Investigating the mRNA gene therapy non-Vaccine

Below is a 20 page research report by my brother-in-law. He was told he needed to receive the mRNA jab to keep his job; he might have gone along with the program out of naivete and laziness, but fortunately for him, his little sister was on hand to caution him. Destiny intervened still further by crashing his work computer & giving him some time off to poke around online. One link (JBP & daughter) led to another, and the result is what follows ~ a personal journey down a collective human sink hole and out the other side that gathers together enough research data from non-conspiratainment circles (and some official ones too) to give pause to the staunchest advocate of the “vaccine.” The frame is a legal document to hold his employers accountable if he were to submit to the jab and suffer undesirable ~ but easily foreseeable ~ consequences.


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