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As my last blogpost indicated, things are changing fast at Auticulture and the Liminalist. And this week (which happens to coincide with the end of Chinese New Year celebrations and Rudolf Steiner’s 160th birthday, both Feb 26th), I am giving you concrete proof of it.

Today’s blogpost GRASS HORSE FEEL ANSWER PROPOSAL is about the new Galician Project and where this site is going in 2021 (though there have been hints a-plenty). You won’t have received this article in your email, however, even if you do subscribe, and you won’t be able to read it by clicking on the link, not without some hacking skills.

I have said in the past that I would never erect a paywall at my site. I am keeping to that. Though there is, as of today, a new (more) private area of this site, paying will not get you there. Neither will praying AFAIK. But playing will.

This isn’t “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” this is “No More Mr. Everything On Display For All to See Guy.” Rest assured, there will still be podcasts and blog posts freely available to the general public (do you really want to identify as that?). But as of today, there will also be blog posts and podcasts that aren’t.

Though transparency will continue, discretion is now the order of the day. We are in increasingly hairy times in which one wrong word can get you canceled. Sharing details about my current movements and operations with the whole world, when that world is morphing at break-neck speed into a military-medical police state policed by the zombie-inmates, well, I am sure you can understand if I no longer feel like it is the smart play.

On top of this, I am looking to meet the more actively interested (and energetically suited) percipients of this ongoing project, to gain your input and support, and better gauge how best to proceed into and through the eye of the needle with which together, as a thread of living light into the darkest hole, we can assist with the repair of a disintegrating Human Energy Field.

So, in the widest and deepest sense, playing means showing me what weave you are made of. Potentially, it could mean participating in the private and semi-private online groups (and future workshop) I am both running and attending; but that’s up to you. In the meantime,  I do need to meet you in some capacity.

If we have already met, you should have received the password already by email; it’s possible I missed you off my list, however (even likely), in which case, just send me an email to remind me, if necessary with a word about who you are and when we met.

If we haven’t met before, and since this is an autist-friendly site, I won’t necessarily ask for face-to-face contact (on Zoom). Though that’s definitely preferable, we can start with an email. I can tell a lot about you by what you say about yourself (and about me and my output and what it means to you).

TL;DR: if you want to read today’s blog post  (or hear the full version of the next podcast), you will need a password. To get the password, email me and introduce yourself. If you prefer filling out forms, there is one here. If you are content to remain a member of the general public and stay in the dark (and outside the dark spots), do nothing.

Blessings, either way. You are in this whether you know it or not!

6 thoughts on “Enter the Playwall”

  1. Jasun, you may go down in the Annals of Anthroposophy as the first and only person to ever split the difference on the controversy over Steiner’s two designated birthdays, February 25 and 27!

    Now Steiner himself in his autobiography stated that he was born on the 25th of February in 1861 and baptized 2 days later. However, meticulous research shows that Steiner himself was actually confused about his own birthday and that his actual birthday is the 27th of February, 1861, as most documentation attests, including his official baptismal certificate.

    The issue stems from the complications around his birth when hemorrhaging from his umbilicus was deemed life-threatening by the midwife and thus the infant was given an emergency Christian baptism. His condition stabilized and then later that day, he was also given an official Catholic church baptism on the 27th of February.

    Curiously enough, his name was mistakenly transcribed on his emergency baptismal certificate as Adolphus, later corrected to Rudolfus.

    Now, this discrepancy over the birthdates is not just about historical accuracy. You see Rudolf Steiner stated that when a person reincarnates into a new life on earth, he or she tries as much as possible to reproduce the cosmic and planetary conditions of the astrological/astrosophical chart of his or her previous death!

    Since Rudolf Steiner also clearly implied that his immediately preceding incarnation was that of St. Thomas Aquinas, then we may compare the death chart of Aquinas in 1274 to the birth chart of Steiner in 1861.

    PS. For any stickler liminalistical scholars out there I offer this Wayback Machine capture of an article in German from a 2014 issue of Das Goetheanum, the official weekly publication of the worldwide Anthroposophical Society which presents the rather convincing evidence that 27 February is the correct day of Steiner’s birth.


    • 27 is a much better number; many significant events in my life occurred on 27s – May, October (red pill day), & November (marriage)

      Now I think of it Feb 27 may have been the day I met my wife online (tho I didnt know it)

      thanks for the correction; you anthropods dont miss a trick

      • OMG, Jasun! You and your wife may have just confessed your mutual karmicosmic affinity for the Count St. Germain who was said to be an incarnation of Christian Rosenkreutz (1378-1484), very possibly a Guiding Spirit of your Galicia Project!

        I came across an English translation of the German article I cited above

        What thoughts come to one about this date the 27th of February? Here it can only be briefly mentioned, in what great connection the birth of Rudolf Steiner stands.

        On the 27th of February, 1784, the Count of St, Germain died in Eckernfoerde.
        11 times 7 years later Rudolf Steiner was born.

        The meaning of this number is spoken about in Rudolf Steiner’s cycle about The Gospel of St. Matthew. Rudolf Steiner describes . . . that the Count of St. Germain was an incarnation of Christian Rosenkreutz.

        His connection to this individuality has been thoroughly and often described, also how closely connected this individuality was with Steiner and with what he had to do in his life.

          • Would this something have the quality of (reincarnating) Beingness like the Luciferically radiant Light being Christian Rosenkreutz? Or of more Ahrimanic Non-Beingness, like the (non-reincarnating) TNO = Thinking Now Occurring (for the first time in human history) articulated by my late friend & Internet mentor, the radical Catholic theologian/philosopher David G. Leahy (1937-2014)?

            I usually introduce people to Dave by linking to the poet Charles Stein’s article about him & his work.

            Dave undiluted is quite dense & impenetrable but still an Internet wonder:
            The New Universal Consciousness

          • The Lindenberg bio keeps to RuSty’s version & cites the 25th…

            the something i refer to might move through a number of discreet qualities and quantities, such as my deceased loved ones, ancestors, natural elements of the Earth, and the stars (and maybe even the odd Rosicrucian). But it’s not contained or defined by them so besides a nod of acknowledgment, it seems wise not to get caught up in social niceties when entering a hurricane

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