The Liminalist # 66: The Lives & Smells of Others (with Isaac Marcuson)


Two-part conversation with Isaac Marcuson, Jasun intro, After Garbanzo Year 0, the essence of this podcast, Garbanzo’s gift, Isaac on biological hazards at work, mold and heavy metals in the environment, sensitivity to smells, body awareness & food, autism & extra-consensual perception, the difference between conscious & unconscious perception, children & imaginary friends, encountering entities, Isaac’s early memories, the stigma of odor, species disembodiment & the goal of social engineering, where are we when we are not in our bodies?, what is the mind?, the opposite of disembodiment, a world of smells, feeling people’s magnetism, Reiki, getting to the point of having fun, what is consensus, occult edifices of belief, the Stoic philosophy, Jasun’s dopamine deprivation due to birth induction, identifying with adverse forces, creating adverse conditions unconsciously, the tendency towards transcendence, the law of attraction fiasco, the virtue ethic, self-mastery, Jasun discovers an alter, a secret life, dissociative identity disorder, experiencing oneself as multiple, psychic fragmentation, an awareness divided, how consciousness is blind to the darkness.

Songs: “Affection” by Jonathan Richman; “Gone” by My Bubba & Mi; “Groom & Tsum,” “The Ear of a Happy Sailor,” by We Is Shore Dedicated.

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  1. Alex
    Posted June 16, 2016 at 7:04 am | Permalink

    1Hr and 8mins in you said – “Whatever it is that is in our unconscious that is in some sense trapped in our bodies … when we’re not able to release it from our bodies and allow it to come into consciousness, and I don’t mean mental consciousness, I mean bodily consciousness, then what happens is that that blockage and that tension magnitises things outside of us… elements outside of us, to coalesce… so that we will then see the blockage outside of us and then that allows us… well, one way or another it obliges us, to experience the internal tension and blockage, and that is an opportunity to then actually turn the attention away from the world to the self or to the inner space and say ‘oh ok so the adversarial energy thats outside of me is actually inside of me and thats where my energy will go’ and then that dissolves it.”

    A couple of the non-duality speakers that most interest me stress how benificial it is to really feel the feelings and bodily sensations – (not really necessarily to achieve spiritual enlightenment but more simply to improve the quality of living) So what I’ve noticed upon doing that is something very similar to what you described. I find that when I’m triggered in some way and feel strong negative feelings or if I just inexplicably feel a certain way, it will automatically affect my thinking. Often I will have the same old negative thoughts about certain topics. Thoughts that have virtually no pragmatic value. Often the thoughts are obsessive and extremely repetitive and very addictive or compulsive in the sense that I don’t want to break away from them once they get started. These thoughts aggrivate the feelings of tension, or fear, or anger, or powerlessness depending on the issue that’s come up and then the feelings feed the thoughts like a vicious circle.(Eckart Tolle’s pain body fit’s well in this context) I think also what’s really important is that at the time I really believe that what the thoughts are telling me is true, are an accurate account of facts, which makes the thoughts seem extra important. (Even though when my mood improves the facts I tell myself about reality also change).

    So what I’m experimenting with doing is noticing the feelings of tension as they come up and staying with them, giving my attention to the feelings alone – not allowing them to associate with the usual accompanying thoughts – which is sometimes very much a challenge. It’s like keeping two unruly children apart so that they can be more easily managed seperately and so they don’t cause so much havoc.

    So the advantage of this is I’m not so much creating a very negative mental view of myself and my life – which is suffering. And also I’m coming to see that feelings on their own are actually not so bad. The anger or stress or worry is more like a strong vibration or throbbing feeling that has a kind of vitality that is not all that unpleasant. The feeling of saddness or heaviness that often happens for no apparent reason often just releases itself into tears which somehow lifts the heaviness again leaving more of a sense of vitality and lightness.

    What the non-duality speakers say is that underneath the feelings or at the heart of them is a sense of fear or lack that is in a sense a result of the belief in being a seperate entity – ie cut off from wholeness. My sense is that in accepting that kind of beep buried fear or grief inside compassion arises. (compasssion and wholeness being synonymous?)

    I sometimes worry that this practise is a way of ‘spiritually bypassing’ issues I have in the outside world, but I know that all the negative feelings and thoughts I have about these issues contribute no help torward resolving them anyway.

    I’m writing this in the hope that it will act as an affirmation to myself to keep practising or experimenting with that simple suggestion of ‘feel the feelings’.

  2. Page
    Posted June 16, 2016 at 10:17 am | Permalink

    Feelings are going to feel you no matter what you do so you mine as well feel them back. I can’t (and they can’t) know if I’m feeling them back by physically trying to feel the feelings so I just do a kind of mantra that goes like: I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

    And then I just know that the feeling is felt and move on with my day until the next moment that I realize that it’s my turn again to feel the feelings back ( and so then do the “mantra” again). I do that mantra because my tendency is to overreach — to violate a boundary — when it comes to forcing myself to do what the pseudo-cultural programming tells me to do, in my unconscious mind … to literally “feel the feelings” … which is a lost cause, in my opinion.

    Just make amends, be forgiven (by actually soliciting for forgiveness) and move on until it’s time to make amends again. Lather, rinse, repeat … fo’ life.

    It’s fun to share “trade secrets”. Thanks for the post, Alex.

    • Jasun
      Posted June 16, 2016 at 10:22 pm | Permalink

      Yes, thanks for amplifying the signal here. <3

    • Alex
      Posted June 17, 2016 at 4:36 pm | Permalink

      Very helpful, thankyou. Because what I was trying to do (or the way I was trying to do it) was actually very hard!

  3. Lcy
    Posted June 18, 2016 at 12:15 am | Permalink

    Isaac Marcusson´s voice. Pure sincerity. Touching to hear. Chinese diagnosis is into smell. imsorryiloveyouforgivemethankyou.

  4. TheNovaScotian
    Posted June 18, 2016 at 10:05 am | Permalink

    Great conversation, I’m always happy to hear other people that are in my age group that seem to be experiencing their life rather than running away from it.

    Saddens me to hear about your animal friend/family though. It destroys me to even think about losing my little buddy (not my penis lol) to the inevitable.

    • thwack
      Posted June 18, 2016 at 7:59 pm | Permalink

      Do dead cats go back to the place kittens come from?

      I took a visit to the abandominium and Im here to report “Superbitch” has 3 new kittens. Two followed her to my Hotsey Totsey Kit Kat Klub for some victals and brushing; the 3rd one stayed hidden and yelped.

      The two I saw for the first time today are relatively large for kittens so Superbitch must have an effective communication mechanism to keep them hidden for so long?

      i guess she brought them out cause its time for “big cat food?”

      I will be serving them Chub Mackerel for the Solstice.

      • TheNovaScotian
        Posted June 19, 2016 at 12:55 am | Permalink

        Totally, cats descend through 7 sphere’s where upon entering a new one they purify a little then move on to the next to do the same to a certain degree. Then the last sphere is their species womb, then they are born again into this world.

        All cats are persian.

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