The Liminalist # 296: When the Shit Hits the Air-Conditioner (with James Howard Kunstler)

Kate Ledogar talking to James Howard Kunstler, on systemic collapse, the sadistic undercurrent of “wokism,” the vaccination program as covert eugenics, female totalitarianism, and getting back to a world made by hand.

One: Project Mindfuck (0 – 35 mins)

Homesteading & goats, ridiculing the Jacobins, canceling Fauci, project mindfuck, re-assessing the Davos clowns, a sinister vaccination program, culling the human herd, Klaus Schwab as Bond villain, RussiaGate, a high-level inside conspiracy, the effects of the vaccine, a manic reaction to an existential threat, a very American coup.

Two: Reigning Chaos (35 mins 1 hr 4 mins)

Pending die-off due to covid vaccine, the VAERS report, a picture of institutional failure, a fog of war, impossible conversations about the vaccine program, trusting institutions already proven corrupt, organized pedophile rings in the UK, revelations that reduce options, a demoralizing ideology, removing boundaries & the feminization of intellectual life, the super-nanny state, Fabian roots of woke culture.

Three: Outlawing Values (1 hr 4 mins – 1 hr 39 mins)

Where dialogue breaks down, good intentions of tyranny, techno-grandiosity of the Fabians, coercion, woke revenge for lack of parenting structure,  transactional analysis, the decentering of the male, death of God, function of religion for community coherence, a common culture, multiculturalism, outlawing values, emergent culture, a nihilist religion.

Part Four: The Marquis de Sade’s Utopia (1 hr 39 mins – end)

A brief window of comfort, when the hobos wore neckties, sensible locations to live, the end of large cities, techno-narcissists’ epic fail, the Biden administration, controlled uprising, pirates in prison, preparing for the collapse, philanthropic misandrists among the aristocrats, future social hierarchies, status-mongering, a new aristocracy, S & M ideology, a Sadian utopia.

Kunstler’s site.

Edited portion (17:42 mins):


Songs: “Primitive” by Joy Zipper; “One Hand Loves the Other” by Bodies of Water;  “Nowhere to Go” by Eileen Jewell; “Gone Away” by Cullah; “Cast No Shadows” by The Mekons.

19 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 296: When the Shit Hits the Air-Conditioner (with James Howard Kunstler)”

  1. What techno control does is to save individuals from suffering the pain of making personal mistakes that is the mechanism of evolution and wisdom as a species.

  2. Definitely some brillant flashes there, insights.
    Why we would assume technology will dead end at our current development?
    No pussy footing around asshole cancel culture, they’ll work.

    The death of suburbia? For lack of fuel? Not likely, but it could die because its so fucking boring. Just kind-of dry up fall ,then some some pregnant cow may come along and chow down.

    And I do remember my brother asking his young son at the time if he would like maybe , to think about it , lets have a long discussion ,to put on his coat.
    No man , that’s not how it works , god dammit put on your coat, its freezing out.
    SF all the way and all down hill from there.

    So the emperor, the guiding philosophy, had no clothes to begin we see the position , all covered in snow. You’d have thought better of it, maybe worn a jacket, for instance. But then that would have been asking for the rational., or just studying what actually made sense.

  3. How refreshing to hear James Kunstler’s forthright words about what’s going on. I haven’t always agreed with all of his feelings on matters, but it’s music to my ears to hear his assessment of what’s going on.

  4. I appreciated Kate’s point about parenting styles from the ’70’s onwards, and James’ response. “Wouldn’t you like to put on your coat?”, is manipulative, actually. It’s a false choice, because eventually, the coat will have to be put on. The parent doesn’t want to be the bad guy, so tries to convince the child that it’s their own choice. Kids need boundaries or they flounder — I’ve always been under the impression that one of the roles of parents was to help them learn just that. When my (then) 2-year old son wanted to assert himself, I’d show him 2 choices: “Do you want to wear these trousers or these trousers?” He gets to assert himself, without being overwhelmed or manipulated — and he puts on the trousers.

  5. A correction about owning machine guns. Mr Kunstler was wrong. Coming from a family of gun dealers and collectors it is very possible to own fully automatic weapons (a.k. machine guns). The law implemented to ban them only applies to new machine guns from entering the system. All the previous machines that existed prior to this ban and were legally in the system were grandfathered in. There is a federal machine gun stamp you have to obtain to own one, if you can fine an existing owner willing to sell theirs. But is is very possible. Plus there are many restrictions and requirements. For example, to get the permit you have to submit a blue print of your house and mark where it will be stored. Also you will need a special permit to across state lines with it, etc.

    • Quote from The movie “The Departed” regarding using a machine gun in USA
      Frank Costello: “I’m concerned about a Chinaman who thinks it’s wise to come to a business transaction with automatic weapons.”

      Frank Costello: “For his own good, tell Bruce Lee and the Karate Kids none of us are carrying automatic weapons. Because here – in this country… it don’t add inches to your dick. You get a life sentence for it.”

    • I’m glad someone pointed weighed-in on this because his statement seemed too absolute. Also, I think he was kind of hiding behind the technical term “machine gun” – which to the average person just translates as a gun that kind fire-off a lot of rounds.

  6. A wonderful piece James, when we overcome the tyranny of the Wokels, It will be mandatory listening for all.

    A few points, I have never understood the need that some people have to attribute good intentions to tyrants.
    As Winston was instructed; “The purpose of power is power.” It’s not that hard to figure out.

    ” I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

    ― Theodore Dalrymple .

    On the Men/Women issue, I came across a study a little while ago seeking to discover why men and women react differently under stress.
    Men perform better, women worse. The study analyzed blood flows to different regions of the brain as tasks were performed, first freely, then under stress conditions.
    In women, stress induced greater blood flow to those areas concerned with recognizing and decoding facial signals in others, in men less.
    Women found it more important to know what others were thinking/feeling, men didn’t give a damn and focused more on the immediate problem.

    It struck me as being about right. Women really, really, want to belong.

    On the God thing, I have anecdotally become aware of 4 or 5 men in their 50’s/60’s who are now convinced of the existence of a God based primarily on the undeniable existence of evil.

  7. Very good conversation. Thank you. I thought of this: Isaiah 3:12 says:
    “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.”

  8. I really like Kuntsler’s ballsy rhetoric. He’s absolutely right, look at what a shame the US health care system has become over the last 20 years. I’m just over 50, with a wife and two kids, all healthy. We are all height/weight proportionate, a simple nuclear family. No smoking. No drugs. I pay $1,100+ per month for ZERO health benefits and our family deductible is $16,000. And that’s competitive, LOL. Why I didn’t connect this absurd state of our health care with the insance COVID/death scam until now is beyond me.

  9. Fascinating point regarding the religious.

    Here in Tasmania, our neighbors (young couple, Aussie bloke and a yank girl from north USA, her accent sounded like the movie “Fargo”) bought a house not long after we got here.

    The day they moved, about 10 cars, utes and people movers suddenly arrived and about 30 people swarmed all over their house, cleaning and loading and moving their belongings. Turns out they were from a US style church that has set up here in Tassy.

    These Churches are always regarded with suspicion around here, Australia being a highly secular country. But I have never seen such strong community support before in my life. In Australia, everyone is quite distant and self reliant. Like a Scandinavian society. So we just watched in shock at the spectacle.

    It did make me sad though and wonder what it would be like to have a community. A real community. Where you feel needed. Are needed. Instead of this dystopian, atomised, self reliant, outsourced, pointless existence we have now.

  10. I try to see Howard as something more that a knee jerk conservative. Being that he is so knowledgable about peak oil and such things I strive to take him seriously. But when he says no one can agree what an “assault rifle” is, is disingenuous. Its simple. Military calibre, extended ammo clips, and semiautomatic functionality, where you fire bullets as fast as you can pull the trigger. Things like this are important to me because I’m trying to determine what is truth concerning the covid vaccine. I don’t take what the FDA says on first blush, but if we can’t trust the CDC then we are truly lost. But why should I trust shadowy voices on the sidelines instead? If I have to wade thru conspiracy theories concerning main stream media, Central Banks, and their government puppetry its too confusing. What I have been using is knowing people working in hospitals. The ones in the ICU’s are mostly unvaccinated. Thats right from the horses mouths. If Howard is going to be against the vaccine I wish he would put out a precise detailed argument with sources that he used to convince himself, so that I can look at it and see where he’s coming from.

    • Hey Greg,
      I know an ICU nurse, we both live in FL. 3-4 months ago we spoke on her day off for about an hour and she told me that the ICU has been filled with Covid patients for weeks (FL numbers were some of the highest back then). Most died within a few weeks and all had comorbidities. This week I spoke to her again. Except this time she is on suspension with 10 others from the ICU because they haven’t gotten the shot. Come Jan. they’ll all be forced to resign. Sounds crazy, but it is true. Who are we to believe? Where are Covid numbers today? vaxed/unvaxed
      9 scariest words ( I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help )
      Do your own research. Keep it local and maybe you’ll uncover some truths.
      Also listen to the latest podcast #296. Hope this helps.

    • rather late to the party, but:

      ” Military calibre, extended ammo clips, and semiautomatic functionality, where you fire bullets as fast as you can pull the trigger. ”

      I guess then that a 9mm handgun with a long clip is an ‘assault rifle’. ‘Military calibre’ (I assume this means 5.56/.223) is among the least powerful of rifles of course.

      Aside from bolt, lever, and slide action rifles and shotguns, I guess that most all firearms are ‘assault rifles’.

  11. As a longtime fan of Kunstler’s, I thought he completely mis-read Kate’s questions and failed on several occasions to see that Kate was merely setting the table for him to tee-off. I thought he was being unnecessarily oppositional in a way that nearly undermined the conversation. It reminded me of speaking to an elderly relative that’s gotten ornery.

    I say this as:

    1) someone who generally finds it aggravating when women equivocate in conversation. I didn’t think Kate was doing that – in fact, I thought she was providing a great example of a more “feminine” communication style at its most effective, diplomatic and incisive, and that that seemed to just go over Kunstler’s head as he impatiently and impulsively leaped at the first glint of something he disagreed with, clearly not understanding the context, and that Kate was kind of free-ranging across the terrain of ideas, at times trying them on for size and at other times playing devil’s advocate (sort of).

    2) someone who’s interviewed Kunstler before and thought it went well.

    3) someone who’s taught interviewing classes — but who’s also had my share of interviewing blunders myself.

    I’d hate for Kate to think that his reactions were a reflection on the quality of her questions, or to question her style of interviewing because she might’ve been “hand-wringing” or being “squishy” — because she wasn’t doing either of those things.

    I thought the “squishy” part was especially ridiculous, and a clear sign that he just wasn’t fucking listening long enough to process what he was being presented with.

    (Again, I’m a big fan of his.)

    • Thanks for this, Saby RK. This is my second interview with Kunstler, and yes, I think “ornery” is the perfect term to describe his style – and he would likely take that as a compliment. I think that Jim “takes opportunities” with questions/comments. I say something, and if he has something to express, he will jump on an element of what I have stated, in order to make his point. This does make the interview experience a bit of a crazy game of ping-pong, but I find it invigorating. I don’t always agree with his judgements, and sometimes I feel he makes blanket statements that could stand more qualification, but I find that I benefit from contemplating his perspectives, as I consider them to be insightful (and I might even just agree with his charge of “handwringing”…) Thanks again for your comments!


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