Leveling the Human Playing Field: A Bridge Across the Covid-Divide, with Dave Oshana

Comic art sample above by Mr & Mrs Horsley (formerly Kephas)

Impromptu conversation with Dave Oshana on the Human Energy Field & clearing out its spots of darkness.

Part One: Paranoid Awareness & Energetic Awareness (0 – 40 mins)

Summing up a lost conversation, the Human Energy Field, becoming a pure channel, shaking off the false identity Rudy Steiner, two nascent projects, the playwall, the covid-divide, unknown potentialities of the vaccine, the rise of the zombies, schismogenesis within and without, complementarity, scaling the playwall, Dave’s new open policy, facing the darkness, triggered by design, info wars and chemical wars, the goodness of Nature, the many facets of Nature, a prescription for enchanced living, what are ancestors did, paranoid awareness & immunity, coping with bad news, unhealthy distractions, going through covid data, the new meaning of safe, death by vaccine, get out clauses for mass malpractice, paranoid & energetic awareness, testing the brakes on the way down, no safe harbor.

Part Two: On the Edge of Darkness (40 mins – 1 hr 14 mins)

Word from Oz, the never-ending oppression of Empire, differing perspectives in the different groups, riding the dark wave, a space to integrate dark matter, the experience of the human spirit, through the eye of the needle, safe in the darkness, a human stampede, on the edge of darkness, sticky traps in the psychosocial world, the difference between a stroke & a poke, technology & surveillance, biofeedback measurements, measuring sub-vocalizations of the larynx, remote controlled humans, opposing perspectives, external vs. internal oppression, tracking & fining in the age of covid, coercion, compliance, submitting to untested vaccines, false conclusions in the covid vaccine shell game, Vaeris, provably unsafe.

Part Three: The Energetics of Darkness (1 hr 14 mins – 1 hr 46 mins)

Iron fist with three velvet gloves, up in the North, dealing with police, pulling rank, vaccine schedule in the US, cattle-farmed humans, bred on violent entertainment, an interesting contradiction, what’s considerd safe & unsafe, anger-fueling media, targets for the disenfranchised, the scapegoat mechanism & police procedural dramas, the religious ritual of the justice system, loss of trust in institutions, the promise of the futurists, technology through the cell wall, vaccine advertising, primed by advertising, the voice of awakening, the hard & dark metaphor, into the dark spots, securing goodness, buoyancy for darkness, the energetics of darkness, the need for provocation, a mutual agreement for resolution, the men’s group, loving masculinity.

Part Four: A Warm Glow (1 hr 46 mins – end)

Crossing the border, an all-women’s retreat, Freud’s poster boy, mother issues & men, an energetic foundation, entering the ET field, a limited time for course correction, reaching a place of balance, the Human Energy Field, breathing method, a call to participate, allowing blessings, Olympic preparation, dissociation from nature, losing just-rightness, an audience attuned to goodness, in from the cold, the replay field, real-time interaction, an invisible standard, an intuitive path, where we live, wandering zombies, one water molecule, a rolling boil, a sacred connection, lockdown, face masks, and invading organisms, what individuals feel energetically, the opening of the senses, innate happiness, the degradation of healthy social interaction, lasting joy, energetic anomalies, enough discernment to doubt themselves, the unnameable field, the biggest mouth, the lost sheep, the sweetest nectar, a lighted haven, condition of sobriety.

Songs: “Primitive” & “Chasing Time” by Joy Zipper; “Prince of Darkness” and “The Curse” by The Mekons; “The Hangman’s Song” by The Pine Valley Cosmonauts.

Essential links for Next 4 days Human Energy Field Intensive:

Free Replay of “Pure Love Blessings to Save Humanity: The Opening (Small Circle)”
Thu, 25 Feb 2021, 2 pm Eastern Time, 7 pm UK time


Free Online Event: Exploring the Human Love Field: Interactive Inner Group
Fri, 26 Feb 2021, 1 pm Eastern Time, 6 pm UK time


Sat, 27 Feb 2021, 12 noon Eastern, 5 pm UK time
Sun, 28 Feb 2021, 12 noon Eastern, 5 pm UK time


Eligibility requirement includes: being fully face visible for this event, camera on, looking at the screen and well-lit. Sobriety: abstaining from unhealthy or intoxicating substances from now until at least after the event (including alcohol, smoking, plant and synthetic drugs) Tea, coffee and chocolate are allowed though not recommended.

21 thoughts on “Leveling the Human Playing Field: A Bridge Across the Covid-Divide, with Dave Oshana”

  1. Love the artwork. Can’t figure out what’s in the basket. Looks like shoe stretchers. But it’s after midnight so I’ll come back in the A.M.
    nite nite

      • Shrooms, thank you. A puzzle I needed an answer to.
        Tomorrow, Feb. 26. I will turn on the camera.
        Until after this mornings session, there was no way anyone could have ever paid me enough to turn it on. Something miraculous happened.

  2. My elderly neighbour yesterday morning informed me he got ‘the needle’. Later same day I sat down to have tea with him. The wonder, marvel and pride he displayed when showing me a tiny box of luxury chocolates that the clinic gave him after his shot was just another internal head shaking moment for me.
    I worked in advertising for twelve years and my father worked in ad sales for over forty years. He still shares stories with me- in the retelling a real sense of pride in his value as an employee, of events and promos he arranged to generate good will from media buyers and clients.
    Sadly the same tactics my dad described using at sales functions my dad falls for and would respond to the post jab packaged sugary treat in much the same manner as did my neighbour. His happiness and pride in the methods when using them bizarrely no different with the delight in their effects when used on him.
    Lovely conversation I could say more if applying some grace and linearity to my thought forms were not so physically, mentally and energetically taxing.

  3. I’d be interested to hear about the difference between trauma and inflammation.

    Trauma being more of a mental thing, but inflammation being more a bodily thing, and when you engage in activities such as watching the news, stress, or eating junk food, those become the accumulation of micro-inflammations. There are some doctors that believe that inflammation is the cause of most diseases.

  4. At 43:00 you mention the dark stuff some of us tell you and I recall now a dark thing that I told you of and you were clearly accepting of the info without attempting to ease my pain. I then naturally exhaled the trauma and it immediately fell to the floor. “Thank you” seems far too insignificant, too weak, too unsatisfactory. But it was a moment I’ll always keep stored away in a beautiful place.

    Re cell phones. I’ve never owned one and never will. Turns out to be one of my best choices in life.
    The Technocracy aims at total, ultimate control of all aspects of every one of us without our permission.

    The faux vac: My Mom, a lifelong doormat, in a seniors care facility, and I use the term loosely just had her second jab, without her consent. My sibs could care less, likely because they have their own problems/pressures.

    The real nature of viruses, not what we’ve been lead to believe since Rockefeller hijacked the medical system and its beliefs. “A religion of infection.”

    • amazing to hear that first sharing Jnia – and that this transpired in a thrift store with (probably) other shoppers milling about

      It may be radical for some to hear that not trying to ease a person’s pain but simply holding a space of acceptance can be what works – in a Hallmark world of giving tissues and “there, there’s” at the first sight of suffering, which is often to ease our own discomfort and push down our own distress – a signal (such as “don’t cry”) that suffering is NOT okay, & that the most important thing is COPING – to be good social beings that keep showing up for work.

      • Well it was a doozy wasn’t it? I reeled for several weeks. The fact that you made me feel safe, safe enough to drop a heavy I could no longer carry alone, at least that’s what I believed at the time was enough for me to disclose it.
        Also I I feel I know you in part from reading your books and blogs as well as our short interactions in the shop.
        Yes there were lots of people in the shop so you said I could email you, which I did. I was both touched and grateful.

        I think that if we let people feel their pain, they will know what to do with it. If the hearer attempts to rescue the one disclosing the trauma it sends the message that we are too weak to handle it when in fact merely voicing it in an appropriate manner speaks to their inner strength.
        The space is the propping up that facilitates strength.
        Just my thoughts.

    • Good to know, Ella of Dahab. Thank you for your observations and persistence. Each presentation style acted as a filter. Having observed individuals and organizations doing that, I trialled it.

  5. The power of advertising verses the Covid. John Wyndham wrote a televised best seller called “The Day Of The Triffids” and i wrote dessertation of this at art foundation ( i didn,t find anywhere after the findatation!) . I renamed the book ( and there is a word i do not know that could be used for this.) ..a Trif o nym? Triffle..it was Triffidiilia.
    The story was ; the whole world watched a meteor display like illuminating fireworks and the next morning became blind and the display were seeds of an alien carniverous palnt with a deadly , violent sound that would spike you with its tongue and slash your eyes even further .

    Superfluous to this are experienced , highly internationally respected hosts and actors who promote gambling who all had a lower middle class income in their youths and currently have over a million in spare change whilst being cast. It is very odd because they are kind of used because of their trust and caution in life . A recent digital gambling site made over 600 million profit in just one year .

  6. I listened with great interest. My multi-senses continue to be aligned with much of what you both know-percieve. However, I’ve noted that some of my C-19 “inner-tel” is slightly different. I experience meeting Jasun and then Dave (and more of you) as a witnessing and validation from “others out there” that increases the resonance of what has been embodied or known within me. With a few exceptions, this vibrational reference showing up in other people “out there” is rare for me. I find that most are regurgitating old or socially-engineered narratives.

    The Field transmits an abundance of data and energy for me to be public in sharing all that I have over the years so that it might nudge those who have been generally in hiding. As a result, I have received hundreds of emails from those who will not respond publicly, and won’t come to a group, but will write directly to me with great rejoicing for having been seen. I simply encourage them and hold them in my “Field of influence.”

    I have also been informed that there are many like us here, and in our heart-body connection to the Cosmic Field (insert your own word for it), when we enter into an intentional “two or more” it will exponentially open doorways and ignite massive transformation. None of us can achieve this on our own, though we did have to reach this significant intersection in time and have achieved this “coming back online” for ourselves. I could go on… Thank you to you both.

    (Jasun, I could’ve sworn I subscribed here but it doesn’t indicate that I am.)

    • interested if Suzie is reading what her thoughts are, as we may do a 3-way talk soon

      Rather than erring on the side of skepticism, let me say that I don’t really understand this comment, that is, can’t decipher if the message of hope correlates with something I feel is real or not.

      • Thanks for letting me try… to communicate my appreciation for all that you shared here, and the celebration of what is unfolding now. I realize that my joy doesn’t always translate well. Listening to others speak in this way ignites my own essence and I let it flow without thought. I tend to speak in pictures, poetry, and music. I also tend to attract and work with people who don’t know the language here very well either, but have so much to offer in these times. Just think of me as someone who is also “on the spectrum,” but in my case, I “feel too much,” or more than what most folks are comfortable with. Years ago I named it, “Tourettes Syndrome of the Soul,” which is likely to be politically incorrect. But since the Kundalini event, I have been trying to balance it without suppressing it for the sake of fitting in. Anyway, suffice it to say, I appreciate both/all of you and what you are doing/being/sharing now. It makes me happy for the time I have spent with all of you. Blessings.

        • no fears of political or spiritual incorrectness in this space; joy is a lost language we are all having to relearn… I suppose it was too galling to our parents to allow to continue, so we all learned to put a glum face on things!

  7. Your wrap up resonates with me, loudly. I’ve never fit in anywhere and of course blamed myself, always have. Having Asperger S. makes reading faces and especially directions almost impossible, so reading other aspects of people, their breathing, their odor, their movements has always been essential to actually surviving. My life was in jeopardy often enough to render me very aware but scared shi…less.
    You have provided me a safe and blessed place to explore, to feel, to awaken spiritually, and to find some discernible sense of self acceptance. It’s a start.
    Thank you both of you.

  8. thanks for the thoughts – simultaneously grounding and motivating!

    i think the one/two punch of eschatology/soteriology seems to be an effective propellant to orient towards the vertical, no matter where we sit temporally – but really appreciate the specific urgency of our current predicament

    i can’t help but think of PK Dick’s vision of the eternal Rome transposed upon his own time – maybe an archetypal relationship, some realm of Forms where we are balanced on the precipice of absorption into the mechanisms of Empire

    “… the whole world’s coming to an end, Mal…”

  9. I am thoroughly enjoying listening to this podcast. Haven’t been up for Dave’s recent online events due to changing life circumstances. All good. Looking forward to when I can get back. Regardless, as I am 1 hour into listening here I am bubbling with some thoughts arising…

    *Safety as the state of being/feeling resourced so danger can be navigated with confidence. Analogy…We don’t need padded rooms to keep us from getting hurt, we need a ladder to climb out of the snake pit dungeon. So how do we resource ourselves out of this pan(dem)ic state amidst the dissonant forces?
    *The meridian system is foundational to the nervous system, via electrical signaling through the charge separation of neutrally charged water H20 interfacing with hydrophilic substances (collagen/fascia) into negatively charged liquid crystalline H3O2 and positively charged H3O = the Water Battery (see Mae Wan Ho’s and Gerald Pollack’s researches). The charge separation of the water powers nerve impulse. Anesthetic is antithetical to energy conduction…be it Novocaine or social media or intoxicants…what ever dulls the pain.
    *Polarized behaviors as manifestation of polarized energy fields…non-native emfs (wifi, cell phones, electric cars), toxic chemical accumulations/damage (ie glyphosate impairment of collagen molecule as a glycine analog- see Stephanie Seneff’s research), etc. Behavior as a manifestation of physiological states (polyvagal theory Stephen Porges). E=mc2
    *Dissonance (as with cognitive) is a state of insufficient coherence in the system, driven by polarization.
    *polarization is the separation of yin and yang. Integration (of yin – and yang +), one way can happen on the nervous system level is to de-polarize highly charged states. Moving into ventral vagus from sympathetic dominance for example, where in a cascade of physiological responses supports states of perceived safety internally…ie liver blood depletion is restored when sympathetic overdrive calms with ventral vagus more online…then detoxing with the improved liver functioning can happen, then toxic chemicals get flushed from the system, damage can repair via the body’s self-healing mechanisms (parasympathetic rest/digest/repair) thus increasing tendency towards maximal coherence (or is there infinite potential?) and optimal functioning (of all parts of the system and the whole-ogram).
    *Mobile phones not only give away personal info it is imparting info from polarized emfs driving the human system into further states of disintegration. Feedback loop no bueno: twitter for example.
    *”being in nature” is equivalent to being in non-polarized, native emfs, which exists in landscapes and environments, both internal and external. Walks on the beach is chock full of negative ions to help harmonize states of dysregulation. The imagination offers this potential as well. As my qigong teacher would instruct us in class…”Imagine yourself as a golden turtle on a warm sandy beach…” And there I would go from the cold rainy Pacific Northwest winters and bask in the radiant Qi cultivated in my mind and with my body movements, nourishing vital life force. (See Turtle Longevity Qigong)
    *Can we Aikido the polarizing fields into peaceful resolution of humanities current conundrum? That’s what I am bent on enacting. I believe that dynamic embedded in spiral dynamics is in part the mechanism of the Enlightenment Transmission. I understand Dave to be a super duper tuning fork emitting resonant harmonizing fields…an offering to the human biofield to tune into. Also, his sense of humor is primo ventral vagus stimulation. lol. 🙂

    Okay, now back to the podcast. Another hour and a half…woo-hoo! Thanks Jasun and Dave!

    • Good to get your upbeat and input, Molly.

      Jasun’s recent bee/hive inclusions had me thinking of you together with the nervous system calming, free and open to all meetings we had over 2 weeks.

      I am pondering a hosting a Covid Sharing Forum, nothing physical, just sharing the computer generated sequence for white hat hackers who seek a fast way to get a Freedom Pass.


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