The Liminalist # 140: Letting the Other In (with Anonymous Italian)


Two-hour-plus return conversation with Anonymous Italian, on Prisoner of Infinity, Whitley’s “guardian,” the weathered boy, the Strieber spin, an old presence, history came out of him, nautical twilight, letting the other in, dream logic, the somnambulist spectrum, the most pure evil thing, after the encounter, exhaustion & dehydration, interpreting the experience, the Nazi connection, a transitional period, Strieber’s guardian via Donald Kalsched, the self-care system,  a fly in amber,  trauma & integration, an apparition of arrested development, confronting the abuser, a maternal intervention, attempts at therapy, a desperate move, escaping a co-dependent marriage, the bid to rescue, putting the pieces together, wounded masculinity, back in the mother’s domain, psychic fusion, energies of abuse, obsession & possession, the supernatural element in Strieber’s stories, the ability to distinguish between dream & reality, low-level hallucinations, the dissociative process, unintegrated fragments of trauma in the body, total vigilance of the guardian, the loss of autonomy, a mother’s complicity, a bodily understanding, going along to get along, protecting the secret, anger for the mother, gauging the rage, configured to love, vulnerability to feeling rage, beyond death, a soul in jeopardy, Catholicism & fears of soul-annihilation, mapping the externals, can the psyche materialize?, a fragmented reality, a franchise of fantasy, a change of alters, bypassing mind control, a splinter in the brain, identifying the other/pure evil, suicide by psyche.

Songs: “Nevermore” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra;  “El Diabo,” by Cletus Got Shot; “I Want Some,” by My Jacket is Yours.

2 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 140: Letting the Other In (with Anonymous Italian)”

  1. Your unpacking of that experience was absolutely brilliant, Jasun. I felt like I was a fly on the wall in a Jungian therapy session, or watching a profiler dissecting a crime scene. The way you put feelers out in all these directions that to me seemed so random and then weaved together this tapestry of connections and insights that even the Italian had not considered was incredible. Bravo and happy new year!


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