Check Your SPAM (& Best Interview to Date?)

Be advised that the newsletter from the new site may still be going into your SPAM folder. I just sent one out today so if you didn’t get it, check there. The title is “All the Lonely People (Why Propaganda is So Damn Effective, & What the Weekly Meetings Are For.”

As a last share & heads-up for those who haven’t signed up, a recent interview with Briar Patch Observatory is perhaps the most succinctly comprehensive one I have done to date, ranging from the Fabian society to Jimmy Savile, Ancient Greece  to Ed Gein, & from Aleister Crowley to David Byrne to Dave Oshana, in a mere 100 minutes, making it probably the fullest overview of my perceptual trajectory yet to be placed on record:


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    • did you receive any previous ones? you are on the list to receive, & even on the keener/contributor list for a history of close-attention


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