The Liminalist # 294: (God’s Broken Body, with Kingsley Dennis)

Part One: Lucifer’s Shadow

Let’s talk about Ahriman, Lucifer’s shadow, a spiritual impulse of Islam, the Golgotha event, outer forces mirroring inner processes, Lucifer’s expansion vs Ahriman’s contraction, Christ’s trick & trump card, broken god parts, an unnatural separation, the function of empathy.

Part Two: Ahrimanic Intervention

Lucifer’s temptation to dissociation, awareness of empathy, when blind force becomes sentient, the singularity, personified Satan, Ahriman’s technosphere, the power of the unconscious, the worst of humanity materialized, submission to machines, the foreign installation, Steiner’s prophecy, fear of death & the “vaccine”

Part Three: The 8th Sphere

Identity politics & Ahrimanic fragmentation, reifying the false ID, consciousness & bodies, the 8th sphere, an electromagnetic cage, dreams of unreality, quarantine for dysfunctional souls, Satan’s harvest, the lure of surrogate realities.

Part Four: Removing Death’s Sting

Complicity by silence, committing to exiting Hell, planning a prison break, the forgetting chambers of Hell, expanding connections, aging & death, reforming the death force, awareness + acceptance = eternal life, receptacles of the spirit, no path, no person, leaving behind containment, engagement.

7 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 294: (God’s Broken Body, with Kingsley Dennis)”

  1. This might be my favorite podcast episode of all-time, ever. It could be because I’m currently devouring Steiner’s An Outline of Occult Science, and so it felt especially timely.

    But there was something more there, in the way you both plumbed through Ahriman’s depths to come out with an exit strategy. The entire talk gave my soul goosebumps, and I felt I was in the company of fellow angels for a moment.

    Absolutely beautiful chat. If the Liminalist is indeed soon coming to an end, and we’re left to wallow in the darkness and silence of its absence, then hopefully the truths spoken in this one will reverberate and echo in the heart for years to come.

  2. Are we approaching “peak Ahriman”??
    Seeing as his power lies in his true intentions being undetected, it seems possible that just as his influence is peaking his true nature is also becoming more visible (to at least a proportion of humanity). Only when his true nature is seen do we have any chance of countering his influence, otherwise it is simply seen as “promoting human advancement”… meanwhile his influence increases…. partly because the bulk of humanity continues to blindly pave the way for his agenda… but also because cottoning on to his presence and true nature doesn’t automatically imply that he ceases to have influence over us — that is our work, but let’s not give ourselves a hard time, we can’t run before we can walk… it had to be that way to allow for the force of empathy to grow in the human collective… I.e. the split is not between those touched by Ahriman and those that aren’t but rather those who can see where the path is heading (entropy) and those who can’t… forgive them Father, they know not what they do….


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