Light of the Charge Brigade: Surfing the Zombie Apocalypse in 2020

Things are happening. If you think a storm is coming, you haven’t been paying attention: you are already in it. Like the riptide, struggling against it won’t work; the centrifugal pull of existence is more powerful than any of us, and than all of us combined. But there are ways to surf the tsunami, to let the hurricane draw us into its eye, where stillness lies.

This does not mean passivity, but a readiness to bust a move at a moment’s notice, when the life force moves us. This movement invariably corresponds with an opening in existence itself—including the deep state prison planet currently contracting around all of humanity.

We might even say it is time to pit two deep states against each other: the deep state of an eons-long sorcery and social engineering anti-life agenda to strangle the life out of the human soul and body; and the deep state of consciousness that’s innate to all existing creatures and to Nature itself.

Tuning into the eternal guidance system of our internal deep state means the external deep state can kiss our asses goodbye. The seat of our pants has us, and we have already said farewell to Babylon, leaving nothing in our wake but dust and ashes.

For my wife & I, busting a move depends on first passing on a legacy, an ark which we have already built that we hope will provide a way to stay afloat for other souls, as we move optimistically on to wilder (not necessarily greener) pastures. Simply put, we plan to relocate to Europe, and to do that, we first need to pass on our house and business to someone who knows what to do with them. One end times ark currently for sale, in the aptly named town of Hope, BC:

The New2Yew thrift store business we inherited and re-created brings in a yearly profit of at least $60,000 CAD a year (a low estimation). It can be run easily by two people, even at a pinch by a single (heroic) soul. Besides rent ($850 CAD a month) there are almost no overhead costs. To give you some idea, in the 4 years since we opened it, while running the thrift store I have published three books and written a couple more, maintained a weekly podcast and blog, and participated in regular Dave Oshana events (including retreats in Europe), as well as paid off our house mortgage.

Time-wise, the thrift store is practically a hobby that 1) pays our way; 2) allows us to save; and 3) affords us constant interactions with humanity that I, at least, would otherwise be far too selfish to make room for. In fact, I would say that, beyond doubt, the three primary contributing factors to my personal development, deepening character, and growing happiness and wisdom, over the last four years, have been: 1) my marriage; 2) my work with Dave Oshana; and 3) running the thrift store. Writing books and podcasting is great, but the challenges and rewards of these other three arenas are, in my opinion, of a higher order altogether.

If you are an extremely rare soul made of the right stuff and are interested in this opportunity, and/or buying the house that I and my Mrs. built, or, renovated (which is a five minute stroll from the store and also has a commercial front), email me for further info.


Now onto the next thing. Last Sunday’s Oshana event, “Safely Discharging Relationships,” hot on the heels of Saturday’s Experience Shop (by invite only), was a ground-breaking event in the annals of Oshana, Horsley, and, just maybe, humankind.

(Easter egg hunt for skeptical readers: how many red flags that scream out “cult mentality” to you can you spot in this blog post? Post results in comments section below, your feedback is essential research! This will also be the subject of a future podcast.)

Since I have temporarily retired as the official Oshana scribe (who has the time?!), I was not planning to blog about this event, but I did take some notes once I realized Dave was going to do a lot of talking and that the interaction (for me the real pay-off) was going to take a while to begin. Here they are, enjoy them while they last, as I may be burning my notebooks soon. I have woven Dave comments together with my own extrapolations, making this a DaHo cocktail, tho mostly DaOs; I also incorporated at the last minute some notes made by my wife, so this is a real melange a trois!  😮


There is no spiritual solution. The charge that you want to be rid of will be with you for the rest of your life. Those who follow a guru generally want a magical solution. Dave doesn’t offer one.

Dave gives a concession: enlightenment, if you are lucky enough that it happens to you, does clear up a lot of things, but it doesn’t clean up the world.

The march of history is the combine harvesting and chewing up of the generations and spitting them out, like shredded cud.

Can you imagine how many people come to Dave who believe in gurus? He is in the market place. Because of this he “welcomes people who are deeply skeptical of me.” The spiritual road map is completely booby-trapped, and the spiritual landscape is fully of boobies.

Our work as hunters of charge is to find loose charge and safely dispose of it. The world is currently full to overflowing with irrational guilt and limitless shaming. (There is a difference between remorse and guilt; one is useful, the other is not.) The social revenge warriors and “woke” generation have a mission: to shame the shamers. Left to continue, this feedback loop will break society. (Possibly it already has and we just haven’t seen the collapse yet.)

When the mind fragments, it may lead to visions of entities. Those roving psychic fragments may even act like entities; they may become tangible and active agents of chaos by possessing human bodies.

Highly charged people become like zombies that want to eat your brains. They are driven by an anti-life impulse and their purpose is to force you to join the system and make you work for the system, sucking up charge and passing it on, endlessly, like batteries in the matrix.

Humans have become energy cannibals. And cannonballs. Being triggered is like being a human pinball machine: the steel balls ricochet around inside a person, aggravated and extended by the affected person compulsively hitting the flippers. A big charge is like a charge cannonball, it builds up until it explodes and blasts holes in people.

Some charges are ancestral, and so difficult to locate the source of. We run narratives in our heads in order to manage charge. No matter how convincing our narrative is, it is never fundamentally about the other person.

Charge is neutralized when it is warmly witnessed, received. The problem in the world is not other people but charge. Charge leads to life-denying and life-threatening behaviors. The only option is to discharge charge as fast as it comes up. By accepting this mission, the mission of charge hunters, we help to ensure that future generations won’t have to suffer.

To be a functioning human being and not a zombie is to let charge come into you and pass through you. We are en route to the exit point from zombie hell-world; we may even be the exit point, or we may not be. Either way, our only way out is to connect to other neurons who are moving towards and/or creating these exit points. Connecting to other psyches means passing on charge; there is no way around it, this is the price of connecting. If someone comes up to us full of charge, and we refuse to take it, we may just have created a monster. We are conduits.

Dave says: “I do not consent to be a guru. I do not consent to take on people’s charge. Does it make any difference? No. I have to accept everyone’s charge.”

No one is getting out of this lobster pot alive unless we learn to stay cool. The temperature is rising, and soon we will start to go pink, a shrill whistle will come out of our shells, and our eyes will begin to pop out of their sockets.

“My whole purpose,” Dave says, “is to reduce the amount of charge in existence.”


Since Sunday’s event, things have been hopping in the noosphere, I suspect globally, and beyond, but observably among fellow travelers in, and co-constructers of, the “ET” arc, who have been brainstorming together since then.  If and as these brainstorms start to bring rain, I will keep my regular readers & listeners abreast of the situation, at least as much as is permitted by the sensitive nature of this operation. 

Before, during and after this last event, seemingly divergent interests and pursuits have, for me, aligned into a single overarching concern: to get all my parts onboard for the rescue mission. Symmetrically, the rescue mission is to assist all parts of humanity to come onboard before the crow lands. What exactly onboard means is difficult to say with clarity. (The arc that can be named is not a true arc?)

The model of the thrift store which my wife and I run may be a helpful template here, because it is very simple, and . . . it works.  People donate things they no longer need and then buy things they do need (or at least think they do) that others have donated. We organize it and put a price tag on it, essentially charging a service and handling fee, and everyone benefits. We also provide free food, free clothing and bedding, and such, to the street folk. This is an integral part of the business’ success, since the whole enterprise orbits around good will, the creation of a love field founded on the most fundamental human needs: food, clothing, shelter, companionship.

The arc that we currently have in mind will be doing the same with human charge, life force, and creativity, redistributing it in such a way that everyone involved benefits and the general environment is cleaned up, at least a little bit.  This arc is a ship of friends, though friends not primarily of each other (though with any luck that too) but of life itself, and of what informs it: the eternal guidance system out of which existence emerges (EGSOWEE). The support system is energetic not emotional (though as we sort out our energy, our thoughts and feelings soon follow).

It is time for humanity to get all its EGS in one basket, to bring all the parts of our bodies, brains, hearts, and beings into harmonization, and gain full access to our shared life force. The result: on-tap joy, peace, equanimity, and optimal functionality in increasingly charged times. This is the only way not to become either a zombie or zombie food.

TL;DR: This current theme around charge is highly topical, and I think it’s close to the core service that people need now. Bad times they are a-coming, and the smart/sane among us are already looking for a lifeboat. If Dave Oshana is the current most visible exemplar of the benefits of following our EGS, then by extension all of us affiliated with his project are also engaged in the same harmonization, of worlds both inner and outer, both building and offering up these essential lifeboats, or EGS baskets.



For example: Yesterday a new online men’s group hosted by myself had its 4-hour debut and was described by one attendant as “the best men’s circle ever.” This will probably, if interest continues, be a weekly event for a while (though perhaps not a 4-hour one!), either on Tuesday or Thursday mornings, Pacific time. Email me if interested.

Another likely opportunity for communal arc-building is an idea my wife and I have for a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Training Course, which we hope to mount soon, with or without the participation of Dave, but almost certainly involving other ET participants. The aim of this course/workshop will be to help participants deal with their own trauma charge, and that of other people, via intensive training workshops and a gradual immersion within a love field in which total relaxation of the nervous system allows for increased access to, and redistribution of, the life force.

It’s probably pretty safe to say that most of us attribute the majority of our frustrations in life to what Dave calls “POOP: the Problem Of Other People.” The solution of POOP, as the last Oshana event underscored, is to learn how to handle the toxic fecal matter of the human sewage factory, starting with our own. We can then learn to transmute the POOP (the negative charge of our many interpersonal and ancestral issues) into fertilizer, over time growing a loving community of mutually beneficial interactions. Surf the wave of the end times together, and we can discover and occupy a whole new, pristine ocean side paradise!

Is there any other worthwhile occupation? 2020 vision requires looking the Minotaur of our collective predicament squarely in the face, and not flinching. Deep state, meet deep state.

Besides the obvious benefits, the Zombie Survival Training workshop will also be suited for those who feel a pull (even if only out of curiosity) towards the Dave-field, but who need to circumnavigate their guru-phobia before entering into the EGS patch. 

Next Dave event: “Staged Exits: The Dead Never Passed Away.”


Last but not necessarily least, the 16 Maps of Hell campaign is now at £8073.75 and I am confident it will reach the target of £8880 by 8/8/20, exactly one month from now (I have an upcoming Skeptiko interview that should help). This means it’s time to encourage anyone who wants a hardback edition to pre-order it for £52 pounds (see side widget), and for those who have already pre-ordered the paperback and want to upgrade, to make an additional payment, via the donate button, of £10, with a message what it is for.

More exciting still, as mentioned on a recent podcast, 16 Maps of Hell is currently undergoing a massive overhaul and upgrade and has rapidly transmuted into something quite new and unexpected, probably most of all to its author. I feel intuitively that this last-minute transmutation only came about through some sort of invisible guidance (those EGS again!). Three weeks ago, I really didn’t have a clue that the book many of you have already pre-ordered was closer to a block of marble than a finished sculpture. I am only halfway through the proof-read and polishing of this newly carved objet d’art, but I am cautiously optimistic that it is the capstone of all my previous books, and the apotheosis of my “dark period”—hence, we trust, its culmination. Here comes the light.

To give an indication of its new shape see the 16 Maps contents page. Meanwhile, walk, don’t run, to the exit, but be sure and get there by the time the infinities line up.

52 thoughts on “Light of the Charge Brigade: Surfing the Zombie Apocalypse in 2020”

    • MikeB captured the visceral response. I would second it without the French part. What would the French say? Probably, “that isn’t French” and then some.

      I am blown away by the quotes. The whole piece is suitably atmospheric. Only mad dogs and zombies would come out to challenge this. And they will.

  1. Hi Jasun-
    Not truly knowing you, and not being a prominent participant here, these written words may just roll off like water off the duck’s back…
    Anyhow, having read this- your words, I feel compelled to give you my thoughts:
    It may come across as rude or arrogant, but not my intention, as I say that it seems that you might, just might be getting swept away by the nervous fears being generated by the tremendous aligned effort behind this malediction.
    If anyone has the ability to remain calm, I recommend one do so.
    To my brothers and sisters whose ducks may not be in their rows- now is not the time to be screaming franticly and whipping them into shape.
    When I say this, by row I don’t mean simply one’s finances/worldly matters, I mean our spiritual balance, primarily.
    Too few of modern humans practice humility. Almost all are caught up at the very least in pursuit of physical ease and comfort, if not outright pursuit of being yet another pompous tyrant, which only leads to a soft complacence and (in times like these) inability to act in a just way.
    Not to rub anyone’s face in it, but rather to throw a lifeline, I say that pursuing the creature comforts is a true pitfall. We don’t make much progress while being fattened at the feast of Caesar.
    I am dwelling in what was once the great American southwest, where our daily temps are in the triple digits, and where I am not a ruler nor tyrant to any great degree.
    I willingly, purposefully live in what most call third world poverty, in what most call an extreme and harsh environs, and I reap many blessings for that choice.
    I take in this landscape mainly on its own terms, as in I do not use artificial constructs to keep things pleasant/comfortable- no electricity, no things needing electricity, no bomb -blasting radio nor television, no humming, clicking refrigerator, not even electric lights. My sole electric thing is this blasted phone, with such bad juju it is not even funny, yet I maintain it as my far reaching voice… Not having these distractions around facilitates true healing and growth, or rather, has for me and the others that take the path.
    Essentially, the life of an ascetic, which obviously isn’t for many…
    This lifestyle choice has helped tremendously in literally sweating out the various toxins accrued over a lifetime, with the result of having clearer vision and calmer demeanor- even in the face of all this.
    Jesus laid it down very simply with the passages regarding being humble, not being ‘greater than’ any other creature_- not even those we’d off- handedly kill as pests, not worrying the future- what fashions we clothe ourselves with, what dainties we’d shovel into our gloating, bloated bellies. Rich men do not get to heaven…
    at least not without the sacrifice of said riches.
    Sadly, most never crack an eye to the reality that all of this rampant activity to build empires and mass trinkets and rocket ships, ALL of this that ultimately ends up tossed away- it comes at great price, and has a responsibility attached which is conveniently ignored by almost all, as they are prodded and goaded into dirtying their selves by somewhat blindly acquiring all this for the most part useless junk that traps them, that same useless junk that you almost seem to brag about re-selling to the same poor damaged soul(s) that brought you the rubbish to begin with (repent!), committing such acts of hopelessness and despair- by buying up stuff, as if it can replace a life honourably lived, sticking to them like the tar baby it is and was designed to be.
    When my brethren tell me, as they almost all do, that they can see no other way than this that is offered, I must admit that it pangs me, for we all have the ability, and indeed the righteous obligation, to make a BETTER choice, we do not have to remain enslaved to physical desires and comforts, we can regain honest discipline, but it is certainly not encouraged, nor is it the norm! It takes grit, I suppose…
    Be blessed in your adventures, man, and be alert to ‘their’ attempt to attach the nose-ring of fear.

    • Hi Marc. Man does not live by spirit alone; “give us today our daily bread” is not a dispensable part of the Lord’s prayer.

    • …..Sell to the poor damaged souls…. I take objection to that characterization of the myriad of repeat patrons who visit and purchase articles from the “shop”. Many of us come to experience a bit of light and sanity, the purchases are merely the interface between al-oneness and interaction. Their only real value it to provide the buyers with a reason to connect, and drop a few coins into the tin while coins remain legal tender. The ‘stuff’ well, it will all end up in land-fill someday. Better to purchase it for a song than pay through the nose-ring on High Street. We were created to be in community and not as an island unto ourselves. The ‘shop’ facilitates that end. Just my two cent here.

        • It is important to speak the truth, and carry on. The way is narrow, though, so we must maintain vigilance!
          After all, I am living down here in the ‘throat of the beast’ as C.E. Guevara was supposed to’ve said… I will do my part!

      • Hi J’nia-
        I meant no mockery nor condescension… to me , we are all poor souls right now on this, our Earth.
        Since I feel the interconnectedness of the threads of eternity, while my neighbors of this realm- not just human neighbors, but ALL- the ailing neighbor River, and Rock, and neighbor Air… I feel their poverty, the poverty of not being treated with the proper respect by the temporarily befuddled humans.
        I was holding Jasun to the statement regarding how he felt that sometimes the same person that donated said object, would perhaps buy it again.
        Well, to me that just speaks of how we are forced, when we use money, to take advantage of an unworthy system, in fact a system engaged in evil and deception, of keeping people sick and sicker- the ‘poor souls’ that often are so estranged and deranged from/by ‘reality’ that they commit all the myriad vulgar acts.
        I am cynical at times, because when I participated begrudgingly (lesser of two evils… necessary evil… you know, that common quandary) in the separatist, divisionary status quo, I saw much that made me very ill, and yet I still have love in my heart, and aspire to be healed, and heal, and be a better lover of life.
        I ask this similar vision of my fellow humans that have ears to hear. Let’s be healed of this infernal nonsense of selfish concerns for the non living($$$), and focus on what Truly matters!
        It is actually very empowering to go forth in faith without a worry! It’s healing, and let’s one feel youthful, and as Jesus supposedly said, we should be as children… I feel the sense and wisdom of that, as I live it to my best ability, by the creator’s grace ALONE! I know which side my bread is buttered. I no longer serve two masters. Glory bound…

        • It was apparent from your first comment that you scored an epic miss regarding the point of this post – but I didn’t notice the more detailed miss: I didnt write that customers buy back objects they have already donated (tho actually that does happen occasionally, lol), but that people donate things they no longer need and then buy things they do need, or at least think they do, donated by others. We charge a service and handling fee, essentially.

          I also left out of the blogpost the part about providing free food, free clothing and bedding, and such, to the street folk, thinking it wasn’t essential info to a prospective buyer; with hindsight, this IS an integral part of the business’ success, since the whole thing orbits around good will, the creation of a love field founded on the most fundamental human needs, food, clothing, shelter.

          Of course we do also render unto Cesar; but that too, I hear, is the smart (& honest) worldly move.

          • Well, maybe I am missing the point. I thought I was reading correctly. My overall feel from the post was one of frantic despair of sorts? Like I am feeling from many as the loosely woven fabric unravels…
            My perceptions aren’t anything but that, and maybe I’ve not delivered them with grace, eloquence, and tact.
            I tell you man, the other day I was praying, and I felt a jolt for a portion of a second, in which time I was in my cousin’s mind, and he was feeling very dark, contemplating his own demise at his own hands.
            It messed me up. I immediately called him, leaving a somewhat crazy message, trying to tell him my love for him, and hoping he was doing fine, without coming out and saying the nuts and bolts of my vision- basically beating around the bush…
            Well, not hearing from him for a while- about 24 hours, I was feeling concerned and nervous, so I called his mother, my Aunt, and enquired how he was.
            She told me that his Dad had just started receiving chemo, and that my cousin was down in the dumps, and was out on a fishing/camping trip to pick up his spirits. I became almost terrified, thinking he’d perhaps done the deed, or was in the act, so I texted him, explaining my vision completely, asking him to let me know he was OK.
            Well, a half day passed, and then I get a text from him, saying he’s blue, but will be fine. Was I relieved!
            The moral to this story is partly to say that in my excitement, I have gone a bit overboard at times, but yet my intentions are rooted in deep concern for my fellows!
            I would like to be able to hold us all in highest esteems, and yet see and experience the folly in that. I know that I appear looney to many,
            I am a bit t’ched, as the saying goes… Perseverance will prevail, perhaps.
            Also, mayhaps I am playing angel’s advocate, and am trying to ‘get your goat’, in the sense of riling you to glory! Could be… Everyone
            be true, Dammit!

  2. What it looks like to me, is that the real danger of liminal times, is of being swept up into mimetic violence – like what happened in Rwanda, as a recent small example. Zombies. If training to handle Charge can help prevent that from happening, I’m in.

  3. Leaving Canada sounds like a smart option to remaining and being plowed under by our own flavor of Despot. We as a people are no longer free agents in nearly every aspect. Mr. T. the Prince of Zombies has tossed us under the bus. He and all the other Zombies have been sucking the marrow out of our bones for decades, and when we are dried up and used up we are “sectioned” into nursing homes, for our own good, to be systematically disposed of like so much Soylent Green. Run Jasun. Make a clear-headed dash for it. You have at least one patron here who will be cheering you on.

  4. I fully agree with that- our temple/phys. body needs to be fed and clothed, but the prophets were saying to me that those needs WILL be met with out striving, and in fact the striving for such is absolutely preventing us from acquiring what we truly want/need, which is grace/balance amongst body, mind and soul.
    To me, we collectively have it almost bass-@ckwards, in that instead of our crown being our spirit, we put our belly/body as the crown, with the mind in second command/demand, while squooshing our soul down under all the glitter and debris that is honestly mostly unnecessary garbage, yet we practically scream out like the spoiled child- ‘WANT IT, NEED IT, HAB-IT!!!’
    I can really only speak from my own experience, which is proving out to be ‘The Real Good Stuff, though most of my fellows do indeed shout me down as a lunatic or worse… Blessings to us all!

  5. Well Marc, I see where you are coming from. The flowers of the field are clothed in splendor and the birds of the air are fed, all taken care of without longing or worry. Many people do tend to long for and worry about acquiring: Fill in the blank. The HAB-IT habit is a tough one to break. I like your play on words there. Perhaps if one can learn to be content/satisfied with what one has one can avoid many of the pitfalls we see in our society at large. I know people who will sell their soul to the devil in order to maintain a status far above the average person, then mock what they view as deplorables, people who don’t spend their lives striving for pre-landfill wares, people who can belly laugh, give their last cent, and know why they do it.

    • Yes J’nia- That’s the stuff I speak of, and I am glad to know you grock me.
      The only humans that lived within their means were destroyed by essentially the same ruling dynasty as exists today, right?
      These people , instead of being seen as beautiful, often holy creatures, were called simpletons and heathens and taken horrible advantage of at best, and were not even recognized as worthy human creations and rounded up, exhausted as slaves, and tortured/ murdered at worse.
      There are no pre- contact indigenous peoples that I am aware of, though I prefer to harbor a glimmer of hope…
      I feel a kinship with their cause, or rather their lack of cause.
      Generally, they committed nary a sin, as I hold it. Enjoyed a real life with all participants, and lived by their simple ways that brought mostly no harm.
      They did not create ‘trash’.
      They were most likely not tyrants of Great Stature, and they were not likely Celebrity Globetrotters, though they obviously got around…
      All of this is debatable, I reckon, yet it rings mostly right and true,
      Any human relatives that can live potentially millions of years or more without leaving messes larger than have been found have my admiration.
      As grim as it may sound, all the worlds participants are now seen as capital/resources/cattle, right?
      The ruling elitists in their ivory towers have all the rest of the human world playing by the rules they wrote- Caesar’s law.
      I say, if Caesar demands too much, then throw off the yoke, and politely decline. Collectively, we create SO MUCH unnecessary filth and garbage, and this is what Caesar demands. Time to split, shake the dust from our feet!
      Yes, you may be thrown in their prisons, and that holds many back.
      I think I’d rather capitulate now, rather than be hastily herded to a prison of their choice…
      I do not feel myself to be a mad man, though I have and will be seen as that. Someone likened me to John the Baptist, which is a mixed honor in my thoughts.
      We are in rough waters no doubt, and the notions of Jesus are seen as tired, compromised milquetoast, as was prophesied…
      I feel honored to bare witness to these days, and am honour bound to certain ways of behaving, which will likely get one mocked, beaten, imprisoned, and or murdered, or so I’ve perceived.
      How many amongst us are willing to lay down our lives, or rather- Pick them up! and live it.
      This latest episode of madness, this plannedemic, has shown me that we are vastly loathe to die AND to live, and how that can bum me out.
      I want to remove the beam from the collective human eye, but alas…

      • But alas indeed. It has been my experience over and over that people nearly all people appear to be mesmerized and thus brain dead primarily from slurping the Peoples Pablum, spoon fed day in and day out. For some time, too long really, I believed that they could not think for themselves, but now I maintain the belief that they will not think. They must not think. Thinking must be a terrifying endeavor, fraught with danger and possible self-annihilation, not realizing that the elite have already accomplished that goal for them. Greater love hath no man than to lay down ones life for his brother. Next to that is the laying down of ones life for oneself. Whoever looses his life shall find it. So we inch our way through this plandemic which seems to be moving along as planned. There is no shortage of stooges to go around along with as many guillotines. No worries though. I hear that beheading only hurts for less than a second. Better than being Zombie-fied.

        • “Whoever looses his life shall find it.”

          Another great Freudian typo. Maybe closer to truth than the original? Christianity 2.0.

          • That is why it is very soothing and comforting to me, having meaningful collaborations like these..not the typical junk possessions! So Thank You, and you Jasun, for your time creating this space and allowing me to share here with you.

            Yes, it is the death by inches that is to be really avoided if at all possible, eh?
            Roasting as molochian Rarebits none too fun, either.

            I am told often these days to silence my self, for their numby numb brains Can’t Handle the garbage I’m spewing- my ‘out of touch world view’.
            My goal in life was not to be a salve for every one’s wounds, nor was it to salt them, yet I do both.
            “Hey, I’ m trying to breathe here!” sounds like the punchline to some old joke, yet it’s becoming a battlecry, motto, mantra, and I shake my head in some cross between remorse and fiery indignation.
            “Why, you bastards, do you choose this path”, I may think when at at my worst.
            I think my best, and your best, and essentially everyone’s best is yet to come! So Cheers!, and A Hearty Life Well Lived, Well Loved!

            And? Do we need add anything more?
            I suspect the problems beds with our (compulsory) attitudes of despair, that direct us to be workaholics, for example, or that we Must leave our mark, our magnum opus… more fear of death if you ask me.
            What’s wrong with a life well and honestly lived, with marks, should any be left, that are swept away by the eternal, timeless winds?
            That, too me, sounds not just beautiful and poetic, but
            heavenly and … proper.
            Too many marks on this earth, already, so I am preparing myself for the next leg!!

            That was a joke, kid, now go on- yer botherin’ me…

        • People’s Pablum- yes! And like the rats that eat the poison, and somehow(!) build immunity…
          Many, perhaps most, have been fed the stuff for as long as I can remember, including myself of course (child o’ the 70’s, in the good ol’ u$@), and I’ve been trying to map out the whys, hows, etc. that might explain why folks like myself take a divergent path, though institutionalized from the wee age of 5 in their schools, just like most of my/our contemporaries, I assume.
          Public education became compulsory in most places in the u.s. in the 1930’s. It’s been ratcheting up steadily, of course, since then. Anyhow…
          Someone once told me that they would just never be able to see it like I see it, that it’s due to my unique way of experiencing my own life…that I alone view it this way, and no one else on earth can! Mayhaps, but hearing that struck me as absurd somehow. I still don’t know exactly what they meant by that, but either way, it seemed yet another way of suggesting I shut up my self.
          I’ve been able to share with other psychonauts clearly, but how to breach as gently as possible these difficult subjects revolving mainly around ” Kindly quit shitting in our- as in yours and mine, and ALL of OUR, soup. ”
          I am likely to remain baffled on this subject, because no one now should be able to deny that we are indeed shitting in our soup. Gross! Stupid! Ahh, yes, the stupid cattle, and yet even cattle seem more saavy, honestly.
          I am starting to give serious credence to a mycological/parasitic invasion of sorts… How’s that for an escape route/excuse? Of course, it must be proven out and peer reviewed. Haha.

  6. I can’t believe you are leaving Canada, Jasun. I honestly thought you’d be spending the rest of your life there (not necessarily in Hope, BC, but in Canada). I’ve so much catching up to do, but I really want to wish you good fortune in whatever comes next.

    • we aren’t leaving yet, providence (the storm) will determine our future coordinates; but yes, this is the first time I have ever put down roots, so if it happens it will be a more painful move than before.

    • I call foul!
      My last reply did not say the words “don’t stay safe”, but “don’t stay safe”.
      I am being edited, for some reason unbeknownst to me…

      • you are about to be now; your entire output on this thread has been one of suspicious exhibitionism and now the trump card has been played. Or dis-played.

        • Man, something is wrong here… I am being gas lighted…
          My prior two comments were written to spell out a stressed ‘too’ between my words ‘stay’ and ‘safe’, and I enter my comment. My comment comes out as I intended, and then the word ‘too’ disappears….
          What goes on??????

  7. Hope looks like a wonderful place to live.

    Just a few “cult mentality” parts:


    the rescue mission is to assist all parts of humanity to come onboard before the crow lands

    If Dave Oshana is the current most visible exemplar of the benefits of following our EGS, then by extension all of us affiliated with his project are also engaged in the same harmonization, of worlds both inner and outer, both building and offering up these essential lifeboats, or EGS baskets.

    Apocalypse Survival Training Course

    intensive training workshops and a gradual immersion within a love field

    over time growing a loving community of mutually beneficial interactions. Surf the wave of the end times together, and we can discover and occupy a whole new, pristine ocean side paradise!

    • wow: cult life is sounding better every day!

      oddly, your comments went into moderation, just like this site is preemptively defended against awkward questions – alarm bell diiiing

  8. Scapegoating. Works a treat.

    As you know from experience, until you experience it, the artificial and the authentic can easily be mistaken for one another.

    • I think DO’s comment was meant for Marc – who managed to trigger and ostracize himself in one shot; synchronistically I was thinking last night, while listening to the next podcast, of the idea of “self-scapegoating.”

      • The thread got bent out of shape. Ideally my comment would not be confusingly under Ced’s.

        Maybe self-scapegoating happens when there is no one to effect the discharge. If so then this is a case of interruptus. Magnus Magnusson: In for a penny, in for a pounding. Will the correspondent be able to finish?

        • Not sure I even want to know wih is going on here.

          I would not be ashamed to kiss mama with these lips!

          ‘Like I’ve really stepped in it…

          Adieu, Ladies and Gentlemen.

          • It helps to read the blog post, Marc. It provided ample clues about where we are. Think cyclones, stormfronts and loose charge balls – and then realise you are in it, man! It’s always useful to recognise when you have strayed off the map into an undocumented but rumored neighborhood. Welcome to just another day in paradise.

  9. “Since Sunday’s event, things have been hopping in the noosphere, I suspect globally, and beyond, but observably among fellow travelers in, and co-constructers of, the “ET” arc, who have been brainstorming together since then. If and as these brainstorms start to bring rain, I will keep my regular readers & listeners abreast of the situation, at least as much as is permitted by the sensitive nature of this operation.”

    It has been heavily raining, with thunder, lightning and occasional vivid rainbow, here and elsewhere. Your readers need to connect up to get on the last chopper from “sayonara, gone” or watch themselves taken apart by zombie hordes before becoming a zombie. We are witnesses to the last days. How’s that for cultic? A perfect 10?

    • I see you & raise – to 11!

      [7] And one of the four beasts gave unto the seven angels seven golden vials full of the wrath of God, who liveth for ever and ever.
      [8] And the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God, and from his power; and no man was able to enter into the temple, till the seven plagues of the seven angels were fulfilled.
      [1] And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth.

      [17] And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done.

      Little remembered feature about those eerily prescient plague-carrying vials: what was in the vials that created the pestilences? (Rev 5:8)

  10. OK, fellas. I think I AM seeing what’s going on, though it seems childish (or worse).

    My mission here is to spread light.
    Light is not truly wanted.
    People that don’t want the light get upset with those that would spread it, committing all manner of sabotage against those that spread light.
    I was, and am still here, to say that the storm brewing will not be capitalized on, nor can we have here anything pristine, new…
    I am standing on a solid foundation. I get accused of being an exhibitionist… which is true: I am once again attempting to exhibit the truth as I hold it.
    Just shameless, but suspicious?
    Come on!
    I STILL say, that Jesus was not telling us to render anything unto Caesar but Caesar’s own foul trinkets. No compromise!! Few will enter at the narrow gate. Few have the fricking ears to hear.
    I get accused of not reading the blog post… I am not grandstanding, writing these words, but sharing something important, painted with the words as they are given.
    If I am to just be mocked and played with, and treated unjustly, well, here’s my other cheek.
    I sincerely want the best for ALL, not just a elite few, and my house is built on the strongest of foundations.
    I am simply trying to stress that the time is come, but people for the most part are still going about it in a most convoluted way, jumping on their top shelf journey to truth, first class, with martinis…uh, ridiculous and absurd, and painful to watch.

    I don’t like the chore of filtering out the dogs and swine, and how those correlate to mad dogs and zombies, well… let it be known that only the Most High sits in the seat of judgement, and how!
    Be blessed!

    • I am not surprised Dave thought you had not read the blog post based on your responses; all the worse if you did read it, since you’ve continued to miss the point with every exhortation, thrashing wildly at windmills and doing yourself all sorts of damage in the process. Talk about charge! You are a one-man gaslight factory, fallen on your sword, and now with dying gasps accusing your hosts of backstabbing. Probably this experience of being cruelly reviled and rejected for your holiness is one that pursues you wherever you go, like the festering wound of the flagellant that affirms his sense of virtue. Maybe ask yourself what brought you here (without taking the time to familiarize yourself with the landscape or lingo), and what you were trying to get with your inchoate rantings; and better luck at the next inn you crash into (tho my guess is you prefer sleeping on nails and broken glass)

      • Marc is clearly responding to something, just not your writing. Don’t despair. He has come to shed the light. Stoned prophets tend to like fire and brimstone. If you care to make the necessary libations you might avert further ire.

  11. Back in 2010, I had a vivid brief dream of a tornado, much like the first image above. We walked up the stairs to the second floor, in an old farm house I grew up in and witnessed the tornado coming towards us. I didn’t think much about the dream at the time and I rarely remember my dreams when I wake. It was unusual for me. Now as time has passed and more information has come my way, the other person in the dream was Jesus (no, I’m not a Christian.)

    I understand the desire to run from danger but sometimes, we must face our fears head on. Jasun, I remember you saying once you were afraid to die or something like that because you had more work to do. I’ve known of the magnitude of the coming danger for at least 3 years but I haven’t budged. I’m at ground zero, near that old farm house and the impending doom. Scary – for sure. But I stand firm in my knowledge that this situation must come to pass. Much sinister stuff is on the horizon but one must remain calm and roll with the punches. Armageddon – the battle of the Gods – is upon us. Lies and more lies will be told about the Son, he will be called the anti-christ. It all sounds so crazy, especially coming from me. I know your wife is an astrologer, ask her when Jupiter conjuncts Saturn, that is the time of the changing of the guards or God. I watch in amazement every night looking the heaven above.

    Be well

    • Sometime after the November election [11/3,] a nuclear (non)event will take place. I don’t know the exact day yet but November, weeks before the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction. The event itself is not important although it will most likely be near Whiteman Airforce Base in Missouri. I’m sure we’ll be completely cut off from the rest of the world and lies will be told. Total chaos for the rest of the country (Canada or anywhere not immune) – much like the lockdown due to a virus but on a grander scale. It will be the “Winter of Pain.”

      Jesus is here. Life is stranger than fiction.

    • “I understand the desire to run from danger but sometimes, we must face our fears head on.”

      I wonder who, or what, this is addressing?

  12. I like the language of music,/sound energetics, weather patterns and other natural systems/features – it gets to the heart of it. So much charge and so little harmonization in the world – with this talk of rain and brainstorms I’m conceiving the arc that can’t be named as a cloudbuster to our orgone energy (I just know that something good is going to happen?) … The jasun-field is pulled towards Dave’s and it has a nice ring to it (key change/modulation). I’ve been sceptical of the potential (voltage?) of zoom-based forums but thinking now — what the fuck do I know about how life force energy / frequencies work?
    First the cult then the culture? — transmuting poop needs charge. Let’s help each other align our ions so to speak…


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