Garbanzo R.I.P


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    • oh I forgot to say condolences, your cat had a good life with you, and you made the right decision to not prolong its suffering

  1. Jasun, cheer up man; Garbanzo is not really gone because it is the nature of cats to never really be here or there. “They walk by themselves and all places are alike to them.”

    I told my cat it was his job to catch the mice.

    He responded with: “you ain’t got no job?

    I replied: “Telling you what to do IS my job

    He began licking himself and said, “you’re not very good at it are you?”

  2. Just re-watched this touching Garbanzo video:

    What a cat creature! The vet gave him six months to live back in September 2013. Knowing his history, it’s not surprising that G lived well beyond that.

    Feeling an extra tinge of grief-filled awe and appreciation today, since I’ve heard the news, as I’ve interacted with the furry creatures who live with me and who show me the way.

    Warmth to you and M today and the days to come.

  3. Jasun, my condolences on losing Garbonzo. Having lost a long time feline companion that was with me through many life changing events, I feel I can commiserate a bit. It is excruciating. My heart breaks for you. I wish you some peace and strength throughout your grieving.

  4. Hey Jason, my deepest sympathies. As soon as i saw your announcement i was weeping. When i lost Mrs Brown (you may recall my email to you?) i cried every night until Benny came some 6 months later. Nothing could take the pain away, but he did, much love from us x

  5. oh jasun, i am so very sorry to hear of your loss. please know that our hearts are with you both. just based on what you’ve shared of your journey together, i bet such a spirit as his knows no bounds as far as you are concerned. you just cant see him, but he’s right there with you always. such a beautiful idea, that tree, and perfect choice in music as always.
    nan ox

  6. So sorry to hear this news, Jasun…. It’s something everyone dreads, but is even more painful for asocial animal-lovers: the loss of an old, true member of the family, who’s shared your unconditional love for years, in that instinctual, non-verbal way that animal companions have…

    So truly sad to hear this… I’d heard you mention him on the show several times and didn’t know much about him until just now (thanks to Page for linking your video detailing Garbanzo’s life story), but I still feel this news hitting me quite hard….I truly dread the day I have to face this situation with my dog in a few years (or sooner)—if news about someone else’s pet passing can make me feel this sad & tearful, I can only struggle to imagine how painful it will be to face such a situation myself, first-hand. I hate thinking about it, even though I know I’ll have to go through it, and relatively soon.

    Rest in Peace, Garbanzo. And love & peace to you, Jasun.
    How happy your love & care must have made him.

  7. And it all snaps into focus
    The world inside my head & the cat outside the window
    A one-to-one relationship
    Poet, Philip Whalen

    As a lifelong cat lover and rescuer, I share your grief, Jasun. My cats have been my gurus.
    I wish you peace.

  8. more together than ever, perhaps; forget if i mentioned it but in his painful last few hours G* bit my thumb thru to the bone; it is now infected and my right arm is in a sling, the wound made visible, the crippling affect of his passing literal, tho i hope temporary. (this is a one-fingered message)…

    these words of love above help the grief to keep moving, thanks to you all; it is devastation but necessary & good

    to love & lose is the central experience of being here on this earth, & the more deeply we love, the deeper the loss. Yet we want only to love as deeply as we can while we are here. & we meet in those deeps, all who have loved and (been) lost…


    • RIP Garbanzo,

      Sorry for your loss Jasun. Lost a cat a while back, it was the most acute grieving period of my life.

      I’m on skype more again if at any point you care to chat.

      The process continues :-/


  9. Yes, thanks Ross, it helps to connect to the cat-widowed during this time. Perhaps this is our secret society? ; )

  10. Although stunted by language, my heart wants to offer you all the sympathy & support that could possibly be transmitted.
    The little ones & the little moments add up to so much

  11. I can’t remember hearing you so emotional Jasun. You really did lose a friend. I’m quite a shut down person and the only time I can remember grieving was when I split up with my Chilean girlfriend, because I knew it was the last time I’d see Lorenzo, her German Shepherd dog.

  12. Hey Jasun, Sorry about Garbanzo. My cat Buster died a few years ago. He was with me for 15 yrs, and through some dark times. He still appears to me in dreams frequently.

  13. Jasun
    Had little to no internet access for a while. No access to email even today. However, while travelling thought I would check on podcast on phone. Discovered this. So very sorry for what is clearly a deep loss. Beautiful, honest tribute. Thinking of you.

  14. So sorry to hear about Garbanzo. My cat, Miss Kitt , is my best friend. I hope my wife of 30 years doesn’t read this! I remember Garbanzo making a couple of Bob Hope style walk-ons during some of your old podcasts. A very vocal and intelligent sounding feline. You’ve done some beautiful paintings of him. Memorializing him in a book might help with your grief. Again my deepest sympathies.

  15. Jasun,

    did you ever call him “Garby?” or “Banzo?”

    I “have” a feral cat. It took a poop in my bathtub
    Was it trying to tell me something?

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