be more prudent to gulch, go join some primitives or stay and fight.

      I’m with you in your indecision 100%!

  2. Also, for sure Gates is at the employee level. His wealth and arrogance emboldens him to dream of joining the ruler class, but there is no way the Red Shields and the other dynasties will allow ‘new blood’ to intermingle at the highest level.

    I would bet a LOT that the highest elites are direct puppets or extensions of the Dark Power

    • Yes. Gates is an opportunist, never invented anything in his life but believes he’s the smartest man in the room. A mere puppet, albeit a rich one.

      Those in control feed his ego until he isn’t useful any longer.

  3. Nice back and forth with shoots of positivity coming through despite the grim subject matter . I was not aware Luke’s brother committed suicide. May I ask when that was Luke? That makes three including myself whose younger brother made his exit in April of 2019 anniversary 23rd or 26th of the month due to delay in record of his body. He drowned . Thanks for sharing.

  4. Luke, you offered a tenuously positive take on current events at the opening, mentioning ‘their’ incompetence. You had me briefly clutching at straws. But I’ve been thinking. If we look back at all the past empires and their failed attempts at world dominance, we mustn’t forget what they left in their wake. Let’s say for argument’s sake that the current endeavour, which is horrifying, fails. We’ll still be left with a divided society, millions ‘vaccinated’ with experimental technology (autoimmune diseases will come later down the line in larger numbers), vaccine passports, imploded economy, increased stratification and gentrification, Agenda 31, etc… Technocratic-Feudalism is already here, right now. With a war brewing in the Ukraine and the Middle East, it might be that we’re in for horrors of unimaginable proportions long before the agenda (whatever it actually is) comes to pass. Now, with all that said, there seems to be plenty of opposition (clutching at straws and all that). Although highly unlikely to succeed in stopping the current trajectory. So, what’s the point of this comment. Mulling your conversation over, for the first time in many years, I thought I’d rather die (not sure what death is) than play along. It might end up being a Waco type standoff, minus the Messianic complex and sexual abuse. For that, I need to be in a commune on a chunk of land. Just can’t make the move to leave the city even though things are getting progressively ever worse.

    Rather disjointed comment overall but I’ll leave it as it is.

    Great podcast, reslitened last night.

    • I always enjoy hearing you two chat, I’m looking forward to part 2. I’m currently listening the second time around after interspersing the ‘cast with the Michael Yeadon interview Dave linked to in one of his group emails.

      It seems that getting most of the population onto the health ID card (mark of the beast) would be the obvious agenda here as outlined by Yeadon (and others).

      I think any grand plan would have a buffer of failure put in place based on the understood chaotic components of human behaviour plus an expected push back from a a portion of the community, this would all be taken into account in the planning stages. Therefore a pre-calculated percentage of the population moving to vax passports would be considered a success – 65-70% maybe?

      Regarding the agenda, trying to imagine it from the evil genius psychopath perspective it is still fundamentally power, control and possession. Looking at the world population, the biggest concern would be that the global population would become informed and educated and therefore information needs to be controlled and suppressed (hello big tech). Once certain narratives are enabled and others disabled you can then drive the herd towards specific objectives – global health ID.

      The population is currently too big to cull immediately but a long-term slow poisoning under the guise of “disease” as bio-weapons would be effective and less destructive than conventional violence while leaving infrastructure in place.

      Regarding the classes, the impoverished can just continue to suffer, they aren’t a threat until they have accessed enough financial means to access and utilise available information and move up a class. Control of the middle class, white & blue (Jasun’s batteries) is critical. If the pandemic is a war game and test case then those in the war room would be smiling widely at how successful it has been. Wrapping the world under a single narrative and imperative, mobilising it towards a universal control system while the population lead by willing governments is lining up volunteering for bodily injection. It’s the perfect plan.

      Human batteries are required simply to keep the capital industrial project powered. The ruling class need the surfs to do the work, keep them fed and housed, man the utilities etc.
      The ruling class still have technical ambition, I don’t think they are looking to revert back to a naturalist life style though they do want to own all natural beauty and control access to it.

      Just as trans-humanism is stupid, I also think Satan is stupid and I can’t imagine that there are enough “players” in the cabal to buy into the belief. Therefore metaphysically I think it’s less a devotion to darkness as it is a mixture of psychopathy and sense of privilege. Most likely the players are true soulless metaphysical nihilists who believe only in their right to rule and immortality through ancestry.

      Regarding Gates, it’s significant that “US magazine The Land Report revealed that Bill and Melinda Gates have amassed the largest portfolio of private farmland in the US, comprising an estimated 242,000 acres.” Why? He says it’s simply on the advice of his investors, which is telling in a number of ways. Firstly, it’s still all about the money, whatever is the best investment and makes the most return. Secondly, it’s not just value as capital, it’s value as possession or asset, i.e farmland is the most valuable commodity because of what you can do with it. What will he do with it? He now has the means to produce whatever he wants from that land and sell it to whomever.

    • This is my second comment, the first a long one which I can’t dredge up again seems lost after a computer crash.

      Just want to comment that over the last 12 months I have felt on a number of occasions that I’m ready to be dead. This is not a depressed or suicidal view but possibly a positive in that I’ve let life go enough to be resolved to my eventual fate and whatever that entails in the end.

      The other point is all in all, we can’t allow this, another situation, event or circumstance to distract us from the path of self-realisation. Because everything does distract from this path, whether it’s “good” or “evil”, then time runs out.

  5. Thanks, Ced.

    As much as the zoomed-out, cyclical perspective of Kunstler, Greer & co brings me great comfort, in the short-term, I think you are right. We are in for very, very dark times indeed. There was an anecdote shared on the forum, from the French energetic healer (Natalie Schaevers), who reported that her vaccinated client had almost entirely been severed from the soul, who was floating around in confusion as to why it could no longer contact the body; it chilled me to the bone.

    While on one level, I feel more alive, more confident, and more myself than I ever have done since I was very young, I also feel more worried than I ever have done.

    “But I’ve been thinking. If we look back at all the past empires and their failed attempts at world dominance, we mustn’t forget what they left in their wake.”

    Amen, brother. Amen.

  6. Thanks Jasun and Luke. That was a great listen. You two flow well in conversation. Ced said…”Mirrors my own ruminations but with more insight “ I agree and would say the same about your comments Ced. Simon Ks comment about feeling ready to be dead but not in a suicidal way is right in line with what I’ve been feeling and I sense that from some other folks I know as well. It feels more life affirming than a decision based on fearing death or mere inconvenience. Admittedly I have done some cowardly things in my life. Things I regret. I pray that each one was a lesson preparing me for this leg of the journey.


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