The Liminalist # 288B: A New Economy of Consciousness (with Alison McDowell & Kate Ledogar)

Second segment of conversation with Alison McDowell & Kate Ledogar.

Part One: The Internet of Humans (0 – 27 mins)

Minecraft education account, avatars in limbo, new child labor, digital assets, Diamond Age, Neal Stephenson’s dark ties, synthetic humans, Meet Cathy, the wonder kid of Wharton, an open air jail, choice architecture, encoded nudges, block chain, digital identities & the Technocracy, the Internet of Humans.

Part Two: Leaving the Cave (27 mins – 1 hr)

MIT’s backdoor, social emotional learning, singularity net, feeding AI, the body as battery circuit board, electric human energy harvest, the blood-brain barrier, a vampire system, Haptic suits, a computerized corporation, the end of engineering, an eggregore of management, the selfish ledger, IMPs, JINNs, & IRIS, a sensible view of conspiracy, the genesis of “They,” a David Icke lens, a benign veneer for the technology.

Part Three: The Invisible Community (1 hr – 1 hr 35 mins)

An MIT magazine, dismissing Naomi Wolf as crazy, hunkering down in belief, seeing past the constructed identity, integrating with the environment, impositional magic, know your gifts, the breadth of the problem, the road to Hell, the dandelions, orienting to the good by seeing evil, information weaponized, the innate ethics of being human, the invisible community, humanity’s role, turning the wilderness into garden.

Part Four: Dandelion Honey (1 hr 35 mins – end)

Finding one’s tribe, eluding the Ahrimanic tech snare, orienting through information, staying calm while exposing the dangers, the loss of safety, manufactured complicity, dandelion honey, a way through without pathways.

Alison’s site, “Wrench in the Gears

Songs: “Primitive” by Joy Zipper; “Skin Grows Back” by A Proper Mob; “Citadel” by Federale; “Echo” by The Mekons.

4 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 288B: A New Economy of Consciousness (with Alison McDowell & Kate Ledogar)”

  1. Great to see your path intertwine with Alison . I have followed her work for a long time now Her understanding and ability to deconstruct and explain transhumanism and enable the joining of dots has been critical to my understanding of technology’s burden on us .

  2. The mind-identity is a crusty layer receiver-generator-maintainer(?)… today’s “activism” is primarily about re-wiring our mind / psyches in ways that allow crusty layers to flake or fall away, allowing, in turn, the body-soul to breath and connect with nature without the usual distorting filters (that’s quite enough work without trying to solve social/political problems as well (which are impossible to fix anyway)) …the ensuing journey of discovery *is* the activism (if you like) and is what I am drawn to engage in (for a decent chunk of my spare time anyway)… mapping/investigating the crusty layers themselves can be part of that journey, but is only really useful if that process helps one to shed those layers (or provides the impetus to *want* them to shed them as Jasun said…)

    I zoned out a bit with all the techno stuff but the last 45mins stirred up some sparks underneath my own crusts — “remember me?”
    ….thank you.


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